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    A List of the Best Mattresses Rated by Consumer Reports

    Eight hours of sleep daily is able to help refresh the body so that one can start an active and productive day. But on waking up, one feels more tired because of the back pain and is in no working mood. The sad part is that back pain hinders daily activities and leads to bad health. Most of us don’t consider mattresses as a cause of these health issues. To make sure that mattresses don’t give you spine issues, you should purchase a mattress is adjustable according to your sleeping posture and evenly distributes your body weight. It is advisable to read reviews and features of a mattress before making a purchase.

    To make it easier, we have come up with a list of the best-rated mattress by consumer reports:

    The Original Mattress Factory
    The Original Mattress Factory is one of the best mattress brands and almost always, the first choice of customers. They make their own innerspring and foam mattresses and sell in nine states from their original stores. Their exchange policy is active until one year after purchase, but they don’t accept returns. These are some features that make it one of the best-rated mattresses according to consumer reports:

    • It provides a cool sleep solution.
    • It offers good resilience.
    • It is made using superior materials.

    Sleep Number® Mattresses
    Customers rate Sleep Number® as the best mattress for comfortable and cool sleep because of its adjustable air beds with DualAir technology. This lets consumers set a degree of firmness on each side of the bed and is rated highly for overall sleep satisfaction. These are some features which make it a part of our list of the best mattresses rated by consumer reports:

    • It allows great motion transfer.
    • The mattresses are easy to hold and clean.
    • It offers brilliant edge support.

    Tempur-Pedic® is rated as the top specialty mattresses brand by consumer reports. It offers a wide range of sleep products includes sheets, pillows, and mattresses online. Their products are popular for providing sleep comfort and are quite advanced in design and materials. Tempur-Pedic® mattresses are created using data and science that make it a part of our best-rated mattresses by consumer reports.

    • It is quite firm which offers comfortable sleep.
    • It provides respectable edge support.
    • It also offers brilliant motion transfer capability.

    Tuft & Needle
    Tuft & Needle is one of the best rated and appreciated mattresses according to consumer reports. Besides comfortable foam, gel, and quality memory foam, Tuft & needle is famous for its return policy. If you want to return a mattress, the company will work with you to donate it to a local charity and after donation, the whole amount you paid will be refunded. Its best features are:

    • It has no complaints about bad odor.
    • It has the ability to shift body weight according to a particular sleep position.
    • It provides excellent motion isolation.

    Simmons Mattresses
    Simmons presents a unique combination of base foam, memory foam, and gel which ensures excellent sleep quality. It includes Beautyrest, Beauty rest Black®, ComforPedic and TruEnergy as its main mattress product lines. The following features of these mattresses make it stand out in the list:

    • It offers brilliant motion transfer capability.
    • The mattresses are very easy to hold and clean.
    • It is engineered using superior materials.

    Sleeping on a good mattress has the ability to reduce your back pain and spine problems. Make sure to compare the size, layers, foam, and gel before buying a new mattress. Be sure if a particular mattress suits your sleeping postures and does not trouble your partner while sleeping. Therefore, it’s a necessity to purchase a mattress that can adjust to your body weight and also give you comfort in all sleeping postures without causing any chronic pain. The above-mentioned mattresses are designed keeping all the factors in mind to give a desirable contour that adjusts to your sleeping position so that you do not feel any back pain.

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    A Guide to the Best Rated Mattresses by Consumer Reports

    You come from a tough day at work hoping that the night’s rest will rejuvenate you to face the challenges of the next day. But when you wake up, your body aches. What could be the reason? Stress?

    Think a bit deeper.

    Does your mattress give you comfort? Maybe not. Because not all mattresses suit your sleeping position. So before choosing a mattress, you should ensure that it gives you comfort. It can be really confusing to decide the right mattress for your requirements because of the sheer variety and options available in the market.

    Therefore, to buy the best mattress, you should consider a guide to the best mattresses rated by consumer reports.

    The following are the best-rated mattresses according to consumer reports:

    Casper Mattresses
    Casper is one of the big names in this industry which offers a wide range of sleep products includes sheets, pillows, and mattresses online. These features make it number one on the list of the best-rated mattresses according to consumer reports:

    • Casper Mattresses are made of four layers of foam for better relief of back pain.
    • The cover is 100% polyester, which is soft and breathable too.
    • The comfort layer is 1.5 inches, which helps in getting comfortable sleep.

