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    5 comfortable downhill ski boots for you

    No matter how experienced you are, a comfortable boot changes everything. Cold, wet and painful feet will ruin a good day. Ill-fitting boots will not transfer the energy to the skis and will, in turn, harm your performance. The latest boots on the market are now designed to be very foot friendly. They have customized liners and heat customizable shells. The following are a few ski gear picks and ski gear reviews for the best downhill ski boots.

    • Lange RX 120: This is for advanced skiers looking for the ultimate in performance. Inspired by their race RS boots, which is seen in the burly 4 buckles, power strap, the Lange is a stiff, and aggressive boot. It makes everyone happy; demanding skiers, racers, serious up comers and just about everyone. The RX adds flair to the downhill performance. It is a real deal if you can afford it since it won’t be found in ski gear clearance sale or under ski gear deals or in end-of-the-season ski gear sales.
    • Tecnica Mach 1 130: These boots are built to match the shape of your foot. They have customized liner and shell and are all-rounders. They have a natural stance, excellent power transfer which no 130 or 120 stiff models can give the Lange RX a run for its money.
    • Salomon X Pro 100: Recent innovation in boot technology has led to advances in safety, heat moldable shell. It gives 90% comfort. This boot is a favorite; it is called a 360-degree custom boot that can be manipulated in all directions. The rest of X Pro has a downhill focus with plush liner, solid support, and smooth flex. This boot is a great choice for advancing intermediate skiers.
    • Dalbello Panterra 130 I.D: This is a great boot for skiers who cover the entire mountain and downhill. This boot is made of a slick 3-piece shell.  The lower portion is super stiff for greater transfer of power. The upgraded I.D. liners are comfortable, light, and resistant to packing out.
    • Nordica Speedmachine 100: Nordica boots are famous for comfort, and Speedmachine 100 is no exception. The boot is priced at $400, which is among the higher ski gear prices. It has warm PrimaLoft insulation and offers a fantastic customized fit. The Speedmachine 100 is a great option for lightweight or intermediate skiers. Nordica is a great alternative to Salomon X Pro. Comfort is not an issue with the Speedmachine. These are downhill ski boots where the customized look has appeal for even casual skiers.
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    Carolina Boots – Added benefit icons and advanced features

    When your work is hard enough, you don’t need the added frustration of a pair of boots that give nothing but sole pain and blisters on your feet. Carolina Boots manufactures boots with graded technology and add their own idea that ensures footwear with comfortable sole (and other added safety benefits) which do not make feet pain due to wearing them all day long.

    Here are some added benefit icons and technological features added by Carolina boots:

    Slip resisting
    he icon speaks for itself. These ensure that the soles designed and constructed meet the standard for slip resistance.

    This icon provides varying levels of protection against the cold weather. This depends upon the amount of insulating fabric that is used.

    Flame felt lining
    One of the most helpful feature in a Carolina boot, The flame felt lining provides excellent mechanical and heat resistance. They are made of a blend of Kevlar Para-Aramid and carbon fibers.

    Kevlar stitching
    The thread of Kevlar stitching provides flame and heat resistance.

    This is Carolina’s exclusive proprietary that ensures excellent waterproofing of the boot.

    Made in the USA
    Last but not the least the most important icon- Manufacturing facility icon. Carolina boots are manufactured in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

    Some advanced Carolina features include:

    Carolina Contourical Internal MET
    Newly introduced, this internal metguard is a unique combination of asymmetrically shaped polyurethane guard and a plastic shield designed to fit the distinct contours of both feet.

    Pillow cushion 2
    Successor to pillow cushion, these ensure footwear cushioning that is designed to provide maximum anatomical support and comfort with a polyurethane midsole.

    Gore-Tex is a separate waterproof bootie that fits inside a boot. This keeps the water and the wind out, letting your feet breathe at the same time.

    Recognized for its high performance products used in rugged outdoor and service footwear, Vibram has the octagonal label that is the registered trademark of vibram S.p.A, Italy. In the U.S it is licensed manufactured by Quabaug Corporation, North Brookfield MA.

    Thinsulate (Insulation)
    Using microfibers that trap dead air and also do not absorb water, this technology helps keep the feet warm even in damp conditions. Thinsulate is a trademark of 3M.

    It is a textured and a rugged fabric lining that is good in moisture wicking.

