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    3 Best Canon DSLRs to Buy in 2018

    Canon has been one of the leading DSLR camera manufacturers for both professionals and learners. It has an extensive range of cameras for different types of photography. For instance, Canon DSLR cameras come with additional continuous drive options and high shutter speeds that are ideal for individuals who want to capture objects in motion, sports, and wildlife. On the other hand, its compact and lightweight varieties are excellent for general use or travel photography.

    If you are interested in buying a Canon DSLR camera, here are some of the popular models that you should know about.

    Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D
    If you are a rookie, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D should be fitting for your photography exploits. It is a lightweight, small camera that can be effortlessly carried in your bag for everyday shoots. Equipped with a 24.2 MP Dual Pixel AF image sensor, this device helps you enhance your photography skills with smart Creative Mode and other advanced options. It also has a high-resolution touchscreen that comes with intuitive shooting modifications although it has a simple autofocus system with a drive rate of just 5 fps. In a nutshell, Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D makes a perfect companion for capturing still images; however, this Canon DSLR camera isn’t right for shooting images with objects in motion.

    Canon EOS 77D
    In simple terms, Canon EOS 77D is an incredible choice for novices who want a relatively small camera with an edge. This device comes with some sophisticated features, including a 45-point autofocus system, HD vari-angle touchscreen, Dual Pixel AF image sensor and 5-axis sensor-shift stabilizer for videos. It is furnished with a top-panel info LCD, AF-On button, and dual control dials on the front as well as back. Moreover, it renders a high level of connectivity via Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi. This Canon DSLR camera is a fabulous pick for professional-level travel and everyday photography.

    Canon EOS 6D Mark II
    One of the most expensive cameras in the current market, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is brimming with high-level features. This 26.6 MP Canon DSLR camera comprises of a beginner-friendly Creative Auto mode and a range of scene modes. Canon EOS 6D Mark II delivers a higher depth of field, which is often preferred for portraits and still life photography. Likewise, it captures great snaps in low-light conditions, making its images noise-free even after setting the ISO to a higher level. As compared to the old iteration of 6D, Mk II has an improved autofocus system for both stills and videos, a quicker continuous drive rate, and more megapixels. Overall, Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a great full-frame DSLR camera for pros.

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    Top 4 Voice Assistance Applications

    Voice assistants are intelligent personal assistants designed to make your life easy by organizing and maintaining information. Some applications are automated and even use basic artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the user with a more interactive experience to perform concierge tasks and provide information based on voice commands. Voice assistants are basically robots that help you solve problems by providing solutions using an inbuilt inference engine to enhance human capability and productivity.

    Here are four commonly used and popular voice assistants and intelligent personal assistants installed in smartphones:

    Google Assistant
    Premier features of Google Assistant include speech recognition, Google home, Google Allo, mobile integration, and a secure platform that allows you to inquire about anything using type assist or voice command. You can ask Google about the weather, check your flight status, ask directions that automatically link to Google maps, and do more with Google Assistant. One of the main highlights perhaps is that you can have Google translate the information for you in over 100 different languages directly using the Assistant. The voice assistant also features a hands-free that lets you command Google from anywhere in the room from a minimum distance.

    If you have an iPhone, Siri comes preinstalled making it the default application for voice assistance. Prominent features of Siri include voice assistance for calls, messaging, voice changing, multi-language support, text editing, application support, and support for other bundles, including sports, entertainment, home kit, and more. Siri is programmed to do all the tasks that you would normally perform yourself like setting the alarm clock or timer, sending a message, and editing your email. Siri also offers support for multiple languages and allows you to choose either a male or female voice for the audio assistant. The smart software can also be easily integrated with third-party applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Venno, and Pinterest to manage information and organize your activities and preferences.

    The application is specifically designed for Windows-based computers and features digital assistance, time-based reminders, location-based reminders, photo reminders, support for notebook, Microsoft edge, support for cloud and online services, office assistance, and more. Cortana connects all your Microsoft devices online and lets you manage your preferences using the voice assistant. Cortana learns with your preferences and responds to your individual needs by keeping in mind individual settings that can also be customized accordingly.