    One more reason why customers rate it as one of the best mattresses is that you can get 100-days of trial for free, and the brand has no-hassle returns. For them, consumers are their top priority, therefore they provide free shipping service for all their online purchases.

    Denver Mattresses
    Denver Mattresses is a regional seller with online as well as offline stores in about 30 states. They are popular for having their own manufacturing unit which makes them provide alternative bedding options such as Visco, Latex, Internal Massager that can be a lifesaver for someone, and therefore it is number two on our list of the best-rated mattresses by consumer reports:

    • It offers good resilience.
    • It has limited pressure and provides pain relief potential.
    • Denver Mattresses are quite affordable and easily accessible.

    Novaform Mattress
    Novaform Mattress uses a combination of base foam, gel, and memory foam which provides a cool sleep solution. They have a huge range of mattresses such as Plush, Altabella with twenty-year minimum warranty. Their mattresses have proven to distribute body weight for all-night comfort and sleep. According to consumer reports, these mattresses are rated as one of the best for the following reasons:

    • It is considered as most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers.
    • It gives firmness and lack of heat buildup.
    • It is designed to reduce pressure at 7 key pressure points.

    Sealy Mattresses
    Choosing the best mattress for a particular sleep position is a headache for consumers. Sealy mattresses are 12 inches high, and it is good at muting vibrations. They are known for their excellence and reliable materials, and it takes a top position in consumer reports about the best mattresses with following features:

    • It allows good motion transfer.
    • It is engineered using superior materials.
    • It gives firmness to prevent back pain.

    Serta Mattresses
    Serta mattress models range from low priced mattresses to premium mattresses that provide great value. It is perfect for most sleepers, and it is fairly advanced in terms of design and materials. It minimizes pressure and increases sleep quality for consumers. There is no requirement of topper in these mattresses.

    • It has good durability.
    • It allows greater motion isolation.
    • These mattresses are easy to lift and handle.

    Mattresses are one of the most beneficial products which assist people in having a better sleep at night so that they can return to their ventures with a fresh mind every morning. So, you should be very choosy while selecting a mattress, and browse through all options such as foam, gel, and memory foam. The mattresses should adjust to your body and should suit your sleeping position. With the right matress, you won’t be bothered by recurring back pain.

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    Know More about RV Furniture

    Furniture plays a major role in a home. All of us wish to have good quality furniture. Apart from that, it must match up with our home decor. RV Furniture offers great quality furnishings which provides customized special items like tables, chairs, and other furniture items. A variety of products are manufactured by RV Furniture with skilled workmanship. You can completely enjoy the quality of furniture by RV for a long period of time. From modern-day and classic styles, RV Furniture helps users to choose the correct pieces. A number of designs are available which can give you a comfortable feel in your home.

    Let us look at some pieces of RV Furniture in detail:

    Classic RV Table
    This classic table is best quality furniture which you can purchase at around $330. You can easily assemble this table at your home as holes are pre-drilled as well as lined up. The component part comes up with rubber feet attached. The size of Classic RV Table is 27W X 36L X 30H and you can expand it up to 48L. This piece is made with solid hardwood and can be customized according to the ordered size. The styling of this table is amazing and the finishing is beautiful. It is a popular table design by RV Furniture. The best feature is that it can be expanded according to your space.

    Slab Table with Trestle Base
    Fill the empty space or a corner with the Slab Table with Trestle Base. The price of this table is approximately $229.00. Size of Slab Table with Trestle Base is 26W X 43L X 30H. It is an efficient table which helps you to utilize space in a better way. Solid hardwoods are used in this piece which makes it solid and long-lasting.

    Contemporary Mini-Up Coffee Table
    Mini Coffee tables look beautiful when you put them in the middle or any corner of the room. The size of this table is 21W X 26L X 16H. Also, you can extend the height of the Contemporary Mini-Up Coffee Table to 26 1/4″. You can purchase this coffee table by spending roughly $248.00. This table is very useful when you have to serve snacks on the couch or you have to entertain guests. You can put this table in any place. It is adjustable hence you can put it over the bed, couch or any other location. This table is made on order with solid hardwood according to your preferred size.

    Classic Pie End Table
    Classic Pie End Table is built with solid hardwoods. The market price of this table is around $109.50. Size of this table is 16W X 20L X 16H. The sturdy construction of this table assure the users of years of utility. It is designed in such a way that it can fit in between two tips at any angle. You can put this table on one side to keep your regular things closer. This small table does not take up a lot of space. If you want a small table for your room then this is the best deal.

