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    A stylish, thinnest and sleek laptop option with the Macbook Air

    Some people have always been strong critics of Apple MacBook air. They always argue that it has only one USB port and according to them, battery is not swappable. If you analyze the amazing functionality of this product, these limitations are nothing.

    USB port is not a big issue with MacBook Air

    What about the argument one USB port only? It can be said that one is really enough. How often do people use two USB Ports at once? Most people use Bluetooth to replace USB and they connect devices such as smartphones using Bluetooth. The use of USB port is coming down because of the advanced options available. Wireless transfer has become more efficient and today, you can even transfer 10GB within 10 minutes.

    Innovation at its best

    Apple MacBook Air Laptops are one of the most innovative products by Apple. It is often being termed as the thinnest laptop. The depth of this laptop comes about an average index finger. Many people call it crazy little device and the ultra thin feature of this device is truly appreciable. This version is highly portable and it is equipped with a 1.6 GHz or 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The memory is 2GB and other features include an 80GB 1.8-inch hard drive, most advanced Wi-Fi technology, LED screen 13.3 inch- LED screen and Bluetooth.

    Learn about the missing features

    Some of the features missing in this device include optical drive, FireWire and Ethernet port as stated above; it has only one USB port. This product also comes with a non-removable battery. The absence of these features is not a big issue because this device is really quick and dynamic.

    Most stylish and sleek device

    If you assess this device objectively, you can say that it is one of the most stylish and sleek laptops available in the market. This version also features some excellent hardware for making it so thin. Several people have become ardent fans of this device and the ever increasing sales figures clearly reassert this opinion without a shadow of doubt.

    This product is certainly a consumer product and it has been designed to be a business tool. The fact of the matter is that this device is a thin, portable and light one and it is a clear example of what solid engineering and design can achieve in a laptop computer.

    It is also very sturdy and durable and you do not have to worry about the device breaking. A large number of people are of the opinion that it is one of the most innovative products from Apple and you can also describe as it as the thinnest laptop in the world. This laptop is not going to disappoint you in terms of functionality as well.

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    Learn about the features of MacBook air laptops

    What makes Apple MacBook Air laptop a hot topic of discussion? Apple claims that it is thinnest device available in the market and most of the existing users are of the opinion that it is a dream laptop for all travelers. What is the truth? Is Apple MacBook Air the best laptop?

    Learn about the features

    This device features a 13.3-inch wide screen and it comes with an LED-backlit display. Although MacBook Air has some pretty close dimensions with the MacBook, the thickness of this laptop does not go beyond .76 inches. It is equipped with a wide keyboard and you can also find an integrated webcam.

    This device is equipped of 2 GB of RAM and the design of this laptop is really enticing and you can find comparatively rectilinear lines. The company has come up with a chassis with lightly rounded edges and this aspect reasserts its thinnest impression. The screen resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels and it weighs around 3 pounds.

    Good speed but not the fastest

    Apple MacBook Air laptops are powered by a processor Core 2 with rhythmical Duets to 1.6 GHz and it is engraved in 65 nanometers. When it comes to speed, you cannot say that it is the fastest one. You can find faster versions from Apple, but the speed cannot be described as all that bad for light and medium users.


    Because of the presence of the 1.6 GHz processor, you can say that specific applications and highly resource-intensive work functions rather slowly on this device. To be precise, big size picture manipulations under video editing or Photoshop are going to test your patience. However, the photos or videos sequences manipulations through iMovie are going to work without too much difficulty and there will not be any serious discomfort as well.

    Good fluidity can be associated with the interface and you can also find good web navigation, office, and music features. When it comes to playing games, it does not perform very badly, but there are better Apple options available.

    When you analyze the pros and cons of Apple MacBook Air, you can say that Apple has managed to create a new segment in the laptop market. The MacBook Air has an irreproachable design and it also comes with moderate weight dimensions. The extreme thinness makes it a perfect choice for the ultra portable category.

    For light traveler users, the performance of this machine is good and professionals like journalists, sales professionals and bloggers are making use of these products in large numbers. Generally speaking, this device is a very good option for travelers and very good functionality and features can be associated with this device.

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    Features of the Macbook air

    The MacBook Air 13-inch is undoubtedly one of the best products that you can shop online. The product has a multitude of features, available in a variety of shades. Many e-stores like the E-bay and the Amazon offer attractive discounts on the product. Check the MacBook air 13-inch and iMac online and you find that the products are categorized by the release year, screen size, memory, processor type, hard drive capacity, storage type, OS used, buying condition, prices, delivery options. Most e-stores offer free shipment of the Apple products. While shopping online, check the product information in detail. Understand that product reviews and features, customer reviews and testimonials will help you buy the best product of the brand.

    Product Information

    The smarter and sharper Apple Mac Air laptop offers you the power of faster computing. It is equipped with a powerful 1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, the Mac Air is very much performance based. The laptop has an 11.6-inch screen with an LED display and this computing device has high-resolution visuals and videos. The keyboard, multi-touch track-pad makes working enjoyable.

    You as a user can use the computing device to make calls to any face-time enabled devices. You can use the 720p FaceTime HD camera to talk to your loved ones. You can do so much with the revolutionary Thunderbolt port and you can plug into it any high-speed peripherals. The Apple MacBook Air 13 inch helps you to use applications, surf the web, the laptop has a battery that lasts for long hours and it helps the users to do more with the device.

    MacBook Air 13-inch Features

    The product features are described as follows:

    • The Apple MacBook Air, Processor Intel Core i5 1st Gen is quite popular among the users.
    • With a processing Speed 1.7GHz, Dual-Core, has a stunning LED display Size is 11.6″ with a max resolution of 1366X768.
    • The technical Features include the presence of expansion ports2 x USB 3.0, Thunderbolt Port, special Features are an Integrated Video Camera, MagSafe Power Adapter Port, Hard Drive with Capacity64GB, storage controller TypeSerial ATA.
    • Memory Installed RAM4GB, RAM Technologyis DDR3L SDRAM, Max Supported RAM is 8GB, RAM Speed is1600MHz, Installed Cache Memory is 3072 KB, Video Graphic Processor is Intel HD Graphics 4000, Audio Output Type supports Headphones and Speaker(s), Audio Input Typeis Integrated Microphone.
    • Bluetooth, Integrated Wireless LAN, Data Link Protocols,  and Battery Run TimeUp to 5 Hours.
    • Battery Technology used is Lithium polymer, Dimensions are Depth19.2 cm, Height1.7 cm, Width30 cm and the Input Method Keyboard, TrackPad, the exterior Color is Silver.

    For additional details regarding iMac products,MacBook air 13-inch or other products visit the e-stores selling the items, check product reviews, features and compare prices prior investing on the products.