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    Bathroom showerheads – The ultimate sanitary essentials

    Nothing can step up your mood as much as the accessories in the bathroom. A bathroom is where one can have a relaxing shower to rejuvenate the body after a long, tiring day. Similarly, there is no better way to start the day than with a nice, good quality bathroom showerhead releasing water to freshen you up. While fixed bathroom showerheads relieve you from the hassles of handling the equipment, handheld ones allow you to fulfill different bath requirements. Bathroom showerheads that are movable but also capable of being mounted on a base are highly preferred by customers.

    A bathroom showerhead is an equipment that contains a nozzle for dispensing water in the form of a shower. For those of you who do not believe in a bucket bath and swear by the pleasure of taking a shower, bathroom shower heads are more than just dcor accessories. Apart from providing a sleek look, they are essential to enhance the functionality of the bathroom. Sometimes, a hose is attached to a shower head for extra convenience during bathing. Bathroom showerheads come in different shapes and designs to satisfy varying sanitary requirements.

    • Fixed bathroom showerheads These are the most common form of bathroom showerheads typically found in traditional bathrooms. They are connected to a water pipeline inside the wall just like a regular water tap but at a significant height. Some of them may also be affixed to a ceiling wherein the water falls directly on the head of the individual with the help of gravity. Fixed bathroom showerheads are easy to attach to the already existing plumbing arrangements and do not require much alteration in the hardware.
    • Handheld bathroom showerheads While handsets use a hose for additional maneuverability, they can also be made to sit on a fixed platform just like a fixed bathroom showerhead. These can be converted to any form on any given day to fulfill different needs and uses.
    • Shower panel A panel comprises of numerous showerheads that are strategically placed to spray water on different parts of the body. You will find a shower panel in large, modern bathrooms that boast of state-of-the-art accessories. While most of the bathroom showerheads are fixed on the wall, one or two of them might allow some movement.
    • Adjustable bathroom showerheads These are equipped with control options that provide adjustments in the pressure of water. Adjustable showerheads that come with various settings and options can be modified as per individual bathing demands.

    Before buying a bathroom showerhead, it is advisable to measure the dimensions of the bathroom. All big brands send their personnel to help prospective customers in this regard who then suggest the right equipment for a safe shower experience.

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    The major aspects to calculate before shopping for a new bathroom faucet

    While shopping for bathroom sink faucets, there are several important aspects to decide. Be it the types, the finishes, the set-ups or latest technology trends. Some of the crucial sides are discussed for in-depth understanding so that you can decide on the desirable one.

    Faucet Types

    Go to the showroom where maximum finishes are shown on display, coordinate according to your place and decor of the bathroom. Don’t forget the additional details like the hardware, towel bar and lighting arrangement regarding this. If you are good at maintaining the interior, polished finishes are right for you, whereas brushed finishes work better in hiding the watermarks, spots as well as fingerprints.

    Make sure that your faucet matches with the hole openings of the sinks.

    • Single-hole faucets are favored where the spouts, as well as mixing handles, are combined into one unit which needs just one drilled hole in the sink. Smaller sinks in powder baths install this type of faucets as it reflects modern touch.
    • Centerset faucets are appropriate for three-hole sinks with the single lever as well as double handles. It’s very common for bathroom sinks.
    • Widespread mounts are installed with three parts such as two handles with a spout. This type is quite a chunkier piece.
    • Wall-mounted faucets are very much popular in case of free or vessel drop-in bathroom sinks which need more extended spouts.

    Technology Trends

    With today’s technology advancements, home and interior ideas also install modern technology. There are: ‘Touchless faucets’ and ‘Sanitizing’ faucets, which are best for kids when they go outside to play in dust, dirt, and mud. Ozone-activated antibacterial faucet injects an ozone flow into the water to kill germs. Besides, wall mount faucets, vessel sink faucets, and motion-activated faucets are quite visible in shopping malls and public places. Automatic on/off, stream regulation, as well as adjustable temperature features, are on the list of this motion-detected ones. Battery or AC power is needed for these faucets to function. There’s another technology-enabled faucet; it’s a self-driven motion activated one with refined motion-activation power and self-generated power system. Smaller turbine is powered by the water stream. Some brands produce and store the electricity for the functioning of infrared sensors to presume motion. Laminar flow is another technology to enable soft and smooth water stream. To make the stream lighter, aerators induce air to the flow and the resultant bubbles transform the flow into frothy white in appearance. In case of laminar flow, numerous small and parallel water-sheets are generated for causing transparent and uninterrupted water flow. This doesn’t splash while washing hands or other things.