    Classic Folding Dinette Chair
    The price of the Classic Folding Dinette Chair is approximately $134.40. Its size is 19H X 16D X 16W. You can easily store this chair anywhere. The cushioned seat is completely comfortable. The collapsed size of this chair is 8 ½”. Modern-day dinette chairs are found in different shapes and frequently they are slim. Classic Folding Dinette Chair makes a place immediately feel more stylish. Dining rooms become beautiful with these chairs. The chairs can fit in a small space too. Just like an ordinary chair, these chairs are made of solid wood. Also, you can customize the size of the chair according to your space. Various shapes and designs are offered by RV Furniture.

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    5 Unique Pieces by RV Furniture

    RV Furniture is a trusted name offering best quality furniture as well as design. They are committed towards their work and their innovative designs make them different from other furniture companies. There are many customers who need old-fashioned and unique furniture, and RV Furniture offers a wide range of traditional designs. RV Furniture delivers the best quality to its customers. Their present-day products are accessible from dealers as well. Also, they love to customize the furniture according to the need of their customers.

    One big problem which commonly faced by the users is limited space, but with RV Furniture this problem is solved as they offer customized products which fit in the required space. The price of the furniture depends on the style and quality of the wooden piece. RV Furniture designs the pieces according to the requirement. You can use furniture made by RV Furniture for both indoor as well as outdoor uses.

    Let us look at some products offered by RV Furniture in detail:

    Oval Pedestal Table
    Oval Pedestal Table comes up with an 18 x 18 base. You can purchase this table at around $334.00. Size of Oval Pedestal Table is 27W X 36L X 30H and you can expand this piece up to 48 long. This marvelous Oval Pedestal RV Dining Table looks perfect in your dining room. This table consists of a self-contained, split leaf which uses double acting glides to expand the table length from 36″ to 48″. The 18″ x 18″ base of Oval Pedestal Table is meant to stand on the floor correctly.

    Space Saver Table
    Size of this table is 27W X 30L X 30H and users can expand it to 40″. Usually, most tables are quite expensive, but you can purchase this piece by paying approximately $269.00. Space Saver Table consists of a simple pull out leaf which helps to extend the size of the table. Solid hardwood is used to make the Space Saver Table. For a well-designed area, the right choice of furniture is necessary as it extends the visual appeal of a space. You can easily use this table as it is handy and small. You can even put this one beside your bed as a nightstand.

    Classic Mini Up Coffee Table
    The cost of this coffee table is around $248.00. It is 21W X 26L X 16H in size. You can customize this table according to your space. You can put this table beside a bed, or on the couch as its small size is its great benefit. Offering snacks to guests becomes easy with the Classic Mini Up Coffee Table. You can easily clean this table too. This table supports bodily comfort as you do not feel any difficulty while using it.

    Contemporary Pie End Table
    This tables can be set up at any angle. The size of this table is 16W X 20L X 16H. The market value of the Contemporary Pie End Table is approximately $94.50. It is one of the most inexpensive tables in the market. You can freely put your things on this table, and set a relaxing atmosphere in your room. You can place this beside your bed or any other place, as it easily adjusts in any space. Also, it is made of good quality wood, therefore, it offers great durability.

    Classic Dinette Chair
    You can purchase this chair for around $107.50. You can choose your fabric accordingly to customize this chair. People usually want that their dining room to look superb, hence with the Classic Dinette Chair, you can customize it according to your needs. The size of this chair is 19H X 16D X 16W. A thick foam padding is used in this chair, and it is constructed with solid wood which makes it long-lasting.

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    Things You Never Knew about Bed Mattresses

    After having a stressful day, if you did not have a mattress to fall back, you would never get to recharge and prepare yourself for the next day. The contribution of a mattress is immeasurable in our lives but still, people do not know much about it.

    Get a new bed if you toss and turn too much
    Tossing and turning are one of the signs that you are not getting comfortable sleep and this might be due to an ill-fitted spring in your mattress. Or, you might be allergic to the components of the bed or mattress that has been giving you sleepless nights. The firm mattresses from Saatva Mattress, Sleep Number®, or Purple can sure do justice to your sleep.

