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    5 spectacular Las Vegas shows you must know about

    Planning a trip to Las Vegas, then you definitely mustn’t miss the breathtaking Las Vegas shows. They are simply spectacular, extravagant and worth your time. If this is your first trip to the Sin City, and you are confused about which show you need to watch, then don’t worry! To help you out, here’s a list of the 5 most popular shows that are performed in Vegas.

    Organized in a carnival tent outside the iconic Caesars Place, Absinthe is hosted by “The Gazillionaire” a slick haired, eccentric character of the show. The show is not just about outrageous humor but also delivers one of the most unbelievable aerial acts and hypnotic Burlesque performances. If you enjoy daredevil stunts and raunchy comedy then you must get tickets for Absinthe.

    O by Cirque de Soleil
    Known as one of the most classic shows, O by Cirque de Soleil is arranged at the Bellagio. Performed on a 1.5 million-gallon pool, this aquatic show is no less than a surreal dream. This vibrant show comprises a beautiful blend of acrobatics, martial arts, and trapeze. If you have always been charmed by the combination magic and aesthetics, then you must undoubtedly get tickets for this Las Vegas spectacle.

    Penn & Teller
    Love some illusion? Then you must get Las Vegas show tickets for a Penn & Teller performance. These masters of deception flawlessly trick you to witness unexpected things. The duo also gives an opportunity to various professional illusionists and reveal how some of their tricks are executed. Like Absinthe, you can catch Penn and Teller at the Caesars Palace.

    Piece of Me by Britney Spears
    Expecting a show loaded with star power then buy Las Vegas show tickets for Britney Spear’s Piece of Me. Spears performs some of her unforgettable tunes along with some stunning choreography. Organized in Planet Hollywood’s The Axis, Spear’s show will definitely take back you in the early 2000s.

    Jersey Boys
    In a mood for some serious and musical kind of storytelling, then get tickets for Jersey Boys which narrates the tale of Frankie Valli and the band Four Seasons. The musical projects their times of success, downfalls and the eventual fallout. Jersey Boys is performed by impeccable vocal artists, so you are unquestionably in for a sweet melodic treat.

    You can peruse through various online websites which offer Las Vegas show tickets with great prices and deals. Although Las Vegas show tickets aren’t hard to find, ensure that you book them in advance so that you don’t miss this remarkable experience.

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    Where to buy Las Vegas show tickets from?

    Not just for its innumerable casinos, Las Vegas is also well-known for its extraordinary live entertainment shows. Right from flawless dancing to unbelievable acrobatic stunts, every Las Vegas presentation has its own unique style and aura. So, while you’re in the Sin City, you should experience the splendor of these live performances. And to get the fun started, you must first get Las Vegas show tickets.

    For almost every show hosted in Las Vegas, you can find tickets online. Apart from the production website of the shows, here are some of the popular sites that sell Las Vegas show tickets.

    Best of Vegas If you want to peruse through a variety of Las Vegas shows, then you must visit the Best of Vegas website. Whether you are looking for a beguiling illusion show or a breathtaking theater production, chances are that you will find it on Best of Vegas. And they don’t just have lucrative deals on Las Vegas show tickets but also have brilliant offers on hotels, Vegas tours, nightclubs, and attractions.

    Las Vegas Offering an amazing selection of live acts, lasvegas.com lets you plan your Vegas adventure in the best possible manner. You can find Las Vegas show tickets for some of their featured shows like Absinthe, Mystere by Cirque du Soleil, Michael Jackson One, Penn & Teller, Criss Angel Mindfreak, La Reve, etc.

    Ticketmaster The online website of Ticketmaster, allows you to choose from a variety of genres like music, comedy, modern circus, adult shows, sports, Broadway, magic, etc. You can also find wonderful ticket deals like 2 for 1 tickets, $40 below tickets, pack tickets, etc.

    Daily Vegas Discounts Want discounted Las Vegas show tickets? Then check out the Daily Vegas Discounts, where you can save up to 50%. Apart from the show tickets, the website also provides travel packages, hotel discounts, and everyday offers.

