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    5 benefits of opting for debt settlement

    Debt settlement can be a financial lifesaver for many. Managing debt is quite a difficult task. With every advancing payment due date, one may feel their finances getting tighter and tighter. Between paying for a house mortgage, student loans, credit card debt, personal loans, and many other debts, it is quite common to miss out on paying one payment. Although it may not seem like a big problem initially, this is not good for financial health in the long term. This is where debt settlement comes in. There are multiple benefits to availing debt settlement offered by some of the top 10 debt settlement companies.

    No more bills
    With debt settlement, no more bills will be incoming in the mailbox. Debt settlement results in the closure of a debt account by the creditor. In such cases, one will not be able to use their credit cards again. However, this can be beneficial since it will prevent further debt in the future. With debt settlement, there is a permanent erasure of debt.

    No more collection calls
    With mounting debt, the calls of creditors are always incessant. If one if falling behind on too many bills, they are bound to be subjected to creditor calls throughout the day. This can add to the stress of not being able to clear away all the dues. Plus, many collection departments are not known to be kind on calls. When a debt settlement is opted for, it will stop the incessant calls from the various collection departments.

    No bankruptcy risk
    Rather than filing for bankruptcy, debt settlement is a better option. With the bankruptcy filing, credit score can deteriorate quite significantly. In some cases, the credit score has slid down by nearly 200 points, taking a good credit score to bad credit score. The credit score lowers with debt settlement too. However, it is not as drastic as with bankruptcy. Furthermore, bankruptcy follows one for life since a bankruptcy entry has to be imprinted on the credit report for at least 10 years. Additionally, one must mention whether they have ever filed for bankruptcy when applying for personal loans, job applications, or credit cards. Thus, debt settlement can save one from the consequences of bankruptcy.

    Better credit score
    In reality, debt settlement may not seem to have much effect on the credit score. However, when compared to missed payments or ever-increasing debt, settling debt can be quite a savior for credit score. Late fees and penalty interest can cause quite a dent in the credit history. A debt settlement will prevent further deterioration of credit score. Additionally, debt settlement will be proof of attempting to debt repayment. Over time, the credit scores will start to improve steadily as one begins to rebuild credit after all the settlements.

    Quicker repayment of debt
    To avail of these advantages, one may approach some of the top 10 debt settlement companies, including National Debt Relief, Freedom Debt Relief, Accredited Debt Relief, and Guardian Debt Relief.

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    How to qualify for a reverse mortgage

    A reverse mortgage provides the elderly access to equity in their homes and supplements their income. With its flexible repayment option, it gives homeowners more control over their money. However, the government has laid out strict rules and guidelines concerning reverse mortgage eligibility criteria. So, if you’re considering a reverse mortgage, read on to know the reverse mortgage eligibility criteria and the types of reverse mortgages.

    Reverse mortgage eligibility criteria

    • The first criterion for a reverse mortgage is that the primary homeowner must be at least 62 years of age. If your spouse is under the age of 62, you might still be eligible if you meet other reverse mortgage eligibility criteria. If you’re not 62 or older than 62, then you won’t qualify for a reverse mortgage even if you satisfy the criteria mentioned below.
    • You must be the primary resident of the home you’re seeking a reverse mortgage for. Note that vacation homes or rental properties do not qualify.
    • You must either entirely own the house or have at least 50% equity in it. If you have any mortgage balance remaining while applying for a reverse mortgage, you must be in a financial position to pay off that balance.
    • You must not be late or overdue on any debt from the federal government. This includes income taxes and federal student loans. If you have to pay off such debts, you may very well use the money from the reverse mortgage loan to settle these debts.
    • You must already have enough money, or be willing to use the money from the reverse mortgage loan to pay property taxes, insurance, and home maintenance and repair costs.
    • You must meet a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved reverse mortgage counselor to understand how a reverse mortgage works. During the counseling, the counselor will review your eligibility for a reverse mortgage loan and inform you of the financial ramifications associated with a reverse mortgage.

    Types of reverse mortgages

    Now that you know the reverse mortgage eligibility criteria, you might want to learn about the different types of reverse mortgages.

    • Proprietary reverse mortgages

    A proprietary reverse mortgage is what you need if you’re seeking a larger loan amount. You can easily get them if you have a higher-value home. However, you must note that these are private loans and are not backed by the government.

    • Single-purpose mortgages

    This is the least common type of reverse mortgage, and the borrower can only use the fund for one specific purpose. It’s usually offered by non-profit organizations, and a few local and state government agencies.