    Look for flame-proof mattresses
    Federal law has regulated certain guidelines on flammability which every mattress manufacturer must adhere. As per the regulations, the bed must be able to bear an open flame for thirty seconds. The main reason behind regulation is that in past years, there have been numerous cases of fire accidents due to cigarette and candles. The firm mattresses from Saatva Mattress, Sleep Number®, and Purple will surely adhere to these guidelines.

    Dust mites exist
    If you use any type of fabric, cloth or mattress, dust mites always exist in your home and everywhere. The number of living dust mites cannot be measured, and they are everywhere including on the carpet. Feeding on dead skin cells, they do not possess any threat to spread diseases. However, they increase the risk of asthma and allergies.

    • You should change your pillows every year or every six months.
    • Understanding the fact that many people may be prone to allergies, mattress manufacturers like Purple use advanced technology that can never trigger allergic behaviors in people. However, in order to get rid of the parasites and allergies from the pillows, you can wash the covers with hot water once a week.

    Price always matters
    When you are buying a mattress with advanced technology, the price can be a little higher than regular products. This is why you should always compare before buying as you can save loads of money. If you visit the online stores of the branded firm mattresses such as Sleep Number®, you can check out the exciting offers.

    • The mattress at Purple is available from approximately $999 where you get to avail free shipping,
    • The price of Saatva Queen starts at around $899, and the shipping charge varies from places to places.

    Know about your mattress brand
    It is important for every buyer to get knowledge of the manufacturing company and its products. If you are buying a bed or a firm mattress for the first time, you might have come across many brands like Sleep Number®, Saatva, and Purple that promise to improve your night’s sleep and maintain a healthy life.

    • If you focus on Sleep Number®, you will know that apart from comfortable beds, the organization provides mattress pads and layers, duvets and skirts, kids’ bedding and blankets as well as comforters.
    • Unlike the former brand, Purple, only offers innovative mattresses, sheets, and platform base. Moreover, the manufacturing company uses cutting-edge technology of hyper-elastic polymer to give you a good night’s slumber.
    • In order to get a plush soft and luxurious mattress, Saatva Mattress is your ultimate destination. Even if you prefer a firm mattress that is not hard, you can visit the store to get the right kind of sleeping accessory.

    Everyone should be aware of the fact that the mattresses are recyclable and anyone can contact the manufacturing companies to know the procedure of recycling. You can use the wood bed as a fuel source, the springs can be used for other purpose and fabrics can always be recycled.

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    Saatva Mattress, Purple, and Sleep Number – Which One to Choose

    Technology has been able to offer fruitful results in every domain of human lives and in recent time, it has reached out to provide the utmost level of comfort through mattresses as well. Various mattress brands have been emerging in the country’s markets to offer the ultimate level of comfort, coziness, and firmness to people who suffer from sleepless nights due to insomnia. Moreover, in order to know which brand can cater to your sleeping requirements, you should compare various brands to get the real picture.

    Sleep Number®
    Sleep Number® has received much recognition due to its air beds that can be adjusted as per your needs. You can change the support and firmness of the bed that you can offer you ultimate comfort only through a remote control.

    • The 360® smart beds and classic series have gained much popularity due to the advanced technology used in them. By using the 360® Smart Beds, you are offered FlexFit™ base which can be adjusted. Moreover, the SleepIQ® technology lets you track your night’s sleep with the score.
    • The beds with dual air chambers are ideal for the couples as every user can make bed adjustments as per their preference.
    • Each section of the bed comes with a different price range and the basic model starts at around $899. However, the smart beds can cost up to $4,999 because of the cutting-edge technology used in them.
    • The company offers you a free trial where you can get uninterrupted 100 nights of sleep.

    Saatva Mattress
    The key features of this brand make the products stand out from the crowd as sleepers are provided with luxury firm, plush soft, and firm mattress.

    • People who prefer to feel enveloped in linens and bed, plush soft mattress just can be the right thing for them.
    • Saatva’s luxury firm is for the people who switch positions too often while sleeping. Additionally, getting a hotel-like luxurious mattress is now available in your bedroom.
    • Sleepers who tend to sleep on their stomach or back can consider using the firm mattress from Saatva Mattress. Mostly, healthcare professionals recommend sleeping on firm mattresses to avoid the risk of back pain or other physical conditions.

    The hyper-elastic Polymer™ technology used in the mattress makes sure that the mattress has a free air flow feature. Additionally, the Sleep Cool option can relax and calm your mind so that you can naturally get 8 hours of sleep. Durability, non-toxic, and allergen-resistant are other features that offer you an impeccable experience through the products of Purple.

