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    Reasons why your business requires an esignature

    The digital world has made thousands of things very easy for us, but digitalizing legal documents come with their own set of problems. The issue of physical signatures being required to indicate the veracity of documents means businesses still need to use pen and paper to communicate. But not anymore. At present, more and more businesses are going the digital way, even in terms of signatures. An e-signature can help lend authenticity to a document in the form of a certain mark to give approval to its contents.

    If you are wondering about the advantages of using an e-signature software for your day-to-day business communication, here are the advantages to consider:

    • Adds an element of security
      Not many are aware of this but an e-signature is actually far more secure than a manual signature. This is because an e-signature can be traced down to the source of who signed it unlike a manual signature, which can be easily forged. Security is of prime concern when dealing with sensitive contracts and large sums of money in businesses and being able to trace signs goes a long way in maintaining peace of mind.
    • Reduces lag in work
      In any business, time is as good as money. Every second lost can see a competitor race ahead because they were more efficient. With an e-signature, you can save precious time as you do not need to manually wait for signatures. If your boss is in an important meeting or in another location, they can simply give you an approval via an e-signature. This can save you the time spent waiting for them to be able to attend to the document in-person.
    • Reduces expense in business
      You might wonder how an e-signature can lower business costs. Well, in the earlier days, one would have to manually sign a document and then pay for it to get posted or couriered to its intended recipient. These costs of sending documents manually can pile up. So, if you count the savings made, it does account for a sizable figure.
    • Client-friendly
      If your clients are on a time crunch, it can get very difficult for them to stay put in place to sign some documents that need to be prepared. This can be inconvenient for both you and them. With the flexibility offered by an e-signature, they can sign on the documents anytime, from anywhere and send it to you immediately for verification. A lot of times, business deals are finalized over the web, and in cases like these, having an e-signature software is especially useful.
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    2 most popular GoPro cameras of 2020

    Currently, there are three models lined up by GoPro, these are GoPro Hero7 Silver, Hero7 Black, and Hero7 White. GoPro stopped selling the other cameras that were previously lined up after these new cameras were launched back in September 2018. However, you can find these old cameras on other websites that sell but officially the manufacturing has been stopped. This ensures that with the launch of the new models, you can also purchase the old ones at some decent prices.

    GoPro Hero 7 Black
    The frame-rates and resolutions tend to be similar to that of the previous 6 series. However, GoPro has aimed to improve their camera in other aspects. The HyperSmooth is a great addition to the new GoPro Hero 7 Black. The camera enhances the form of image stabilization that can be used in multiple shooting modes. Running at 60 frames per second, the smoothest picture possible is provided by GoPro. As compared to the older models, the audio commands also happen to be more responsive. With the help of SuperPhoto tech, automatic improvements on noise reduction and lighting colors are observed across multiple frames. Also, the pro tune feature gives the option to take the safety wheels off and tweak the setting according to your own personal style. Its live streaming feature is remarkable. It retails at approximately $329.

    GoPro Hero 7 Silver
    Compared to the GoPro Hero 7 Black, the GoPro Hero 7 Silver is cheap. However, you may need to compromise on some of the latest features and improvements. The silver shoots in 4K but at 30 frames per second instead of 60 frames per second. The picture is not as smooth as that of the black, but it still manages to be impressive. The list price of this camera is around $199 and offers features like SuperSmooth, Live Streaming, and the new feature Hyper Smooth as well. At the price offered, it is an excellent durable and capable waterproof action camera.

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    Echo Dot 3rd Gen To upgrade or not to upgrade

    One of the major dilemmas people face during the sale period is whether to upgrade from their previous year’s device or continue using it as it is still functional. However, nobody can resist a good bargain offer, which is why you need to be sure whether you wish to upgrade or not. If you don’t make the decision right away, there are high chances that you might lose out on an amazing deal. So, if you are contemplating whether the time to bid adieu to your Echo Dot 2nd Generation has arrived or you want to upgrade to Echo Dot 3rd Generation, which is making waves since its arrival, you’ll need help making the right call.

    So, let’s go through some basic features of the Echo Dot 2nd Generation and the Echo Dot 3rd Generation as this will help you make an informed decision.

    The design
    The most evident distinction between the Gen-2 and Gen-3 is the design. The Echo Dot 3rd Generation has the upper-hand when it comes to the appearance of the device. The Gen-3 has a well-rounded shape and fabric-bound speaker that wraps the entire body of the device, and this lends it a sophisticated finish. Whereas, the Gen-2 has a more smooth plastic finish, which wasn’t quite aesthetically-pleasing. The Gen-3 is available in three colors: Heather Grey, Charcoal, and Sandstone, whereas, the Gen-2 is available only in black and white colors.