    Ortholete deluxe
    It is a 4 layer multi-density footbed that is light-weighted and has a long-lasting cushioning, breathability.

    So, the next time you are buying Carolina boots, Looks for these tags and icons which will help you differentiate fake from real Carolina boots and are also a mark of safety and comfort assurance.

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    4 Red Wings boots for the woman on-the-go

    Red Wings is mostly known to make sturdy boots for extreme work conditions in construction, mining, mechanical, forestry, oil and gas industry, mining and so on. All-weather tough boots have been the core products of Red Wings since the World Wars. The most preferred brand among the working class, Red Wings has recently started to diversify into athletic and regular-wear boots.

    Historically, Red Wings has been known to make boots exclusively for men. However, they started making shoes for women from the 1920s. Marketed as Indispensable footwear for independent women, these high-endurance Red Wings boots were made to be stylish as well as durable, sticking true to the Red Wings tradition. Here are 4 of the best picks of Red Wings boots for women. These boots are very versatile; they can be worn in any season and with any outfit and ensemble.

    1. Clara: The Clara is Red Wings bestseller boots for women. These heeled boots were inspired by Red wings first women’s boot called the Gloria. The Clara has been adapted from the old-school classic moc toe boots. These boots have stacked heels made of genuine leather and have a three-quarter Goodyear welt that ensures that the boots endure for many years. The Red Wings Clara boots are available in Oro Legacy Leather, Black Boundary Leather and Amber Harness Leather

    2. Lillian: These ankle boots from Red Wings have been inspired by classic chukka boots that were originally designed for men who were involved in lighter indoor work. These boots have a velvety look-and-feel. This velvety sheen is due to the buffing of the top surface which is made of full grain leather. These Red Wings boots go with skirts, skinny jeans, as well as dresses. The Lillian is available in Charcoal Chinook Leather, Beige Pampas Leather and Cognac Excalibur Leather.

    3. Carol: The Carol is the perfect pair of boots for the woman on-the-go. These Red Wings boots can be easily worn by just sliding the feet in the boots; no lacing or tucking required. These have elastic gusset that fit snugly and keep the feet in place while allowing easy wearing and removing of the boots. Also called Chelsea boots or Romeo, the Carol is inspired by a Red Wings women boot’s design from their 1938 catalog. The Carol is available in Amber Harness Leather, Black Boundary Leather and Oro Legacy Leather.

    4. Short Engineer: With low heels and wide ankles, Red Wings Short Engineer boots were originally designed for railroad workers. These boots are simple and have minimum stitching. Similar to the Carol, the short Engineer does not require any lacing or tucking. They can be easily worn and taken off without any effort. The boots are attached with nickel buckles that can be adjusted to fit the boots snugly. The Short Engineer is available in Copper Rough & Tough Leather, Black Boundary Leather, Charcoal Chinook Leather, and Sand Mohave Leather.

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    4 durable Red Wings boots for rough and tough work

    Red Wings has been synonymous with sturdy and durable workwear boots. Made for tough jobs that require a person to stand all day and walk over wobbly and slippery surfaces, Red Wings boots have always been the choice of footwear for the rough-and-ready workmen. These workwear boots are made of leather that can weather any season (rain, snow, frost or sweltering summer heat) and working conditions: concrete floors, oil-spilled floors, unsteady surfaces, muck, water and so on.

    Red Wings boots for work are made with the sole intention of protecting the feet from different hazardous work environments. The boots have been designed for everyday use as well as for extreme work use. Having initially designed for heavy industrial work, Red Wings is slowly expanding towards shoes made for everyday regular use. Here are 4 Red Wings boots that are versatile as well as durable.

    Men’s LoggerMax 9-inch Logger-Lineman Boot: These heavy-duty Red Wings boots are best for those who work in the oil and gas industry and in the forestry. These boots have aggressive and strong lug sole that provide great support to your feet and stability to your posture when you have to stand for long hours. With shanks made of steel, the outsoles are resistant to heat, gas and oil spills

    Men’s King Toe 6-inch Boot: These light-weight Red Wings boots have a non-metallic toe. Suitable for those in the manufacturing industry and commercial construction industry, these boots are slip resistant and protects the wearer from spills as well as electrical hazards. The fronts of these boots are quite roomy; this makes them perfect for those who have foot problems such as hammer toes.