    Usually, the style and design concentrate on the part of the spout. As per the present introductions, spouts allow water with thin tubes, rollercoaster arches as well as down open chutes. For enabling movement of arms and hands, articulated faucets are introduced in bathroom sinks. Sturdy, polished nickel or brushed finishes are popular. Choose as per the decor of the bathroom.

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    Useful tips on choosing the best bathroom vanity

    The bathroom vanity is an essential part of the bathroom space, whether you are looking to install a new sink or get a new cabinet; there are some guidelines to remember to get the best bathroom vanities. When looking to purchase bathroom vanity, there are a large number of options in the market. However, there are few tips which might help make a good purchasing decision when visiting the hardware store for the next house upgrade.

    Know the style

    Always be clear about the style and design that you are looking for in the bathroom space. Whether it is a sleek and clean look with minimalist design or a chicer and trendy look? In case there is some confusion about the type of style and particular design, it is always a good idea to browse the web or visit the local bathroom hardware store to find out what is more appealing for the setup.

    Before purchasing a bathroom vanity, it is requisite to know how it will fall into place with the bathroom space. The bathroom vanity style and design should always compliment the entire look of the bathroom and not look odd.

    Consider the need

    At first, a first-time purchaser of bathroom vanities might get more confused by the look of the vanity than its need. A good bathroom vanity should not only be stylish and practical but also cater to the need of all those who will be using the bathroom on a daily basis.

    Double sinks might be a popular option for families, but for a single person, even pedestal vanity would work wonders. Always be aware of the storage space that would be needed to keep the bathroom accessories.

    Required space

    Always be aware of the amount of space that is available in the bathroom to fit in the vanity. Keeping this in mind, choose an appropriate size for shopping the best vanity including the correct width and depth. This will help ensure that when a new cupboard, bathroom mirrors or drawer is purchased, it provides enough room without being a distraction. In case the bathroom space is small then choose a wall-mounted vanity to give more space. On the contrary, if you have space, then select an enlarged vanity to store towels and other bathroom accessories. Always remember that corner-mounted vanities are the perfect choice for small bathrooms.

    Basin and Taps

    Once the basin size has been decided upon, think about the position of the basins. Usually, basins are found in semi-recessed, under or above counter positions. Always be sure about the look of the basin required for the bathroom space. The basin should be completely functional and fulfill the needs of the family members.

    Having stylish tapware will also provide the opportunity to showcase an unbeatable style statement. These are available in various sizes and styles so be sure to research a lot to get the best option in the decided price range.

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    Why you should buy bathroom holders

    Nowadays, home decor is gaining immense importance among home buyers. It is an excellent way of showcasing your personality and building an impressive image when guests are home. But, apart from decorating other areas of your house, a bathroom is also an important place, which you should avoid. A good bathroom reflects the standard your living and provides comfort to your guests as well.

    Keep one thing in your mind; a dirty and untidy bathroom can ruin all your efforts, which you have put into decorating your house. Maintaining a tidy bathroom is not an expensive if you choose the right way.

    The bathroom accessories are one of the best ways, which can help you to decorate your bathroom within a budget. When it comes to bathroom accessories, the bathroom holders and bathroom shelves are two most important things that you should buy for your bath area. Apart from maintaining a tidy bathroom, there are many reasons available for purchasing bathroom holders and shelves instead of other bathroom accessories.

    Such As!


    The bathroom holders and bathroom shelves come at an affordable price range as compared to other things. You will find a wide range of bathroom accessories at different price range. But, the bathroom holders are one of the most reasonable bathroom accessories that you should own. The affordable price of bathroom holders never put an extra burden on your wallet.

    Provide free space-

    The best thing about buying bathroom holders is that they never grab any extra space in your bathroom. Either they can fit at the walls, behind the doors or wherever you want to install. You can use these holders to hang a wet towel or use as a toilet paper holder. They provide ease of use and help you to make everything organized.

    Easy to install-

    Yes, there is no doubt that installing bathroom shelves and holders is an easy task. You can even do it on your own. You don’t have to take help of professionals in installing these accessories in your bathroom if you have enough instruments. The bathroom holders come with an easy installing process while being reasonably priced.

    No need for maintenance-

    Everything requires maintenance after a time. But, when it comes to bathroom holders and shelves, you don’t have to take special care. Yes, little maintenance may be needed in some cases. But, apart from this, these accessories are free from maintenance and come with a long life. So, yes it is a one-time investment.

    These are few important reasons for buying bathroom holders and bathroom shelves. You can take help of both accessories to add perfection to your bathroom.