    Varied features
    The Echo Dot 3rd Generation tries to get everything right that went wrong with the Echo Dot 2nd Generation. The Gen-2 speakers were often equated with an old transistor radio when it came to playing songs, and people often refrained buying it due to its dainty sound quality. Whereas, the Echo Dot 3rd Generation has a powerful speaker that is louder by 70 percent and the sound quality is great as well. Also, like the Echo Dot 2nd Generation, the Gen-3 Dot also connects to other speakers via Bluetooth or an audio cable if you choose to. As it is the Gen-3 device, it does away with the micro-USB power port and the “Drop In” features allows you to connect Echo to other devices in the other parts of the house.

    Better accessibility
    With the Echo Dot 3rd Generation, Amazon has refined its accessibility features both on the device and on the Alexa app. This includes features to assist with speech, mobility, vision, and hearing. For instance, for people with hearing needs, the light ring on the Dot 3 would change colors on the basis of the action Alexa takes or can increase the volume by voice commands or by touch. Moreover, the Alexa app even supports larger text settings and compatibility with screen reader software. In a nutshell, the Echo Dot 3rd Generation is more user-friendly than its predecessor.

    So, if there’s a sale of the Amazon Echo line, you can justify your upgrade to the latest version because the Echo Dot 3rd Generation has a better speaker, greater accessibility features, and looks suave.

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    A closer look at the buttons and features of GoPro Hero4

    Action cameras are a popular range of cameras trending for recording various physical activities. These cams are great at recording full HD videos and images, waterproof, and fully shockproof. The GoPro Hero4 is the latest addition to the series. Here we are to give you a closer look at the button and the features of the camera. Read on!

    Navigation menu
    The power button lets you navigate through various menu options such as settings, functions, and modes once the device is on. These menu options include burst, settings, video, photo, and time lapse.

    For the GoPro Hero4 Action Camera, the Bluetooth option works as a power saving feature. The option helps in recognizing when the device or your smartphone is close by and assists in reducing the consumption of power.

    The GoPro camera also comes with a shutter-select button that works as a shutter option, which is found on every camera. Once the device is on, the shutter/select button can be pressed to start the recording and pressed again to stop the recording.

    WIFI and settings option together
    The camera features a WIFI button, which when pressed once works as the settings button and when held for a few more seconds switches on the Wi-Fi option. Moreover, to get an access to the Wi-Fi option, you need to first enter the settings option and then move to the Wi-Fi settings. This specific addition was made to prevent the Wi-Fi being switched on and off accidentally.

    Video mode setting
    The video mode setting is the first mode of the camera once switched on. It helps you choose from various fields of view such as wide, medium, and narrow. Herein, you can also choose the frame rate, the video resolution, clip numbers, and the record time. Along with these, the video mode setting lets you check the SD card capacity and the remaining battery life.

    Hilight tag
    On the right side of the GoPro device, you can locate the Hilight tag button. Earlier, you had to scroll through numerous photo shots to find the best picture. However, the new feature of the Hilight tag button helps in tagging a picture immediately once clicked so that you can locate the picture easily while editing it and not spend hours finding it.

    Some of the popular accessories that are available for GoPro Hero4 are GoPro Smart remote, GoPro Rechargeable batteries, GoPro Dual battery chargers, GoPro Mounts, and GoPro Screen protectors, among others.

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    4 popular speakers with voice assistants

    The trend of smart speakers started in 2014 when Amazon released Echo and the Echo Dot to support its virtual assistant technology, Alexa. Over the years, other technology giants created and designed their own range of smart speakers. Each supports a different voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana). You may even find some smart speakers that support more than one assistant. Picking a smart speaker is not tricky if you know what you are looking for. Here are some of the most popular smart speakers that support voice assistants.

    • L Link 20: This smart speaker is known for its usability and convenience. The most interesting part of the Link 20 is that it is waterproof, and it can float! Mobility and portability are basic features of any smart speaker. You need to be able to move the speakers around the house without worrying about low battery or weak Wi-Fi signals. With the Link 20, you do not have to worry about any of this as it comes with indicator lights for battery and Wi-Fi. This speaker uses Google Assistant, and it is compatible with Google apps, Pandora, YouTube Music, and Spotify. The Link 20 is available for around $150.
    • Sonos Beam: This is quite similar to the far more popular Sonos One but more compact than that. It is made to be connected to the TV. It is compatible with three of the major voice assistantsAirPlay, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Moreover, the Sonos Beam can be connected to other Sonos speakers without any hassles. If you want a surround sound effect, you can use this soundbar with two other Sonos speakers. You can even add a Sonos Sub to this to enhance your experience. The price of the Sonos Beam is around $399.
    • Amazon Echo Show: Looking for a smart speaker with a screen? It’s a great idea to pick the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo Show. It is not only better than third-party Alexa speakers but has also been known to beat other Echo speakers when it comes to performance. Its display screen can be quite helpful in checking out your music playlist and looking for the lyrics of your favorite songs on Amazon Music. Additionally, it comes with a video version of Alexa’s daily flash news briefing and lets you play Amazon Prime videos. Moreover, it can make calls and networks with other Echo speakers. It also supports voice and video calls. However, video calls can be only made to another Echo show devices. The price of this device is around $230.
    • Google Home Mini: This is one of the most affordable smart speakers with voice assistant available in the market. If you are not very keen on listening to music, or if you want to jazz up your existing speaker set, get the Google Home Mini. It supports Google Assistant and is compatible with Chromecast as well. You can do a lot of cool stuff with this smart speaker; it will inform you about the weather, the traffic on your usual commuting route, it will answer random questions and play white noise to help you sleep soundly. It is available for around $49.