    Men’s DynaForce 6-inch Boot: These Red Wings boots have been made for people who work as trade contractors, mechanics, outdoor workers people who work long hours standing on hard surfaces. These boots are resistant to oil, chemical, heat and abrasion. With the shanks made of fiberglass, these boots provide good protection and support to your feet with steel toes. The boots’ outsole has welt constriction that provides good stability to your feet.

    Men’s SuperSole 2.0 8-inch Boot: Made of Nutmeg Ebbtide leather, the SuperSole insulated well against electrical hazards and is water-proof as well. Its outer sole is puncture-resistant and protects against chemical as well as an oil spill. These all-weather Red Wings boots are suitable for winter as well as for the rains. Although it is hardy on the exterior, its inner sole is soft enough to provide comfort and give cushion support.

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    4 Bogs boots for wet or snowy weather

    Made with vulcanized rubber, Bogs boots promise to withstand ice and snow. In fact, if you need boots that look good but also protect your feet in wet, icy weather, boots from Bogs are perfect. These boots work well for a transitioning season too. You can wear these when it starts to rain until it starts to snow. The boots will keep your digits warm and free from any dampness. Your feet will not overheat in them thanks to the material used. Since these boots are waterproof, you can wear them all year around. The Bogs boots come in multiple varieties for men, women, kids, and even babies! Before you choose a wet weather boot, check these options available for the wet and cold season.

    1. Johnny Chelsea Casual Boots (For Men)
    These are sleek boots that are ideal for weather that brings in rain or snow. The boot is 100% waterproof and comes with moisture eliminating inner-lining. Your feet will feel warm and snug in these casual boots. The rubber sole ensures a firm grip when you are on a wet, slippery surface. The Chelsea boots are also lightweight and ensure that your feet are not dragged down. Pair it up with your best parka and brave the rain without fear!

    2. Crandall Tall Boots (For Men)
    These boots give you a sleek look with high performance to boot. The Crandall tall boots from Bogs has four-way stretch inner boot room meant to keep your feet warm in the cold. It is also water resistant and comes with a firm rubber grip outer sole. The Bogs Max-wick inner-lining keeps your feet dry; therefore, they are suitable for slushy weather. The Crandall boots come in sleek, no fuss style. It does not have laces or straps, making it perfect for quick wear. They are easy to maintain and are quite durable.

    3. The Quinn Lace Boot (For Women)
    This beautiful lace up boot will keep your feet free from water and will stay weatherproof. Made specially for the rain season, these boots come with an inner lining to keep your feet warm and dry. The lightweight rebound cushioning on the sole keeps your grip firm and springy. You can choose from four color variants and make a statement wherever you decide to go. The Quinn boots are stylish and durable, best for heavy rains and mud. Browse from different styles and choose the one that speaks best to you!

    4. Classic Winter Blooms High Boots (For Women)
    Who says that rubber snow boots cannot be fashionable? These Bogs boots for women defy fashion norms with bright hues and vibrant designs. What’s more, they can withstand frigid temperatures of up to -40 degrees. They are also 100% waterproof and the Neo-tech insulation keeps your feet warm and toasty. The Blossoms high boots also come in different colors. If you are looking to be able to walk in the snow on a regular basis, these boots are for you!

    The Bogs boots perform well in wet and cold weather. Choose from the wide range of footwear and keep your family warm and cozy!

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    Bogs’ Boot Collection

    Bogs came into the market in 2002, when it introduced classic or men’s boots for use in farms. In 2006, the Kids Classics series was created. In 2007, the classics series began to feature a number of colors and women’s styles; moreover, iconic patterns were added for women, men, and kids.

    In 2010, Bogs added low profile shoes including gardening-specific styles to its catalog. In May 2012, Plimsoll and baby bogs were introduced. In May 2013, rain boots as well as the Urban Farmer Line were created. In May 2014, casual leather lines were introduced. In May 2015, Bogs sandals appeared for the first time.

    Bog’s wide range of boots
    Work boots: Perfect for work outdoors, they include both the service industry and industry series. Work boots provide lasting comfort at any job and complete utility and comfort; they are 100% waterproof as well. Rancher, Buckman, Classic High, Classic Mid High, Roper, and Ranger are some of the work boots in the range.

    Hiking boots: Hiking boots are perfect for a long walk, usually on trails or in the countryside. Tumalo, Bend Low, and Bend Mid are boots found in this range.