    • The unique components such as a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ or top-layer of the mattress offer pressure relief and bounciness.
    • The other layer is made of polyester-lycra, viscose, and polyester that make the mattress breathable.
    • The mattresses are similar to latex mattress which has the feature of cool sleeping along with springing back in a jiffy.

    Bottom Line
    Saatva Mattress, Sleep Number®, and Purple may serve the same purpose but different technology is used in them. If you like to adjust every bed setting, then Sleep Number® can be the ideal option for you. In addition to the context, for pressure-relief and relaxation, Purple has the premium quality mattress to offer. On the contrary, the firm mattresses of Saatva have a thicker comfort layer than Purple.

    • The construction of each mattress is different and this leads to various kinds of level of touch and feel.
    • Saatva can be the ideal choice if you prefer a traditional and firm mattress over the modern ones. The large mattress has an unbelievable comfort layer.
    • The 100 nights free trial offer is available for Sleep Number® and Purple which can enable the buyers to understand how the pressure relief or comfort layer work against their bodies.
    • If you have an irregular sleeping pattern, then SleepIQ® technology used in the 360® Smart Beds of Sleep Number® can offer to track your deep sleep pattern. Additionally, the scoring method can help you understand whether your sleeping pattern has improved.
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    6 Reasons Why You May Need to Replace Your Furniture

    Furniture is one of the essential components that complete a home environment efficiently. Moreover, furniture is required in every step of our lives such as for sleeping, dining and relaxing, you need beds, table and chairs, and sofas respectively. From basic to luxurious purposes, each task in our lives is executed with the help of furniture. However, if you are still wondering why you should add some new furniture to your home, consider a few of these vital aspects to complete your home’s look.

    Renovate your home on your own
    People often go to interior decorators to renovate their living space; however, instead of spending money on the decorators, you can browse through the collection of at a Sears furniture outlet. The addition of new bedroom furniture sets or living room furniture sets can accentuate the entire environment of your household.

    • For bedroom furniture sets, the Sears furniture outlet offers beds with an innovative and unique Queen style.
    • The signature table and chairs by designers can give you the royal experience of enjoying a hearty meal with your family.
    • 3-piece sectionals from the Sears furniture outlet can remove mundane and vacant spots from your home.

    If you want to get new electronic devices
    When you are buying a gaming console or a new desktop computer, you will need of a gaming chair or revolving chair. A proper seating arrangement can help take you to the virtual gaming world. If you are not comfortable with your chair or couch while playing games, you can start losing the games too. Just like a gaming chair, a comfortable sofa set in front of the television is essentially required to enjoy your favorite movie with your loved ones.

    If you have worn out furniture
    As nothing lasts forever in the world, furniture is no exception either. As time passes, the color of the furniture fades away, and the rigorous use by children and pets can show adverse signs against the well-polished wood. If you observe that the furniture cannot be used for other purposes, then take the wood of the furniture for fuel. You can then go to a Sears furniture outlet to find replacement pieces. However, if only springs are damaged, you can change the parts in order to keep using it for some more time.

    If you need more comfortable furniture
    After dealing with critical tasks throughout the day, comfort is the only thing that you seek. A piece of furniture like a sofa set pilled up with cozy cushions can give you sheer comfort within seconds. For relaxation purpose, there can never be any other replacement. Moreover, at a Sears furniture outlet, you can check out pieces of furniture have come with the latest technology to enhance your day to day life.

    Natural calamities
    Earthquake, fires or floods can damage your furniture and erode its quality. Due to severe damage to the pieces of furniture, they become fragile and start to show signs of decay. You can rescue your luxurious furniture out of the home, but this is not an easy task during sudden calamities. Hence, you are left with the choice of purchasing new furniture that can do justice to your home. Sears furniture outlets offer great deals on furniture, allowing you to replace any damaged pieces.

    Maintaining harmony
    Tranquility and peace are what people look for when they enter their homes. And if a house lacks the components that enable tranquility, then it does not feel like a home anymore. This is why it is a well-known fact that you need pieces of furniture such as a rocking chair to ponder about life, 3-piece sectional to have a gala time with family, coffee table to host a discussion with your book club or kitchen countertops to store all your pickles and guilty-pleasure foods.

    Hence, it can be discerned that the role of furniture in our lives is more than valuable and nothing else can never take its place.