    Blackberry Assistant
    The BlackBerry phones may not necessarily be in demand at the moment, but BlackBerry assistant is a smart software that enables users to interact with its connected devices. Naturally, the stakes are high in competition with Siri, Google Assistant, and other mainstream voice assistance applications. The BlackBerry Assistant supports multitasking, a special quite text feature in case you are not able to use the audio assist, and dedicated Bluetooth-enabled devices to receive audio instructions and assist the user in the requested task.

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    A Closer Look at De’Longhi Espresso Machines

    Over the past 40 years, De’Longhi has been one of the top manufacturers of home and kitchen appliances. Started in Italy as a small workshop, De’Longhi has expanded its presence in over 33 countries. At the moment, it is popular for its espresso machines. If you have decided to add an espresso machine to your home or office kitchen, you should check out the De’Longhi’s latest range of coffee makers.

    De’Longhi Automatic Espresso Machines
    Love coffee but aren’t so keen about the coffee making process? Then De’Longhi automatic espresso machines are a great pick for you. With a compact design, these automatic coffee machines are not only ideal for espressos but also for making cappuccinos, macchiatos, and lattes. The following are some different automatic espresso machines offered by De’Longhi:

    • Magnifica Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – ESAM 3300
    • PrimaDonna S Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker with LatteCrema System – ECAM 28.465.M
    • Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – ECAM 45.760.B
    • Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – ECAM 44.660.B
    • Digital S Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – ECAM 25.462.S
    • Magnifica S Automatic Espresso Machine – ECAM 23.460.S
    • Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart Machine – ECAM 23.260.SB
    • Magnifica S Automatic Espresso Machine – ECAM 23.210.B
    • Magnifica XS Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – ECAM 22.110.SB
    • Magnifica XS Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – ECAM 22.110.B
    • Magnifica Automatic Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – ESAM 04.110.S

    The espresso makers mentioned above vary in terms of size, features, and price. The automatic espresso machines offered by De’Longhi have an approximate price range of $520 to $2,400.

    De’Longhi Manual Espresso Machines
    If you love to prepare coffee or need to ensure you get the perfect caffeine content, then you should check out the manual espresso machines by De’Longhi. Elegantly designed, these are compact and easy-to-use espresso machines. Here is a list of De’Longhi Manual Espresso Machines:

    • Dedica DeLuxe Manual Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker (Stainless Steel – EC685M, Black – EC685BK, Red – EC685R, and White – EC685W)
    • Dedica Manual Espresso Machine – Stainless Steel EC 680.M
    • Dedica Espresso Machine Gift Set – Includes 2 Cappuccino Glasses – EC680BMC
    • Dedica Manual Espresso Machine (Black EC 680.BK and Red EC 680.R)
    • Icona Manual Espresso Machine (Black ECO 310.BK, Red ECO 310.R, and White ECO 310.W)
    • Manual Espresso Machine – Black & Silver EC 220.CD
    • Manual Espresso Machine – EC 155
    • Manual Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker – Bar EC 155M
    • Manual Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Maker (Red – ECP3220R and White – ECP3220W)
    • Manual Espresso Machine – ECP 3420
    • Manual Espresso Machine – EC 702
    • Manual Espresso Machine – BAR 32

    As compared to the automatic variants, manual coffee machines by De’Longhi are comparatively cheaper. The estimated price range of the manual coffee makers is between $80 to $280.

    De’Longhi Nespresso Machines
    De’Longhi combines its Automatic Cappuccino System with premium Nespresso espresso capsules to make a variety of espresso beverages. Its tiny body occupies limited space on the counter but renders maximum functionality. Here are few of the popular Nespresso models you can check out:

    • Nespresso Lattissima One Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Machine
    • Nespresso Lattissima Plus Latte, Cappuccino, and Espresso Machine
    • Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine
    • Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine
    • Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine
    • Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso

    The Nespresso machines by De’Longhi have a price range of $100 to $300.

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    Top 5 Products by Arlo Home Security

    It is important to feel safe no matter where we are. Safety is one of the most important factors we check before we go anywhere. Therefore, of all the places, the place we need to feel safest is our own home. To make sure we are safe in our house, we invest in the finest locks and doors. However, at times, that is not enough.

    With the increase in the number of robberies and other crimes, it is important to go an extra mile to ensure we remain safe in our personal space. This is where home security systems come into the picture.

    There are several companies that manufacture products and offer services that ensure your safety within the four walls of your home. One such home security company is called Arlo, which makes security cameras and alarm systems. Below are some of the top products and services that Arlo offers.