    Snow boots: A snow boot is a water-resistant boot. Their construction enables snow boots to be used in wet weather; they can easily deal with slush and muddy environments. This means quite deep, heavy wet snow, slush, or mud. Cami Low, Cami Melange, Charlie Melange, Sydney Cravat, Classic Winter Plaid, etc. are some of the boots in this range.

    Hunting boots: This range offers durability and protection for the toughest hunting conditions. It is aimed at achieving warmth without bulk. Classic High Mossy Oak, Bowman Mossy Oak, World Slam RealTree, and Valley Walker Mossy Oak can be found in this range.

    Farm boots: To bring the outdoors to the concrete jungle, Bogs engineered the Urban Farmer, lightweight utility boots that are perfect for any outdoor activity. Turf Stomper, Classic High, and Roper are some of the boots in this range.

    Steel toe boots: A steel-toe boot is also known as a safety boot or a safety shoe. It often has a protective reinforcement in the toe. Forge Steel Toe, Food Pro Steel Toe, Highliner Pro Steel Toe, and Turf Stomper Steel Toe can be found in this range.

    Service clogs: An excellent shoe for during, after and before service, the Stewart collection of service clogs is made of 100% waterproof rubber. Bogs’ slip and chemical resistance technologies keeps one safe while Rebound technology keeps you comfortable before, during, and after service. It also boasts of DuraFresh bio technology that fights off odors.

    Kids rain boots: Helping your kid stay stay dry and active during the rainy season, these lightweight, waterproof rain boots for both boys and girls are perfect for outdoor play. Made from ultra soft, flexible natural rubber, the range includes Rainboots Pansies, North Hampton Pompon Dots, Rainboots Spring Flowers, etc.

    Kids winter boots: 100% durable, it will keep your kids feet as warm as toast come rain, sleet, or snow. The range includes the Classic Rosy, Classic Scale, Classic Geo, etc.

    Whatever the need or the occasion, with their wide range of options, durability, and excellent material, Bogs Boots are definitely worth the choice.

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    8 great reasons to buy boots today

    If you’ve always wanted to own a pair of the perfect boots, it is time you take the leap. Boots can cover the foot, ankle, lower calf, or even the thigh. The height of the heel varies from below 1 inch to over 3 inches. They are highly functional as they protect the feet and also make quite a bit of a style statement. The fashion industry comes up with newer models of boots every season. It may be hard to keep up, but you can never go wrong with a pair of simple boots. Boots are more popular in colder regions as they protect the feet from the cold, but they are worn all over the world.

    They are generally made of either long-lasting leather or rubber. Boots available in suede are terribly comfortable. There are man-made materials like vinyl and urethane that are also used to make boots. These are less expensive, provide insulation, and are slip resistant. The choice of material is almost endless, and you will be spoiled for choice.

    Nothing spells class like a pair of boots. Pair it with almost any outfit and it will create an impact. They are perfect for any occasion be it a formal one or a night out with the girls.

    Feels like heaven
    Boots can provide the same height as a wedge or a stiletto but are also awfully comfortable. Even with a small heel, boots make a person appear taller. Most importantly, they keep the feet covered and warm.

    They are available in about a hundred different styles. There are the cowboy boots, army boots, and the original riding boots. They paved the way for many fashion alternatives. Styles like peep toe boots, ankle boots, moccasins, and ugg boots have become extremely popular over the last few decades. Clearly, the fashion world is not done reinterpreting this old classic.

    The savior
    Boots were meant to protect the feet from harm during hard labor. Rest assured, they will protect your feet from sharp edges, dirt, shallow waters, and the cold.

    In the long run
    Boots are more durable than any kind of footwear. The material keeps them from tearing and makes it easy to clean as well. A good pair of boots can be used for years to come and are an investment worth making.

    All seasons
    You can wear boots in any weather condition. In fact, there are boots designed to withstand snow, rain, and even mountainous regions.

    Boots have been around for a very long time. They are speculated to be used first in 12000 BC. From the 1500’s, they were used in combat. In more recent years, boots are recognized as an accessory to make more of a fashion statement.

    They can be worn by both men and women and come in many colors and designs. The toe and heel come in different shapes and sizes. Boots are accessorized with zipping lines, buckles, fringes, and patterns. They are also available in a very wide price range. Even if it is a deep dive in your pocket, a pair of well-designed boots are worth it.