6 Common Categories of Women’s Clothes To Know About

When you think about women’s clothes, the one thing that comes to your mind instantly is fashion. The fashion trends in women’s clothes have been evolving constantly over the past 50 years. The trends have been changing through the years and seasons. Earlier, women’s fashion was restricted due to societal and cultural norms. Now, women’s fashion has seen a lot of innovations and reinventions. Present-day women’s clothing can no longer be slotted into just two or three categories. The kinds of clothes a woman wears for work is quite different than what she would wear for a social event, or what she would wear when she is at the gym. Women’s clothes can now be categorized into the following generic groups

  • Professional attire: Perfect for the workplace, this look gives a professional touch to the clothing style. Included in this category are business suits, pants, trousers, skirts, and formal dress. These women’s clothes give a proper look for business purpose.
  • Latest Trends: If you are looking for something that is in fashion currently, you can try some street styles or casual looks. These are usually a combination of past and present fashion trends in women’s clothing and involve mixing and matching of accessories, shoes, and hairstyles.
  • Formal Attire: This category of women’s clothes is for formal occasions and social events. In this category, women’s clothing includes cocktail dresses or elegant gowns, or even tuxedos dresses, blazers, and dinner jackets.
  • Travel Clothing: While traveling or on a vacation, most women prefer clothes that give comfort and lets the skin breath. Travel clothing includes everything ranging from beachwear to ski suits. For example, flora Hawaaiin dresses are forever in trend when it comes to beachwear.
  • Fitness Clothing: This category includes women’s clothing for fitness activities, gym, and sports. The most significant aspect of these clothes is that they allow free movement. Moreover, these clothes are made of materials that absorb sweat quickly and let the skin breathe. Also, these clothes allow easy air flow even during intense workout sessions. This category includes sweatshirts, track pants, shorts, and loose-fitting t-shirts.
  • Undergarments: Earlier, there was not much variety available in this category of women’s clothes. Now, there are different types of lingerie and undergarments. Depending on the type of fitting required and the outfit, it is now possible to pick undergarments that will enhance the overall look and flatter the body, irrespective of size and shape.
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