    • Home equity conversion mortgages

    This is the most popular type of reverse mortgage since it is funded by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Although these mortgages have higher upfront costs, the borrowers are allowed to use the fund for any purpose.

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    Best Full Coverage Dental Insurance Medicare

    Dental hygiene is of utmost importance and the services of a dentist do not come cheap. You might be in for a shock when you make a payment at the dentist for regular cleaning services. If you fear surprises at the time of paying your bill at the dentist, a comprehensive dental insurance could be your best bet. It will cover a wide range of services and allow you to enjoy a full coverage insurance plan with no waiting period.

    Dental insurance coverage
    A full coverage dental insurance includes three levels of coverage. These are preventive, minor, and major. It will cover the dental treatments at all levels and is not restricted to the preventive services. The comprehensive coverage will include cleanings, filling, fluoride treatment, root canal, X-ray, denture repair, and bridgework.

    No waiting period
    It is possible for you to obtain dental coverage without any waiting period. If you need a dental treatment in the near future, you need a plan that is effective immediately. It does not make sense for you to buy a plan that has a waiting period. A full coverage dental insurance medicare plan with zero waiting period means that you will be able to make the most of the plan with immediate effect, without any waiting period for the services. This includes the major dental procedures as well. There are many other plans, which would require a waiting period of one year. But if you are going to need dental services soon, opt for a plan that has no waiting period to avoid the hassle of financing dental work.

    A full coverage dental insurance medicare plan is of utmost importance for individuals of every age. It can significantly reduce your out of pocket expenses and make it easier to go through a major dental procedure smoothly. The plan has been designed to meet the comprehensive needs of the patients and will include a wide range of services.

    When you are looking for insurance plans, keep your priorities in mind. Do not compromise on the services in order to save a small amount. The cost of a dental treatment might burn a hole in your pocket if you do not have a comprehensive plan. A full coverage plan is a safe bet and it includes an array of services that you will require in the future. With a zero waiting period, the plan could be a convenient and cost-effective deal for you.

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    Top Dental Plans for Seniors

    It is important for every individual to invest in a dental insurance plan so as to avoid the expense after visiting a dentist for a treatment. Dental treatment is not cheap and with an insurance plan, you will be able to cover for the cost associated with the same. At the age of 65, you may sign up for Medicare, but it does not cover dental care or dental treatment. This means you will have to incur the cost out of your pocket.

    With the best dental plans for seniors, you may enjoy a comprehensive coverage in one policy. There are some procedures that you will receive for free and there are a few where you will have to share the expense with the insurance company. A dental insurance usually covers for cleanings and routine checkups.

    Discussed below are the top three dental plans for seniors:

    They offer a dental savings plan which is like a membership in a club. You will have to pay annual fees to be a part of the club and the plans offer various benefits, which are usually not a part of the traditional insurance plans. There is no paperwork and no annual caps with these plans. There are more than 30 plans available from brands that you may trust. The plans cover more than 100,000 dentists across the nation and they provide services at reduced fees.

    Spirit Dental & Vision
    You may choose from a wide range of plans that are priced anywhere between $36 to $74 per month. The total annual benefit may range from $1,200 to $5,000. Backed by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, they offer some of the best dental plans for seniors. Also, they offer plans that are specially curated for two people, which implies that you do not have to spend a hefty sum on a family plan.

    With numerous dental plans for seniors, this insurance provider offers a lot to choose from. Their plans are affordable and their annual fees are as low as $99 for one individual. They charge a small processing fee as well and are known for the discounted plans that they provide.

    Investing in a dental insurance plan is an important decision. Consider the coverage offered by the insurance provider and choose the one that fits your requirements and offers a comprehensive coverage, even if it costs slightly on the higher side as compared to the other plans.

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    5 Best Dental Insurance Providers in 2018

    It is important to invest in a dental insurance plan if you do not want to spend a fortune every time you visit the dentist. Dental treatments are not cheap and it helps to invest in a plan that provides a comprehensive dental coverage to you. Below is a list of the top five dental insurance providers in 2018:

    Delta Dental
    One of the best dental insurance providers, Delta Dental offers individual plans which have good value. The plans are flexible and you will be able to manage the claims online. The plans vary by the state and offer substantial savings as compared to preventive care. They also have policies which are ideal for families who need comprehensive dental care.

    Guardian Dental Care
    Guardian offers plans that cover the entire cost related to preventive exams, cleanings, and X-rays. In addition, they also handle sealants and orthodontics up to 19 years of age. It has excellent dental insurance plans which provide high value with regard to the premium you are required to pay. In addition, there is an online system you may use through a tablet or your phone.