    With the help of Arlo Audio Doorbell, you can answer your door from anywhere without any hassle. This doorbell lets you stay connected to the entryway activity by giving you instant alerts. You will also receive calls on the connected device (phone or tablet) when someone rings the doorbell. Additionally, the bell allows visitors to leave messages when you are not home.

    Wire-free cameras
    Arlo comes with three different wire-free cameras namely, Arlo Pro2, Arlo Pro, and Arlo. These cameras are 100% wire-free and give HD-quality output, night vision, and are weather resistant. Additionally, these cameras have motion sensors and send motion alerts as well.

    Mobile cameras
    The mobile camera called Arlo Go is 100% wire-free. This camera is rechargeable and has a 2-way audio system with a built-in mic and speaker. The Arlo Go can work with Amazon Alexa, the Google assistant, If This Then That (IFTTT), and Stringify.

    Powered cameras
    These indoor security cameras provide the best solutions for 24/7 surveillance. There are two models in powered cameras, namely, Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus. These cameras allow you to view live recordings at any time and send you instant emails or mobile alerts whenever there is a motion or audio detected. You can also share some specific audio and video recordings with your family or friends in case they are missing a family or friends get-together.

    Baby cameras
    The Arlo Baby camera come with lullabies, night light, and air sensors, making it one of the best choices for baby monitoring purpose. This camera also comes with a smart music player that acts like a lullaby to the baby.

    One can get more information on the products that Arlo offers on their official websites. Apart from Arlo™, there are other companies that manufacture home security cameras like Blink, Frontpoint, LiveWatch Security, and more.

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    A Technical Overview of the GoPro Hero7 Black

    GoPro is one of the most popular companies when it comes to compact and portable camera technology. The mini cameras give most commercial grade cameras a run for their money by featuring stunning designs and sleek dimensions. The camera fits right into your pocket but packs everything you’ll ever need for capturing professional photos and videos.

    Here are a few points to consider and a technical overview of the latest in GoPro technology, the Hero7 Black.

    Points to consider

    • In comparison to DSLR and commercial grade cameras, GoPros are stunningly compact, portable, and very easy to handle.
    • GoPro cameras are waterproof and using a special casing for outer layer protection, you can even use the camera for deep sea shooting.
    • GoPros are made with durable materials, making it super tough to withstand drops and sudden jolts to the unit.
    • It is one of the most popular wearable devices that allows you to shoot on the go with different types of mounts available for your head, chest, wrist, helmet, and even your face.
    • Note that most GoPro devices have a fixed focal length and predetermined settings for image capturing and video recording.
    • This means you will not have the liberty of manipulating the aperture and shutter speed, which is all possible in a professional grade DSLR camera.
    • There is a learning curve involved in using GoPro cameras as the technology is different from what professional and amateur photographers mostly work with.

    Technical specifications

    Photo and video
    The Hero7 Black is capable of capturing 12 MP images. There are multiple options for time-lapse photo, continuous photo capture, SuperPhoto, RAW Photo Capture, and Exposure control to ensure quality images. The camera is capable of recording 4K resolution footage at different aspect ratios with a maximum video bitrate of 78 Mb/s and saves the footage in mp4 format. A 60 fps frame speed allows you to edit and publish videos in slow motion.

    Key recording features
    Although there is no provision for 360-degree spherical capture, the camera does feature HyperSmooth video stabilization to maximize the smoothness of the video capture. Other key features include voice control, wake on voice, auto offload content to your phone, time-lapse video, and an 8x slow-motion record feature, live streaming, and the time warp video feature.

    Advanced settings
    Hero7 Black is also the only GoPro that has Protune settings, allowing you to manually control color, white balance, and shutter speed with advanced image and video settings. A 3-mic processing system helps in wind noise reduction with support for stereo audio and a slot for 3.5 mm audio Mic. You can also outfit Karma drones with the Hero7 Black to shoot amazing footage with flawless quality.

    Underwater recording
    Hero7 Black has a removable battery and is waterproof for up to 33 ft (10 m) with support for touch screen. It is also Super Suit dive compatible to shoot videos over a depth 196 ft (60 m). Note that the quality of the recording and color settings will adjust depending on your dive depth and location.

    The Hero7 Black can be purchased from the official website for a price of approximately $399.99.

