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    3 Stores With the Best Deals on 40-inch Smart TVs

    With 4k Ultra HD display, bright panel variants and the option of varying screen sizes, there is a lot to explore in the world of 40-inch Smart TVs. All you need to do is stop compromising on the space and price, and get yourself an excellent TV for an unparalleled viewing experience. Here are some of the best places to get great deals on 40-inch Smart TVs:

    Best Buy
    This store offers the best deals on Samsung’s and Vizio’s 40-inch Smart TVs. Best Buy is one of the most trusted portals in the market. You can also pick TVs from other brands such as Sony and TLC from this store. The prices start at around $199, and you can filter your search by factors like the brand, size, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

    No other e-commerce website sells refurbished TVs that are as good as the ones offered on e-Bay. If you are looking for the best deals on 40-inch Smart TVs, then you should start your search on this portal. You’re sure to bag some of the best offers in the market on this website. While they may be pre-owned, the products on e-Bay are refurbished well. You can save a lot of money on TVs from e-Bay because they are as good as new.

    You will get the best deals on 40-inch Smart TVs on Amazon. They offer huge savings on products from brands such as Samsung, Vizio, LG, TLC, Polaroid, and Sharp among many others. The prices start at around $189. Additionally, you can apply various filters and sort the products by categories such as the model year, the television resolution, and the certification. All of these options will help you make the right choice.

    Another way to save a substantial amount of money on a new TV is by logging on to these portals when they are having a sale. Black Friday sales and end-of-the-season sales are the best time to get great deals from renowned brands. So, the next time you feel like upgrading your TV, avail of attractive deals on televisions from one of these stores.

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    The Best Black Friday TV Deals of 2018

    Black Friday is almost here, and if you have been planning to buy a new television, it is time to take the plunge. Most of the big brands will launch amazing deals during this sale. You can make the most of the numerous Black Friday TV deals available this year. Here are some fantastic offers available for you in 2018.

    JVC LT-32C785
    This 32-inch smart LED TV also has a built-in DVD player. It costs around $500 which makes it a steal deal. It has numerous features that everyone looks for in their television such as great picture quality and sound. It also has WiFi connectivity. So, you can stream your favorite shows on Netflix and other online platforms.

    Samsung UE40NU7120
    Samsung is offering one of the best Black Friday deals on this 40-inch Ultra HD television. This smart TV comes with 4K Ultra HD. Therefore, you can enjoy excellent and colorful visuals. It also comes with a Smart Hub that makes it easier for you to access online entertainment. This TV costs around $376.

    LG 43UJ670V
    This 43-inch TV from LG has some great features. Its picture quality is much better than other televisions in this range. This TV has inbuilt AI ThinQ® which offers access to various apps through voice control. You can also request information and stream media without using the remote or moving from your spot on the couch. The price of this model is $343 approximately.

    Panasonic TX- 49ES500B
    Leading retail stores are offering great deals during Black Friday sales on this 49-inch television from Panasonic. You can buy it for less than $500. It has a large screen with a full HD display. Additionally, there are two HDMI ports and numerous apps that enhance your viewing experience.

    This 55-inch television from Hitachi has a crystal clear full HD display. It has two HDMI slots where you can connect your game console or a DVD player. It also allows you to browse your favorite shows on the Internet.

    You need to keep an eye out for the best Black Friday TV deals to get your hands on a great product. Consider the brand, budget, and screen size while investing in a new television. After you’ve made a choice, prepare yourself for an enjoyable family viewing experience with a brand new TV.

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    Top 4 Flat Screen TVs of 2018

    If you are planning to buy a new flat-screen TV, you can choose from numerous options available in the market. Every brand introduces new televisions year after year, and this could make it hard for you to pick the best model. If you’re confused about your choices, you can go through this list of the top four flat-screen TVs of 2018.

    LG C8 – Series 4K OLED
    By far the best television introduced by LG, this TV has exceptional picture quality. It is available in multiple screen size options, including 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches. It is one of the best flat-screen TVs for your home. You can enjoy stunning 4k pictures with a wide range of contrast and numerous HDR formats, which include Dolby Vision, webOS interface, Hybrid Log Gamma, and HDR10.

    Samsung Q9FN 4K QLED
    This TV is one of Samsung’s slimmest models. It comes with an attractive design and unmatched brightness. This television has an incredible picture quality and a range of additional features like the new Ambient Mode and One Invisible Connection™ cable between the TV and the connect box. The installation is easy as well as quick. This model has the best combination of picture quality, design, and brightness.

    Sony MASTER Series A9F
    Sony’s MASTER A9F is one of the best flat-screen TV models. It has a phenomenal display which outshines the screens of most other competitors. Its processing power is excellent, and no brand can beat Sony when it comes to the processor. This model has a top-of-the-line X1 processor, which makes it the most impressive flat-screen television of 2018.

    TCL 6-Series Roku
    This television offers excellent performance and a variety of attractive features such as the seamless Roku OS. It offers HDR technology in a high-quality panel to maximize your viewing experience. The 55-inch model also has top-quality HDR to match the brightness of the room. It is the best smart TV model available on the market, and it is quite affordable as well.