    Humana Dental Care
    Humana is known as the best dental insurance company in the market. It offers plans that allow consumers to enjoy higher benefits with each passing year. It has a range of convenient online features and you may check the plans based on your requirements. The plans are comprehensive and easy to understand. They allow you to save money even with preventive care and you may handle your account conveniently on your smartphone.

    The global health and life insurance company offers a comprehensive dental coverage and covers the entire expenses of preventive dental care and orthodontia. Its plans are ideal for families and it covers the cost of examination, X-rays, and cleaning twice a year. If you have children or have plans of moving overseas, this is the plan for you.

    The plans cover the total cost of preventive exams and X-rays. It is a company with a large network and you may get an individual plan from them. The plans vary by state but do offer a comprehensive coverage for the same.

    It is important to invest in a quality dental insurance plan. Consider the top five insurance providers mentioned here and make the best choice. Keep your requirement in mind when deciding to choose a plan.

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    Essential Information to Know Before Applying for Free Grants

    Free grants are also known as scholarships which are given to individuals to help them fund their education and training. These scholarships are offered by schools, foundations, as well as not-for-profit organizations. Such grants are given to students who are excellent in academics or in athletics.

    Types of free grants
    In most cases, the grant money may be used for the purpose of payment for tuition and for books. However, there is another grant which is known as a Pell grant. It is given by the government to those students who come from a very low-income background. The grant is totally based on the amount of income the student and his/her family earns.

    There are many other free grants which include funding for infrastructure, housing, economic development, research, redevelopment, and community development. These grants have a strong positive impact on the community. There are some grants which do not have any restrictions while there are many which have restrictions. In case you are working on a project which falls within the guidelines of the grant, you are eligible to apply for free grants.

    What does a free grant cover?
    You might have a large funding requirement, but a free grant will only cover a portion of the project. Some grants cover about 10 to 20 percent of the project cost whereas there are some that may cover the entire cost. You need to understand what the grant will cover before you apply for free grants. The one good thing that you must keep in mind is that a free grant is not supposed to be paid back.

    How do you apply for free grants?
    There is a simple and straightforward procedure to apply for a grant. Begin with deciding the kind of grant you want. You may then fill up the online form, providing personal details followed by the type of funding you would like to have. Next, furnish the reason for your funding requirement and share details about the same. Whatever the purpose of the grant, you need to describe in detail as to how you will use the money. The purpose of the application is very important. Unless you are very clear about why you need the grant, you may not be able to get an approval for the same.

    Once you submit the online application form, the authorities will go through your case and decide whether to approve or decline your application.

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    Best Auto Insurance Quotes in Texas

    If you are looking for an auto insurance policy in Texas, it is essential to compare quotes from different companies so as to make a wise decision. Choosing the first company that comes along is not the best way of buying an auto insurance. There are a number of companies that will offer insurance services and you need to compare the features and the cost of the same before zeroing in on one. Auto insurance quotes in Texas are easily available online and have a simple and transparent procedure.

    Some of the most preferred car insurance companies in Texas are listed below:

    • Texas Farm Bureau
      As one of the cheapest insurance providers in Texas, they offer a general quote as well as an accurate quote based on your requirements. All you need to do is fill up the online form to get a quote and you may decide from there.
    • GEICO
      You may get your free car insurance quote from GEICO, which is known for offering the most competitive rates for insurance. You will be required to provide your personal details online and also provide additional information about the car and the garage, based on which you will receive a quote.
    • Progressive
      Millions of drivers trust Progressive auto insurance quotes in Texas. Known for offering the best value for the insurance, Progressive offers a comprehensive coverage and also allows you to customize a plan as per your needs. They have a range of plans you may choose from.
    • State Farm
      State Farm offers you and your family the best auto insurance at a great value. You may get the quote online and compare the same. They have more than 18,000 agents across the nation who help you get the best auto insurance quote in Texas.

    As mentioned above, there is no denying the fact that it is important to compare quotes before making a decision. You need to choose a comprehensive plan which allows you to customize the same. It does not make sense to choose a lower-priced plan which offers basic coverage. Even if the insurance cover costs more, but has a comprehensive and detailed coverage option, it is best to opt for it.

    Consider your preferences and needs before you choose a plan. Always keep in mind that the plan will protect you and your car on multiple occasions. So, the coverage should be your priority and not the cost.