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    Everything You Need to Know About DJI Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday is the best time of the year to grab the ultimate deal on the product you have wanted to buy since forever. It is a time when all individuals are excited and they aim to get the best discounts. For those who are looking for incredible deals on drones, gimbals, and other accessories, the DJI Black Friday sale is your go-to destination. DJI is one of the leading drone manufacturers and has a reputation for building intelligent drones. You can access the sale and grab the best products online itself, making your shopping experience more convenient. Some of the noteworthy DJI Black Friday exclusive deals, gifts, and daily coupons to know about are-

    Daily Black Friday coupons
    To elevate your Black Friday shopping from the start itself, DJI daily coupons are available from the 18th of November 2018 to the 22nd of November, 2018. You can avail these exclusive coupons every day at 14:00. Some of the coupons included are a 10% off on accessories, 10% off on DJI Care Refresh, a $16 off on accessories, 10% off on DJI Care Refresh+, and even a free Manfrotto backpack, which is worth $119. However, if you want to grab these exclusive coupons, remember to log in at 14:00 as only 200 coupons are available every day.

    Cyber Monday deals
    Apart from an extensive line of Black Friday coupons available, the DJI Cyber Monday Deal will additionally include a mystery gift as well. The gift is exclusive and redeemable only with a two-hour time frame. The deals are scheduled for November 26, 2018, between 16:00 to 18:00. So, mark the date on your planner and make the most of an exclusive Black Friday giveaway!

    Product deals
    You can grab a fabulous deal on the product you have been eying on for a long time with these amazing product deals. You can avail these offers anytime between November 18, 2018, 00:00 to November 27, 02:59. You can buy a drone or a gimbal that has been on your wishlist for a while at an incredible price on the DJI Black Friday sale. Some of the popular products on sale are Ryze Tech Tello, Spark Controller Combo, Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo, DJI Goggles RE, DJI Care Refresh & DJI Care Refresh+.

    Holiday shopping seasons are known to have the best online deals on a huge variety of products. Hence, if you are looking to upgrade your existing drone, or buying a drone for the first time, this is the best time to grab the best deals.

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    4 Awesome Things to Do With the Google Home Mini

    At a price of just around $49, Google offers a compact and affordable smart speaker with its Google Home Mini. It is the perfect addition to Google’s smart home ecosystem. Moreover, it adds to the aesthetics with its small, neat design. Apart from being a Bluetooth speaker, it comes loaded with the Google assistant that lets you do a lot of cool things including the following:

    • Use it to play white noise: White noise is often cited to be an effective sleeping aid by many. White noise comprises static frequencies that creates soothing ambient sounds. It can be anything from the sound of a ceiling fan to the sound made by a steady downpour of rain. Jetlagged? Sleep schedule jumbled up? Just tell your Google Home Mini to play the sound of rain or any white noise that you like and get a sound sleep. To make sure that the device turns off after you fall asleep, set a sleep timer.
    • Broadcast to multiple Google Home devices: You can use your Google Home Mini as an intercom device as well. You can broadcast messages across multiple Google Home devices, all at the same time. Want to announce, it’s time for breakfast? Just say, “OK Google, broadcast that breakfast’s ready.” Each device will ring a bell across the house. What’s cooler is that you can use this feature even when you are not at home. If you own an Android phone, just say, “OK Google, broadcast I’m on my way home.” Or if you have an Apple device, open Google assistant and give the same audio command. This will trigger all the devices connected to your Google Home Mini in your house.
    • Hands-free calling: Whether you are cooking or in the middle of any chore, you can make a quick call with your Google Home Mini even if your hands are not free. Just say, “OK Google, call XYZ” and the device will make a call to that person. However, this is feature is applicable only for your Google contacts. Moreover, Google Home Mini has the capability to recognize different voices. So, you can share the device with multiple people and the device will know who wants to place a call.
    • Don’t miss out on daily routines: With Google Home Mini, you can easily set up your daily routines and schedule. With a single command, the device will help you get ready for the day. Just say, “Hey Google, good morning,” and your Google Home Mini will read out your schedule for the day, read out the day’s news, tell you about the traffic in your usual route to work, and inform you about the day’s weather. At the end of the day, when you are off to bed, just say, “Hey Google, good night!” and the device will turn off all the lights and will turn down the thermostat. It will also read out important appointments and events that you may have scheduled in your calendar for the next day giving you a convenient reminder.