    Groupon If you are looking for the cheapest Las Vegas show tickets, then you must go through the Groupon website. Although you may not find a huge assortment of shows, you will definitely get to buy the available performances at great prices.

    If you want to buy Las Vegas show tickets on the day of the show itself, then you can visit the Tix4tonight booths in Vegas. They are situated in 8 locations in Las Vegas Bills Gamblin’ Hall, Downtown, North Strip, Fashion Show Mall, Casino Royale, Town Square Mall, Hawaii Marketplace, and Showcase Mall. Before visiting these show ticket booths, just check the prices on Tix4Tonight website so that you could bag a great deal

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    How to use coupons on musical instruments to promote your business

    Coupons can attract customers more than any other offers or business tactics. They are a splendid and effective tool to improve your business. Coupons can be either store coupons or manufacturer’s coupons. Do you know the difference between the two? Store coupons, as the name suggests, can be used only at a particular store but manufacturer’s coupons can be used anywhere or any store of that manufacturer. Astute marketing managers have put significant stress on the usage of coupons as they can lift up your business considerably.

    Coupons can be on a wide range of products. It can be on clothing, home furnishing products, appliances, or even musical instruments. Yes, coupons are even applicable on musical instruments. But you may be wondering how coupons help in the sale of musical instruments. The reasons are listed below.

    • When you apply a coupon on a guitar, it automatically expands your market. A customer is most of the times ready to come from distant places to redeem the coupon.
    • When a customer gets a coupon, then he/she will obviously visit the store that is providing coupons and not the ones that aren’t. This pulls customers from your rivals.
    • Your old customers would start returning. Those who had been taken away by your competitors will see the offers that you are providing in the form of coupons and will come back to your store.
    • When coupons are released in the market, an additional number of people visit your store which causes more traffic and thus customers start buying impulsively.

    How to use coupons effectively on musical instruments
    Now if you are doing a business on musical instruments like guitars, then you must also know how to place your coupons to gain more customers. These are some of the ways which you can try:

    • Give an enticing offer
    • Add discount statements like, 50% off or $50 off. Use a percentage offer only when you intend to give a higher percentage as discount.
    • Use bold headlines.
    • Give a catchy headline to your offer that will grab the attention at once. Statements like Save $60 on the purchase of a guitar€¦.valid for this month only! or Get free shipping on all orders for this month! work out very well.
    • Don’t forget to use your logo.
    • When you release a coupon in the market, don’t forget to engrave your logo on it otherwise your company’s name would not spread.

    Major guitar coupons in the market
    There are some companies which offer coupons on guitars. You can visit their website and take ideas from their couponing. Among the major ones is the Guitar Center coupons which provide offers on shipping, a certain percentage discount, and even sales on particular days like Father’s Day. Guitar center coupons are one of the best in the market with strong strategies. They even offer coupons on specific types guitars, for example, acoustic guitars. Guitar Center is a renowned retailer of various musical instruments and their couponing has attracted even more customers from far and wide.

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    How to make the best use of Guitar Center coupons

    Everyone loves coupons. And when the coupons are on Guitar Center, you should never waste time as Guitar Center is a retailer renowned for best-quality musical instruments. And the best part is that they provide enticing offers on their coupons. The Guitar Center coupons are available in many online web portals. But do you know how to utilize them properly? If not, here is a guide for you.

    Read what is printed on the coupon
    Only one coupon is used for one purchase. But sometimes it may be mentioned that a coupon can be used for a specific number of times. But unless and until you read what is mentioned, you won’t be able to know. So, it is better to check things beforehand rather than facing problems at check-out. Coupons have fine prints to baffle the customer. But if you have read and understood the terms and conditions written on them then you are sure to enjoy the benefit of the coupon.

    Buy the items that are specifically mentioned on the coupon
    Don’t end up buying the wrong items. A coupon is most of the time applicable only on a certain handful of items. So check before you choose what to buy if you want to enjoy the benefits of the coupon. For example, Guitar Center coupons are available on acoustic guitar or drums and percussion only. In that case, if you buy anything else you will not get the benefit of the coupon.

