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    Essential features of MRP software to look out for

    Similar to ERP, Material Requirements Planning or MRP is one of the most important aspects of manufacturing. It is a way for manufacturers to connect their inventory forecasting with their accounting department. It is required to streamline the process of manufacturing right from raw materials to the finished products. For efficient streamlining, an MRP software has multiple features. They are:

    • Production control
    • Inventory control
    • Cost reporting
    • Scheduling
    • Bills of material
    • Capacity planning
    • Estimation
    • Warehouse management
    • Accounts payable
    • Change control
    • Sales analysis
    • Purchase ledger

    However, there are certain features of a manufacturer software that are more in demand than others.

    • Demand prediction
      Forecasting demand for outgoing inventory is an essential factor of increasing profits of a manufacturing business. Manufacturing too less will cause a production backlog, whereas overdoing it will lead to an excess of finished products occupying too much of inventory space. This is why demand prediction is one of the most in-demand features of an MRP software. With this, a manufacturing company can easily predict with accuracy how many orders are required to be managed. Most manufacturer’s software has demand forecasting capability with the following features: historical data gathering, generating forecasts based on the data, and authorization of the forecast.
    • Production planning
      An MRP software automates and creates finite schedules for the completion of manufacturing jobs. After determining the required inventory, the software will plan production by determining lead ties, production times, and the overall project time. It takes into account the purchase and procurement of materials and supplies required for the manufacturing process. High volume companies usually benefit from this feature since there is less variance in their overall demand for finished goods. A routine schedule enables complete utilization of the production line, ensuring maximum output. Most MRP software allowS manufacturers to fine tune their production schedule using the production planning feature to get the best out of their manufacturing process.
    • Purchase scheduling
      One of the core features of a manufacturer’s software is purchase scheduling or purchase planning. This feature is required to determine the timely purchase of raw materials for the manufacturing process in order to meet the demand. This feature assists the purchasing department in understanding what is required for orders placed and for demands that have been forecasted by the system. Also, it helps determine the exact list of materials and its quantities required to finish a manufacturing job. Moreover, since production planning may change from time to time based on demand forecasts, purchase planning becomes a critical feature while looking for an MRP software.
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    3 popular MRP software for production planning and management

    Manufacturer software include the most essential tools and resources used for business planning in production, operations, and inventory management. An MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) software takes care of a project from the initial planning and production phase to the final sales and inventory tally. Small businesses can benefit from these software as they eliminate the need for additional manpower to track the processes and offer automation.

    Here are the popular choices for manufacturer software trending in the market today.

    MRPeasy is an affordable option for small business owners. The self-sufficient tool offers excellent management of production, purchasing, finance, stock, customer, and team resources to seamlessly keep track of everything from one place. The key features include production planning and accurate reporting of utilization, real-time inventory analysis, and excellent customer relationship management to improve sales. Their starter bundle with support for ticket system is priced at a measly $49/user/month for the first 10 users. It’s a truly affordable cloud-based MRP software that gives your business a competitive edge.

    Katana definitely goes beyond your average business resource planning. This manufacturer software features an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for production planning with real-time inventory tracking, optimization, and control. You also get dedicated dashboard tools for sales order management, right from tracking the availability of the products to coordinating sales from across different platforms. Dedicated floor-level production employee and production line task lists also keep track of all the current work orders. Additionally, you get finance tools for purchasing and making accurate pricing decisions. Katana can also seamlessly integrate with popular eCommerce and online accounting platforms, including Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero, and WooCommerce. You get a free 14-day trial to test all features and pay only $99/month afterward, with add-ons for essential tools sold separately.

    Enjoy the best of both worlds with MRP and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions embedded in a single software providing all-round solutions at an affordable price. This software can cater to small businesses, medium enterprises, and large-scale organizations alike. IQMS features an array of resources for material requirements planning, labor capacity planning, auxiliary equipment planning, work center capacity planning, and rough cut capacity planning, all of which are essential units of a manufacturing facility. You can get a direct quote from the vendor based on the business size and requirements.

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    Choose the right MRP software by following these 4 tips

    If you own a manufacturing business, you might already be familiar with the many advantages manufacturer software offer, such as Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP). Typically, businesses consider using MRP software when they’re tired of dealing with spreadsheets. Knowing which MRP software to buy can be a challenge, but you’ve come to the right place. These tips can help select the best software for your organization.

