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    Factors to consider before signing a timeshare contract

    Timeshare is a unique concept that lets vacationers own a fraction of a property anywhere in the world instead of buying or renting the entire property. You simply pay for the duration of the vacation while exploring your favorite destinations. With timeshare, you can own multiple properties in some of the most exotic vacation destinations around the world. It is the most economical way to own a vacation home. You get to enjoy the entire home for the allotted time, but you pay only for a fraction of it ownership and simply share the available space with the co-owners for the rest of the year.

    Here are a few things you must know to make the most out of your timeshare purchase.

    Types of timeshare
    Fractional ownership is the cheapest and easiest way to enjoy accommodation rights to a vacation property without having to outrightly buy it. But you can also check out timeshare resale offers that let you own the entire property for a lower retail value than the market price. Alternatively, you can own the place for a fixed week each year (like for Christmas or Thanksgiving) or opt for floating week ownerships during a season (say summer or winter). A biennial ownership lets you use the property every alternate year if you’re not a frequent traveler. However, these ownerships don’t generate any income and are merely a cost-effective way to partially own a place.

    Charges and fees
    The cost of the property is not the only expense, as you will also have to pay for the maintenance and bear the fees and services chargeable for the duration of the ownership. These costs can easily sum up to a couple of hundred dollars and may cut into your vacation budget, so assess the total cost of ownership of the property. Note that these costs vary depending on the type of timeshare, size of the unit, and the location, among other factors.

    Point-based ownerships
    Popular vacation destinations and resorts also offer a points-based system to let you own a timeshare property if you’re not keen on owning a unit. You can always convert these points to book a suitable unit for a specific period. Plus, you can choose to use all your points at once or split them up and use them to vacation at different destinations at different times of the year.

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    Top 3 benefits of timeshare ownership

    After months of working tirelessly, everybody deserves a vacation. And one of the best money-saving ways to experience a classy holiday is timeshare ownership. For many good reasons, this is one of the most preferred options in the world today. For example, one is offered enjoyable accommodation facilities in the most desirable holiday destinations across the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of timeshare ownership that you can enjoy.

    Plenty of accommodation options

    When you’re selecting a timeshare, you can choose from a studio apartment to a huge multi-bedroom unit. Many timeshare units are spacious and offer a fully equipped kitchen, living room, and bedroom. And this is not something you’ll easily get if you compare this to hotels. Moreover, you can get these apartments with amazing amenities like hot tubs, entertainment centers, and fireplaces to make your stay memorable. With many options, you’re more likely to feel at home even when you are at the other end of the country.

    Luxury brands at your disposal

    One of the greatest benefits of timeshare is that there are big brands and timeshare resorts across the globe. This means you can own a timeshare unit at any place you desire. Some of the top brands that offer timeshare resorts include Marriott, Hyatt, Disney, Club Casa Dorada, Club Intrawest, Westgate, and Wyndham Resorts. Also, when you’re selecting a hotel or resort brand that you love, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your vacation spaces.

    Great value and flexibility

    Planning even a single vacation in a year can be costly, and last-minute bookings can significantly increase overall expenses. But with timeshare ownership, you don’t need to worry about this since you can book your future vacation at today’s prices. Also, you can rent out your timeshare unit or share it with your friends. There is also the flexibility to decide when and where you want to travel. Since these units belong to a hotel or resort chain, they can swap their units with their hotels at different destinations, and help you explore those places too. But you must know that timeshare owners are required to pay a yearly maintenance fee to enjoy all these benefits.

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    Essential features of MRP software to look out for

    Similar to ERP, Material Requirements Planning or MRP is one of the most important aspects of manufacturing. It is a way for manufacturers to connect their inventory forecasting with their accounting department. It is required to streamline the process of manufacturing right from raw materials to the finished products. For efficient streamlining, an MRP software has multiple features. They are:

    • Production control
    • Inventory control
    • Cost reporting
    • Scheduling
    • Bills of material
    • Capacity planning
    • Estimation
    • Warehouse management
    • Accounts payable
    • Change control
    • Sales analysis
    • Purchase ledger

    However, there are certain features of a manufacturer software that are more in demand than others.