    Check whether your coupon is valid or has expired
    You wouldn’t want to buy all the things and come to know at check out that your coupon has expired, do you? No, of course not. So always check the expiry of your coupon before you buy anything. The expiry date is always mentioned on a coupon and so there should be no confusion about it. Also, don’t photocopy a single coupon and then use the same thing from time to time. That simply won’t work and you are bound to get caught.

    Always check the coupon policy beforehand
    Every store has a separate coupon policy and so does Guitar Center coupons. Before making any purchase make you sure you have gone through the policy thoroughly. Avoid any kind of confusions at checkout and read the policy beforehand. Many a time there are lots of terms and conditions that may be mentioned. The couponing rules vary from store to store.

    Manufacture’s coupon can be used only once per purchase
    You must keep in mind that a manufacturer’s coupon can be used only once per purchase. Suppose in the morning you got up to receive a mail with a Guitar Center coupon in it and later you find another one in the newspaper. Even though you have two coupons, you cannot use them both. You have to use only one.

    You can get the Guitar Center coupons from websites like groupon.com, retailmenot.com, and coupons.com among others. But always keep the things mentioned above in mind if you want to utilize the coupons thoroughly.

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    The greatest fine arts creations of all time

    Art is a fiercely subjective aspect of our lives. No connoisseur of art can possibly come to a consensus regarding the best piece of art created. Here are possibly 5 of the greatest fine arts creations of all time.

    Starry Night
    Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night with its mystic color palette and strangely endearing swirls has won many hearts across the world. This nocturne painting was created during van Gogh’s recovery time in the asylum. Van Gogh was unfortunately considered to be a madman when he was alive, his works gradually gained huge recognition in Europe after he died. Starry Night happens to be greatest works of van Gogh, and stands as a testimony to the belief that grief somehow translates itself into creativity.

    Whistler’s Mother
    It would be hard not to recognize the Whistler’s mother painting, because it has been so prominent in the popular culture. This painting was a spontaneous creation by James McNeil Whistler. Earlier known as the Arrangement in Grey and Black No 1 Whistler’s Mother, it wasn’t exactly received by certain critics and museums with euphoria. It was later acquired by Musee de Luxemborg in Paris, which helped it become the iconic piece of art it is today. It is currently housed in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

    Mona Lisa
    If there could be an accolade for debates about smiles, the one with Mona Lisa’s would definitely win. Created by Leonardo da Vinci this is portrait of Lisa Gherardeni, and is considered to be the most famous piece of art. If one happens to be in Paris, Mona Lisa housed in The Louvre is certainly not to be missed.

    The Scream
    The Scream by Edward Munch, shows a human figure with a tormented expression on his face, with an eccentric combination of an orange and dark blue whirling in the background. This painting is known to captivate the viewer’s attention, and forcing them to think about what kind of sentiments it is trying to emote. Munch’s artwork expresses the honest chaos within the human mind. It focuses on the intimate truth rather than the conventional aesthetic standards of an artwork.

    Girl with the Pearl Ring
    An oil painting by Johannes Vermeer, Girl with the Pearl Ring depicts a girl with a luminous face, wearing an exotic dress and a turban, with a large pearl earring. Also, known as the Mona Lisa of North, this creation thrives on its mystifying simplicity. While it is uncertain about who the girl actual is, she has still managed to hypnotize art experts as well as general spectators all around the globe. It is currently a permanent resident in Mauritshuis, an art museum in Hague, Netherlands.

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    Grab your Broadway tickets – The most awaited shows of 2017 are here

    There are special moments in the life of an art patron, for instance getting a Broadway ticket for a play or a musical. The glitz, the glamour, the buzzing and the ever-bubbling anticipation is all a part of the ultimate Broadway experience. And then suddenly it all drops, in one millisecond, the silence is piercing, when the curtain rises and when the lights hit the podium. Gripping performances of a Broadway production can manage to invoke unexpected and powerful emotions amongst the viewers.