    Pick a cloud-based software

    An MRP software is a powerful tool that can be useful for everyone working inside the manufacturing unit. To choose the right software, the first thing you need to make sure is that it is accessible to all your employees, whether they’re inside or outside the unit. A cloud-based MRP software can be used from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or a laptop. This can also help you save money as you won’t need to hire an IT specialist to upgrade the software and provide inhouse support.

    Make inventory control your priority

    The ideal MRP software should have the capability of managing and controlling your inventory. It must give you real-time inventory control so that you can make purchasing decisions at the right time. This way, you won’t run out of stock and save money on unnecessary expenditures on goods that are already in excess. So, you must select a software that makes real-time inventory adjustments, tracks multiple locations of any part, alerts about the inventory with low stock, and controls label printing easily and effectively.

    Production planning capabilities matter

    When accepting an order from a client, it is important to make sure that you have the resources available to complete the order on time. This means you need to find an MRP software that can schedule operations across the manufacturing unit without common workplace issues like double bookings. The software must automatically notify about the availability of material to employees in the purchasing department. Also, it should provide clear instructions to employees regarding the priority of the orders to be completed.

    Accurate costing is necessary

    The cost of the raw materials is not always consistent, which can make keeping track of the costs using spreadsheets almost impossible. Since we all know that money matters a lot in any business, you must specifically look for software that can get accurate costing whenever you need it. This will also help you to make the right pricing decisions based on real product margins.

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    Features of Microsoft Office 2010

    Looking for a new Office suite for your computer and confused with so many choices available in the market? Well, you are not the only one, who finds it difficult to make the right pick. Many computer users often fail to decide, which will be the best version of Office application for their use. Though there are several opinions regarding the functions and features of Office applications, a large number of people still rely on Microsoft Office 2010. Even though there are many free applications available across the web, most of the users still prefer to go for Office 2010. If you are also considering installing a new Office suite in your PC, you can consider the features that make it a popular choice even today.

    Customizable ribbon
    Though the ribbon feature of MS Office was introduced in Office 2007, this did not receive much appreciation at that time. However, the easily customizable and improved ribbon that came with Office 2010 received popularity among the professional users. When considering the interesting features of Microsoft Office 2010 that makes it a popular choice even in 2018, you cannot ignore the ribbon feature, as it eases the job of the users to some great extent.

    Previewing the matter before pasting
    This is another important feature to be noted when you are considering why Microsoft Office 2010 is a popular choice among the users. Making a presentation or creating a project is quite simple with this Office suite, as all the applications in this suite include the Paste Preview feature. Just hover the mouse over the available options and check what will be the result after pasting any item from the clipboard.

    Protected view for ensuring security
    With the increasing number of hacking and data theft cases, Microsoft has implemented a Protected View feature to secure data of the users. Whether it is a mail attachment, presentation, workbook or office document, everything will be checked for malware before you can open it on your device. In case, there is any suspected code or malicious code, you will not be able to open the file in editable mode and can check it only in protected view mode.

    Multiple themes
    Customizing files have become a lot more simple with Microsoft Office 2010. To meet the requirements of all users, this suite has introduced a wide range of new themes, which can be used over all the applications. Though themes were available in 2007 Office, the number has just doubled to 40 in Office 2010. Whether you are making a presentation for your client using PowerPoint or you are making a calculation in Excel, you can now use themes as per your requirement. Themes are available for Word documents as well.

    Locate with navigation pane
    Now, viewing anything in the documents have become quite easier with the Navigation Pane. Just navigate your mouse on the View ribbon and click it on the Show tab to find the Navigation Pane. You can also use the shortcut of Ctrl+F for opening the Navigation Pane and check the desired section. The Navigation Pane acts as a document map for the file and you can search anything you want to locate in the file without checking it thoroughly.

    Collaborate in real time
    Last but not the least, the online collaborating feature of Microsoft Office 2010 deserves to be mentioned as it has eased the task of the users in a great way. Now, you can collaborate with other team members from any place you want. The best part is, multiple users can work simultaneously on the same piece without hindering each other’s work. Thus, you can meet the deadline faster and increase your productivity significantly.