    • Demand prediction
      Forecasting demand for outgoing inventory is an essential factor of increasing profits of a manufacturing business. Manufacturing too less will cause a production backlog, whereas overdoing it will lead to an excess of finished products occupying too much of inventory space. This is why demand prediction is one of the most in-demand features of an MRP software. With this, a manufacturing company can easily predict with accuracy how many orders are required to be managed. Most manufacturer’s software has demand forecasting capability with the following features: historical data gathering, generating forecasts based on the data, and authorization of the forecast.
    • Production planning
      An MRP software automates and creates finite schedules for the completion of manufacturing jobs. After determining the required inventory, the software will plan production by determining lead ties, production times, and the overall project time. It takes into account the purchase and procurement of materials and supplies required for the manufacturing process. High volume companies usually benefit from this feature since there is less variance in their overall demand for finished goods. A routine schedule enables complete utilization of the production line, ensuring maximum output. Most MRP software allowS manufacturers to fine tune their production schedule using the production planning feature to get the best out of their manufacturing process.
    • Purchase scheduling
      One of the core features of a manufacturer’s software is purchase scheduling or purchase planning. This feature is required to determine the timely purchase of raw materials for the manufacturing process in order to meet the demand. This feature assists the purchasing department in understanding what is required for orders placed and for demands that have been forecasted by the system. Also, it helps determine the exact list of materials and its quantities required to finish a manufacturing job. Moreover, since production planning may change from time to time based on demand forecasts, purchase planning becomes a critical feature while looking for an MRP software.
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    3 popular MRP software for production planning and management

    Manufacturer software include the most essential tools and resources used for business planning in production, operations, and inventory management. An MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) software takes care of a project from the initial planning and production phase to the final sales and inventory tally. Small businesses can benefit from these software as they eliminate the need for additional manpower to track the processes and offer automation.

    Here are the popular choices for manufacturer software trending in the market today.

    MRPeasy is an affordable option for small business owners. The self-sufficient tool offers excellent management of production, purchasing, finance, stock, customer, and team resources to seamlessly keep track of everything from one place. The key features include production planning and accurate reporting of utilization, real-time inventory analysis, and excellent customer relationship management to improve sales. Their starter bundle with support for ticket system is priced at a measly $49/user/month for the first 10 users. It’s a truly affordable cloud-based MRP software that gives your business a competitive edge.

    Katana definitely goes beyond your average business resource planning. This manufacturer software features an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for production planning with real-time inventory tracking, optimization, and control. You also get dedicated dashboard tools for sales order management, right from tracking the availability of the products to coordinating sales from across different platforms. Dedicated floor-level production employee and production line task lists also keep track of all the current work orders. Additionally, you get finance tools for purchasing and making accurate pricing decisions. Katana can also seamlessly integrate with popular eCommerce and online accounting platforms, including Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero, and WooCommerce. You get a free 14-day trial to test all features and pay only $99/month afterward, with add-ons for essential tools sold separately.

    Enjoy the best of both worlds with MRP and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions embedded in a single software providing all-round solutions at an affordable price. This software can cater to small businesses, medium enterprises, and large-scale organizations alike. IQMS features an array of resources for material requirements planning, labor capacity planning, auxiliary equipment planning, work center capacity planning, and rough cut capacity planning, all of which are essential units of a manufacturing facility. You can get a direct quote from the vendor based on the business size and requirements.

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    Choose the right MRP software by following these 4 tips

    If you own a manufacturing business, you might already be familiar with the many advantages manufacturer software offer, such as Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP). Typically, businesses consider using MRP software when they’re tired of dealing with spreadsheets. Knowing which MRP software to buy can be a challenge, but you’ve come to the right place. These tips can help select the best software for your organization.

    Pick a cloud-based software

    An MRP software is a powerful tool that can be useful for everyone working inside the manufacturing unit. To choose the right software, the first thing you need to make sure is that it is accessible to all your employees, whether they’re inside or outside the unit. A cloud-based MRP software can be used from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or a laptop. This can also help you save money as you won’t need to hire an IT specialist to upgrade the software and provide inhouse support.

    Make inventory control your priority

    The ideal MRP software should have the capability of managing and controlling your inventory. It must give you real-time inventory control so that you can make purchasing decisions at the right time. This way, you won’t run out of stock and save money on unnecessary expenditures on goods that are already in excess. So, you must select a software that makes real-time inventory adjustments, tracks multiple locations of any part, alerts about the inventory with low stock, and controls label printing easily and effectively.