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    The guide to choose the perfect faucet

    Whether you are revamping your bath or constructing a new one, the right faucets can add just the touch of luxury and glamour, which you are aiming for. However, selecting the perfect bathroom faucet is no cakewalk. Here’s a list of things you need to know before buying a bathroom faucet.

    Budget: There is a wide variation in the prices of faucets depending on their quality. You don’t want to be stuck with a poor quality product just because it was available at throwaway prices. Go for reliable brands which have a well-established presence in the market.

    Quality: In the long run, faucets made from solid brass are the most reliable. They can resist corrosion and withstand variations in water temperature and alkalinity.

    Faucet configuration

    • Centerset: A centerset configuration typically implies three holes on the sink with a spread of around four inches. In some models, the handles and spout are connected together in a single compact structure. This works well for small sinks with limited space. Specially designed single-handle faucets, which come with a bottom plate can also be mounted on a 3-hole centerset configuration.
    • Widespread: This configuration features two independent handles and a separate spout mounted on three separate holes. It is more suitable, if you have sufficient space on the sink and countertop. The handles in this spread are usually six inches apart.
    • Wall-mounted units: These faucets spring from the wall behind the sink. They will draw the water supply contained within the wall. Before opting for wall-mounted faucets, consider the existing plumbing in your bathroom. Further, the spout should have an adequate height and depth so that the water does not skid off the edges.
    • A single-hole faucet: It features the spout and a single handle or two handles in one compact unit.

    If you’re just replacing an existing bathroom, you may have to stick to the existing configuration or find one that is compatible with the number of holes in the sink.

    Style: Go for styles that are in harmony with interiors of your bathroom. While keeping up with trends is good, it won’t serve you well to overlook the functional aspects.

    Finish: Taking time to decide on the exterior finish is as important as considering the style or design of the faucet. You have a range of choice including nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, gold and stainless steel available in various shades. Again, you can have a matte exterior or a polished one to match your personal style.

    Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

    • Add a touch of chic by mixing up classic vintage bath fittings with contemporary faucets.
    • You can use more than one finish that complements one another in the same bathroom.
    • Faucets in neutral colors blend with almost any other color in your bathroom.
    • Soap residue or depositions are more visible in darker shades.
    • PVD finishes are one of the longest lasting and reliable finishes.

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    Know your bathroom faucets inside out

    For a regular buyer, selecting a bathroom faucet is usually limited to style elements. We huddle over design manuals and debate about the finish, but are usually less concerned about what goes inside of a faucet. Most of us find the specs difficult to understand, so we just skim over this essential part. In this article, our aim is to simplify the valve construction to enable you to make a well-informed decision.

    The make of the valve is not only important from the point of view of durability, but it is also essential for hassle-free day-to-day use. Most standard quality faucets are made from brass, plated with chrome or PVD to render them resistant to corrosion. Over the years, faucet technology has moved in the direction of lead-free construction. It is increasingly being replaced by bismuth.
    It is always better to check the installation manual while purchasing a new faucet. This gives you a good idea about the plumbing essentials and the ease with which the faucet can be installed in your bathroom.

    The valve controls the flow of water from the faucet making it the most important part of the faucet mechanism. There are four kinds of valves, which can be used in bathroom faucets.

    • Compression valve faucets: This basic valve design features a screw that compresses a rubber washer to regulate the flow of water. Usually, separate handles are provided for cold water and hot water. It is very common for this type of valve to wear out with continuous use. The rubber washer losses its elasticity or is snipped by the edges of the screw. Leakage and replacements are frequent in this kind of valve design.
    • Ball valves: They feature movable slots to control the mixing of hot and cold water. When you twist or turn the handle, the opening to the slots is changed, which in turn determines the amount of water flowing through them. Ball valves are usually used in faucets sporting a single handle.
    • Cartridge valves: This valve design comprises two concentric cylindrical cartridges of varying diameters. When you turn the faucet handle, you are actually moving the cartridges relative to each other. Rubber O-rings are used to control the flow of water. Cartridge valves are fairly reliable and durable in the long run.
    • Ceramic disc valves: These consist of two specially designed ceramic disks, which slide against each other to control the flow of water through them. Although ceramic disc faucets are expensive in comparison to other kinds of valves, they require the least maintenance and are the most durable.

    Control options
    Handles and levers are more yesterday; now bathroom faucets boast of a variety of sophisticated controls.

    • Hands-free operation: A motion sensor built-in to the faucet regulates the flow and temperature of water.
    • Touch-sensitive: Much like your smartphones, this technology activates by a simple touch or tap anywhere on the faucet.

    Apart from these, you can also go for cross handles, joysticks, knobs push buttons or lever handles.