    Microsoft Office 2010 is undoubtedly one of the highly demanded Offices suites of the company. However, to gain all the advantages of these applications, you should get a genuine copy. There are several unscrupulous sellers, who are offering a pirated copy of MS Office at a cheaper price. Do not opt for them and use genuine product and stay protected.

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    Reasons Behind the Popularity of Microsoft Office 2010

    Be it buying a laptop for your kid or for personal or business use, you will certainly need an operating system and different software to make the device functional. When it comes to different types of applications and software for computers, one cannot ignore the popularity of Microsoft Office 2010. The 2010 version of office suite application has enjoyed immense popularity all across the globe and you can rely on this for personal as well as professional use. However, if you are new to Microsoft Office and want to know the reasons behind its popularity, you can go through a few factors listed below:

    User-friendliness makes it popular
    Though several new versions of Microsoft Office has been introduced in the market, the version released in 2010 has retained its popularity in the market. Though there are several reasons behind the popularity of this Microsoft Office suite, user-friendliness is considered to be the prime factor behind its success. Whether it is making a presentation using PowerPoint or sending a mail from Outlook, you can get your job done quickly. Not only the experienced users but also the novices can use Microsoft Office 2010 without any difficulty. Compared to Open Office, MS Office 2010 has a much simpler interface and can be operated, making it a popular choice among everyone.

    Accessible from any location
    When it comes to the benefits of using Microsoft Office 2010, you need to talk about its online accessibility feature. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, the developers have introduced an online accessibility feature to this Office suite. That means you can now get your work done from any part of the world. All the applications offered by MS office 2010 can be accessed from compatible browsers of Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. So, work online and save or transfer the file from any place.

    Sharing is easy now
    With more businesses relying on MS Office for their professional jobs, the developers have made sharing a simple task. You can save money as well as time by sharing your documents in between Excel, PowerPoint, and Word without switching the applications. Also, a team with multiple members can work on the same document simultaneously without any confusions or overlapping problems. Thus, there is no need for others to complete their work. You can easily see what the others are doing and continue with your job without any delay.

    Organizing things is simple with MS Office 2010
    This version of Microsoft Office has not only gained popularity for its ease of use but also has retained its demand in the market for excellent organizing feature. With Outlook 2010, there is no need to worry about bouncing of the mails or any conversation. Just click on the conversation management tools or mail tips to remain updated.

    No more security threat
    Cyber crimes have increased significantly in the recent days and to protect your device from any threats, Office 2010 comes with Protected View feature. By using this you can guard your device against any kind of malware present in mail or attachments. This can also work effectively on the Internet files, Excel, Word or PowerPoint files. Thus, there is no need to worry about data theft issues.

    Convenience is the key
    Each and every application of MS Office 2010 comes with a dedicated toolbar with all the commands that a user might need while working. Thus, you can complete all your work with convenience. To make the task simpler, you can use Microsoft Office Backstage view feature, which offers easy access to every important operation like saving, viewing, sharing or printing of any document.

    Several new versions of Microsoft Office have been launched in the last few years but the benefits offered by Microsoft Office 2010 have retained its popularity in the market. So, you can purchase it without any hesitation.

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    Field Service Dispatch Software and its Importance

    Technological advancement has eased the life of people to some great extent. Introduction of different gadgets and gizmos has not only made everyday life comfortable but also it has given a significant boost to business houses. Availability of different software has allowed professionals to streamline their task and complete their job with perfection. Field service dispatch software is one such system, which has gained immense popularity with modern workplaces.

    Popularly known as the field service management or FSM, it helps in tracking multiple components related to the operational field. Just feed the system with some basic data and it will maintain detailed tracking of customer information, inventory management, customer portals, job scheduling as well as vehicle tracking. The best part is you can easily customize the system based on the industry where it is being used. Provide the software with the type, size, and need of the industry and it will conduct the task with complete precision. Owing to its ease of customization, this software is now widely used by different companies in the country.

    Even though, it can be used by any industry, property management, plumbing, pest control, document destruction, landscaping, home remodeling, solar panel installation are some of the sectors, which highly depend on this software. If you are also interested to get this software for your business but does not have a clear idea of its advantages, you can check them out below:

    Optimize capital usage: Many businesses, especially the startups have to incur huge losses for improper analysis of their funds. If that is the case with your business and you are looking for some measures to optimize your capital flow, you can certainly invest in the field management software. By installing the software, you will be able to pinpoint the major wastes of the businesses and rectify the problems at once. The best thing is, you will be able to save the data for a longer period and refer to it when needed.