    This year The Great White Way is all set to dazzle its New Yorkers yet again, by presenting an amazing line of theatrical productions. So, whether you’re a tyro or an expert, the time is here for you to get your Broadway tickets.

    As you contain the excitement here are few of the most anticipated shows of Broadway 2017. Check them out!

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been every child’s fantasy, and now it’s all set to mark its debut on the Broadway! Starring 2 time Tony Award Winner Christian Borle as the eccentric Willy Wonka, music and lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, this musical is surely going to captivate its audience. Directed by 3 time Tony Awared Winner Jack O’Brien, this is musical is going to be a lip-smacking, chocolaty ride!

    Hello, Dolly!

    After holding a record for 37 Years as The Best Musical, this 1964 Classic Broadway Musical is returning with Bette Midler as Dolly Levi in the lead. Directed by 4 time Tony Award Winner, this match-making musical comedy is yet again ready to win hearts.

    Six Degrees of Separation

    Penned by John Guare this masterpiece, was inspired by a true story of a con man named as David Hampton. Started in an off-Broadway theater in 1990, in a matter of few months it made its debut on Broadway, winning numerous nominations and awards. This play makes its way back to The Great White Way with Tony Award Winner John Benjamin Hickey as Flan and, 7 time Emmy Award Winner Allison Janney as Ouisa. This year’s production will be directed by Trip Cullman.


    Based on the 1997 film, this new musical is about a young orphan name Anya from Paris who sets out to find her family in Russia. Starring Christy Altomare as Anya, this legendary story has the songs of Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Aherns. Directed by Darko Tresnjak, this musical has already garnered positive response at the Hartford Stage Production, and now it is here to mesmerize The Big Apple.

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    Innovative musical instruments of 21st century

    What cannot be contained? Certainly there are many answers to this question but music will always manage to make it to the top of this list. Through the centuries music has evolved and reached all kinds of milestones, creating many more for us to scale. Delving into uncharted territories, geographically, culturally or otherwise, musicians worldwide have taken the tradition and turned it into innovation.

    Experimental musical instruments through the years has evolved significantly. At times, with an amalgamation of simple mechanics or with the incorporation of complex electronic codes or just the good old playing with nature has given us some amazing outcomes. Here are few of the most innovative musical instruments of our times.


    Irrespective of the fact that you’re a musician or not hydraulophone is something everyone should try, at least for fun. Categorized as a wood water instrument, this horizontally positioned curved tube with holes on the top, produces music through the water flow. It creates tones hydraulically. The player can block and release the path of the holes through the fingers to generate music. Hydraulophone is also used for the individuals having a low level of vision as a sensory device. It was invented by Steve Mann, a researcher from Canada.

    Tenori On

    Created by Japanese artist Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishibori, Tenori On is a digital musical instrument comprising of a sixteen by sixteen square grid, incorporating LED lights responsive to touch. This sophisticated yet adorable looking instrument has the power to bewitch anyone with its soothing and melodious musical compositions. Since its inception, Tenori On has been used in various live music shows and international concerts. Tenori On perfectly fits the description of beauty is in brevity.


    Eigenharp is an instrument which cannot be simply classified as a keyboard. The most mesmerizing aspect of this musical instrument is that as delicate and sleek it appears to the eyes, it also creates the kind of music that captivates one. This expressive instrument comes along with a combination of percussion keys, mouthpiece and ribbon controllers. It is packed with recording and playback options too. No wonder it took John Lambert, Eigenharp’s creator 8 long years to develop it.

    Hapi Drums

    This artful little drum could be mistaken for a UFO! The Hand Activated Percussion Instrument, that is HAPI, can be a joy for all kinds of players. You don’t need to be a performing artist, you just need to have the heart of a child. Its round vibrating tongue made of steel helps to create music of spontaneous nature. Hapi Drums can be an enjoyable method of attempting music therapy, giving the players a liberty to combine and create a pacifying and melodious ambiance.

    Music undeniably remains one of the most creative inspirations for all. Even for the ones who can’t catch a note, but who always listen from the heart.