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    Voice assistants – The next big thing in technology

    Not just smartphones, a number of smart devices at home as well as workplaces have become an integral part of our everyday life. Voice assistants, at the moment, are the hottest products in the market. These devices can simplify daily tasks by resolving general queries, streaming music, finding local businesses, and ordering products and services. Some research suggests that by 2020, 30% to 50% of the total internet searches will be done employing voice assistants. Pretty cool, huh? However, is it really worth buying? Read further to find out.

    How can voice assistants benefit you?
    Apart from the obvious advantage that they can instantly look up for the information you demand, voice assistants can undertake a number of tasks. Right from acting as a recipe guide to reminding you about daily errands, virtual assistants are truly intelligent digital companions. Likewise, these tiny know-it-alls can be integrated with other home devices such as smartphones, televisions, audio systems, phones, or even light bulbs or coffee makers. All you need to do is be ready with your next command, sometimes without even having to lift a finger. Not just for tech geeks or busy parents, such form of accessibility and convenience can be incredibly useful for people with disabilities and seniors as well.

    Why do people seem reluctant to use it?
    Virtual assistants can have unbridled access to one’s personal information. Therefore, consumers are apprehensive about the loss of security and privacy. The data and consumer’s search patterns can be used to monetize by the makers for targeted marketing. Moreover, unsecured devices at home risk being hacked. Not just for stealing digital data, cybercriminals can even use these to figure out the user’s address and daily schedule.

    Another drawback of a voice assistant is that it can’t determine whom it is conversing with. There have been instances of TV noise in the background or a child’s voice to initiate unauthorized purchases. At the same time, such inaccuracy also indicates that voice assistants can unintentionally record private conversations and store it in the database.

    Are we ready to let voice assistants take over?
    Honestly, not yet! Voice assistants will be able to tap their potential in the next couple of years only if the manufacturers address concerns including the loss of privacy, the inefficiency, and the security issues. The good news is that technological biggies are working on making voice assistants more human as well as secure. Needless to say, the next 2 to 3 years are critical for brands like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft to streamline processes for their voice assistants to deliver a more fulfilling user experience.

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    3 reasons to buy the Echo Dot 3rd Generation during a sale

    Alexa, Amazon’s smart home assistant has won accolades because of the device’s ability to make our lives easier. Right from setting an alarm to helping you find the answer to your questions over the web, Alexa plays an integral role in simplifying your daily tasks. Alexa, the intelligent home assistant, works in tandem with the Amazon Echo, which is a cylindrical home audio speaker. Echo integrates the personal voice assistant and responds to the name “Alexa”. The Amazon Echo is always on and connected to the WiFi, which allows it to sit on the home network system and access the cloud services while the Bluetooth function in the Echo allows you to stream music from the mobile devices.

    The Amazon Echo is constantly learning and evolving, and it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. The latest Echo Dot 3rd Generation is closer to understanding your needs than its predecessors. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, you’ll be looking at sales where Amazon Echo will be available at affordable prices.

    So, if you are still skeptical about investing in the latest Echo Dot 3rd Generation, here are a few reasons why you should shed the inhibitions and make the purchase.

    Aesthetically pleasing
    The original Echo and Echo Dot were quite utilitarian with their hard plastic shells and generic budget-factory finish. The Echo Dot 3rd Generation is more attractive than its predecessors as it has gotten rid of the all-plastic sides and has a cloth-covered finish. With better, softer, and well-rounded edges, the Echo Dot 3rd Generation won’t look like an eyesore in your aesthetically pleasing apartment.

    Audio quality
    The Echo Dot 3rd Generation is half-inch larger than its predecessor and ensures the presence of better speakers. Users of the Echo Dot 2nd Generation often complained of the torturous sound quality, which was often compared to listening to music on a low-quality transistor radio. The Echo Dot 3rd Generation has better and fuller bass and is louder than its predecessor. So, if there’s an Amazon Echo sale, you know which Echo will allow you to indulge the audiophile in you.

    Usually, when any device upgrades, the cost of the particular device increases manifold. However, with the Echo Dot 3rd Generation the difference between the cost of the latest Echo Dot and its predecessor is quite marginal. You can buy the Echo Dot 3rd Generation from Amazon at around $49.99, which is an incredible buy as you’ll be buying an updated version at an extremely affordable price. Also, during the Amazon Echo sale, you can buy all the three Echo Dots for about $69.97 and save $80!