    Ease of sales management: This can be an excellent tool for service industries, which directly deals with sales components. The data recorded by the software can help in integrating the sales management in a great way and complete the billing with much ease. Interneer Intellect is one of the best software for businesses looking to improvise their sales management. You can check the details of the software and considering installing the same.

    Improved productivity: Field service dispatch software like Wrike or FieldAx helps in recording the minute details. Thus, your employees no longer have to update the business manually and keep the records in different paper documents. As there is no risk of losing the data recorded in the system, employees can focus on the core areas of operation and improve the productivity of the business to some great extent. This type of software is not only advantageous for increasing the productivity of the staffs but also help in serving customers with complete accuracy. Whether it is billing for different items or it is about recording the warehouse products, this software can complete everything in a flawless manner. This is not all. The improved efficacy of the staffs pleases the customers. Thus, by investing in this system, you can grow a loyal base of customers within a short span of time.

    Increase your savings: Purchasing and installing the field service management software can be a bit expensive process. However, if you can manage the cost of the software, you can enjoy huge savings in the future. You may find it interesting to note that the companies which have installed this software have been able to save more than $9,000 per employee every year and invest the sum for further expansion of their business.

    Field management software has turned out to be extremely useful for different businesses and you can invest in this as well. The software is available online and you can get a copy for your business with ease.

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    Purchasing The Best Field Service Dispatch Software

    Owing to the increased competition in the modern market, more and more industries are now relying on different software for managing their business. Whether it is keeping records of the inventories or maintaining the attendance of staffs, you can find software for almost every job. To suit the requirement of the business houses, you can now find different types of software as well as computing systems. Though an array of software has been introduced for easing the job of professionals, it is often very confusing to find the right one for your use. If you are someone, who wants to restrict paper works in your company and looking for software, which can help in improving your overall business function, you can opt for field service dispatch software.

    Like any other software service, field service dispatch or management software has also undergone several improvisations after its introduction and to get the best facility, it is important for you to pick the right one for your business. If you are new to this system and finding it tricky to make the best pick, you can consider a few factors mentioned below:

    Check the scheduling and dispatching feature: When picking up field service dispatch software, the most important feature that you need to check is the scheduling and dispatching. Scheduling the tasks systematically and dispatching the right unit at the right time is necessary for the smooth functioning of the mobile technicians. Therefore, if there is a delay or a mistake in this job, it will impact the business in a negative manner. Improper scheduling or dispatching system will not just hamper the productivity of the staffs but also it will affect the satisfaction level of the clients in a negative manner. To make the most of the money that you invest for this software, it will be better for you to opt for the one, which supports smart scheduling, text notifications, and in-vehicle telematics facilities.

    Always remember to check the accuracy of the scheduling and dispatching feature as customers never prefer any kind of delay in service. Booking Koala has received immense praises among the business houses for its smart scheduling feature and you can check it out.

    Efficacy in contact management: Contact management feature is quite similar to customer relationship management system and is required to reach the different targeted base of customers for expanding the business. The software sends automated messages to the customers for attracting their attention. Therefore, a little mistake can be detrimental to your venture. Business houses, which have been able to use this feature in the desired manner, have been able to increase their client base by more than fifty percent. Though it is mostly used for expanding the business, it also has a great role to play in retaining the existing clients by sending them impactful messages about different operations.

    Just checking about the inclusion of contact management feature in the field service dispatch software is not enough. To get the best value for your money, you need to ensure that contact management is comprised of automated communication, customer segmentation, and email or SMS marketing management.

    Order management: Just scheduling the task and dispatching the order on time is not enough. If you want to increase your client base and improve the productivity of your staffs, you should give due importance to order management feature. Including this feature in the system will allow the employees to update the status of their task. Therefore, you can check out when they actually complete the job assigned to them. Thus, you can track the work of the mobile technicians in real time. For the best results, the order management system that you use should include, job detail recording, job status recording, and mobile form recording.

    Though it is important to check out for the above-mentioned features in the field service dispatch software, it is not enough. You should make sure to get software that can be customized as per the requirement of your business.