    Production planning capabilities matter

    When accepting an order from a client, it is important to make sure that you have the resources available to complete the order on time. This means you need to find an MRP software that can schedule operations across the manufacturing unit without common workplace issues like double bookings. The software must automatically notify about the availability of material to employees in the purchasing department. Also, it should provide clear instructions to employees regarding the priority of the orders to be completed.

    Accurate costing is necessary

    The cost of the raw materials is not always consistent, which can make keeping track of the costs using spreadsheets almost impossible. Since we all know that money matters a lot in any business, you must specifically look for software that can get accurate costing whenever you need it. This will also help you to make the right pricing decisions based on real product margins.

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    5 trademark service providers you can choose from

    Trademark is a distinguishable intellectual property that gives an individual or an organization sole proprietorship over a product or service. A trademark is usually a name, sign, symbol, or phrase that makes customers recognize a brand, service, or product almost immediately.

    There are three main categories of trademarks: trademark for products, trademark for services, and trade dress. A trademark for products is further divided into five sub-categories:

    • Generic mark
    • Suggestive mark
    • Arbitrary mark
    • Descriptive mark
    • Fanciful mark

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the federal agency responsible for granting new patents and registering trademarks for products and services. You can register for a trademark either directly or through an attorney, and each has its own advantages. The best trademark services you can choose from are listed below:

    • Rocket Lawyer
      The San Francisco-based firm offers trademarking services for both businesses and individuals. After filing for a trademark with Rocket Lawyer, a lawyer helps review it and provides end-to-end assistance. Their prices are also quite affordable, and they offer a free trial of 7 days.
    • JPG Legal
      Founded by Jeremy Peter Green, a well-known trademark lawyer, JPG Legal specializes in trademarking company names and other related services. The firm is both experienced and affordable when it comes to trademark name filing and registration, and it serves the length of the country and even the overseas markets.
    • LegalZoom
      This online legal company allows tremendous ease in trademark name filing and registration services. The entire process is online, and you can get specialists to review your legal documents through this platform. LegalZoom has been in the business for over two decades now and has prices starting from just $199, in addition to the federal filing fees.
    • MyBrandMark.com
      Operated by trademark attorneys and associated with Pesochinsky LLC., My Brand Mark is one of the few players with attorneys licensed to practice before the USPTO. This online legal firm charges $425 for both trademark registration and renewal services.
    • Trademark Engine
      With prices starting at just $99, apart from the USPTO filing fees, Trademark Engine is another experienced operator in the trademark registration arena. Their monitoring service, which is available for a fee, ensures that your trademark isn’t illegally used by notifying you of any infringement and sending monthly reports. The firm also provides copyright services.
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    Simple and affordable ways to get a trademark

    Trademarks are a combination of unique words, images, or phrases that identify your business and grant intellectual property rights to the owner. While filing and paying for a trademark is not that expensive, you must understand that the attorney fees you incur for legal representation can stretch your finances to the limit. However, that does not mean people who cannot afford to pay may never get their trademark registered. There are quite a few workarounds to avail of your trademark benefit. Check these out!

    Inventor and entrepreneur resources

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides affordable assistance for filing trademarks and patents. Several states offer free legal representation to simplify the process. A detailed list of countries that provide free services with the guarantee of legal protection for your brand or invention is made available on their official website. Filing directly with the USPTO is the cheapest way to get a trademark.

    Common-law marks

    There is a legal advantage to federally registering a trademark, especially in possible cases of property infringement. But there is a cheap way to get a brand with common-law marks, including the most popular (™) symbol. It identifies your claim on the design or logo you are currently using, without the need for federal registration. These are good marks offering fundamental protectable rights in the country, used by businesses and brands that may file for a trademark in the future to avail of legal rights altogether. Though essential, it is still one of the cheapest ways to get a brand.

    Online legal assistance

    The cost of legal assistance to apply, track, and monitor your trademark application is substantial only if you go through a law firm. However, many online legal resources hire independent attorneys with affordable quotes for specific and limited services. Places like legalzoom.com, ipwatchdog.com, onlinetrademarkattorneys.com, and legal-sherpa.com, to name a few, offer exclusive application and filing services for a small fee. Note that you incur these costs over and above the standard fees payable at the USPTO filing office.

    Before you can explore the cheapest way to get a trademark, understand that the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office has the final say about accepting or rejecting your application. The process can take months from the initial application to notification of final status.