    These are some of the top TV models of 2018. If you intend to make a purchase anytime soon, you can pick any one of them. Every model promises an excellent viewing experience and is sure to enhance the aesthetics in your home. You need to consider the screen size and your requirements while making a choice. You also need to think about your budget while picking the best flat-screen TV for your home.

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    Avail Great Deals from Popular Sales on TVs

    With the arrival of fall comes the season of TV-watching with new shows and loads of football matches being broadcasted. This is the best time to bring home a new TV, be it from your nearest electronics store or an online sale, and upgrade your home entertainment system by adding an HD television so that you and your family can enjoy your favorite content in the highest quality possible.

    Black Friday is generally considered the best time to invest in electronics, but you do not have to wait for it. This is because with the onset of September, many brands and stores offer some great deals on TVs of all sizes. Following is a list of great deals on TVs that will help you make a great choice.

    TCL – 55 inch
    TCL is selling its 55-inch Roku TV for around $549. This TV is among the best TVs in the value for money segment and offers you top quality HDR images.

    Sceptre – 43 inch
    Sceptre is selling its 43-inch 4K TV at leading online stores for around $189, which is around $200 less than its original price. This price is very good for a 4K TV in this size and it is probably the lowest price for a TV with these features (4K as well as Roku).

    Sony – XBR49X800E TV
    Sony has currently put its XBR49X800E TV on a TV sale at Dell Home. This TV is currently priced at around $749.99. It also comes with a $200 gift card. Therefore, with this TV deal, you get a smart TV of 49 inches with 4K picture quality and other top-class features that can be found in TVs today.

    Sharp LC – 50Q7030U
    This TV is being sold at leading online stores for around $279, which is around $120 less than its original price. This TV is a smart TV from the 4K segment and comes with all the smart functionalities that you can think of. It is also compatible with Alexa.

    RCA RTU5540
    This TV is currently the cheapest TV in the 55-inch segment because it is on sale for a price of around $279.99. RCA has made this TV with all the latest features and offers the latest top-end 4K technology. It offers you a high resolution display and many additional features that make this deal an extremely good one. During the ongoing sales, this TV is being offered for a price that slashes around $320 from its original price.

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    Things to Consider Before Buying a TV Soundbar

    As televisions become slimmer, the sound quality also reduces. This is because there is limited space to include a powerful sound system. The most expensive and high-performing TVs do provide good quality sound so it may be adequate for regular programs such as talk shows, sitcoms, and reality shows. However, you may need something more powerful for watching movies and dramas.

    One option that is gaining popularity is to add a TV soundbar. This is an easy and affordable way to include an additional component for powerful sound. A soundbar comes with multiple speakers and electronics that connect to your TV. A few of these products may come with a separate subwoofer and some others include rear speakers to offer a complete surround-sound experience.

    Most of these soundbars are long and slim and are mounted on a shelf over or below the TV or on a wall. Some pedestal-style soundbars are also available and are known as sound bases, which serve as a base for your TV. Following are five features you must check before you buy a TV soundbar.

    Media players
    Some models include an inbuilt DVD or Blu-ray player. You can directly connect the soundbar to your TV without needing a receiver, which reduces the number of wires.

    Additional speakers
    To enjoy a surround-sound experience, you may choose bars that include rear speakers. These are often connected to a wireless amplifier or woofer. Several of the subwoofers are powered through inbuilt amps that need to be plugged in an electric outlet. Such subwoofers generally offer greater control over the bass.

    Online access
    Some of the newer soundbars are capable of streaming TV shows and movies through Amazon, Netflix, CinemaNow, and Vudu. These products also have access to radio stations like Slacker, Rhapsody, or Pandora. You may also access social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

    Most of the soundbars provide a front display panel, and you must choose one that provides easy visibility of the panel. The controls must be grouped as per the functionality and must be clearly labeled.

    Audio and other features
    A few of the soundbar systems include custom equalizers (EQ) and bass or treble adjustments. The digital sound processor (DSP) utilizes digital circuitry for sound duplication.

    TV soundbars are available in different price ranges. You can buy one for $100 or can even pay as much as $1000.

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    Here’s Why Samsung 4K LED TVs Are a Great Choice

    Samsung has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and quality viewing. Most of its models are similar, with slight changes over the years. However, the wide gamut of colors on the newer models has changed the way the brand operates and is making it popular amongst more discerning buyers.

    Samsung compared with other brands
    Samsung TVs generally edge out the others on several fronts. The first is that they do not have any specific advantages, but perform well across the board. The new Samsung 4K LED TV sets also have a very good upscale engine. The TV can easily upscale low resolution content, like broadcast TV or DVD. Another impressive feature is their low input lag, which works well for gamers. The TV does not take in too much input lag, so games work well. It is to be noted that Samsung TVs generally are made of some plastic so the product may not be as durable as other brands.

    Popular products
    The Samsung 2018 Q9FN QLED TV is one of the best-rated television sets in the market today. It has several features, like HDR, which is excellent for watching TV shows and movies. The color spectrum is another great feature. The shadow levels on this set cannot be matched because of the dimming feature. You can watch it in either dark or bright environments without much trouble. It is a good family TV that works well in the living room. The motion handling ensures there are no stutters as well.

    Features of Samsung 4K LED TVs
    Initially, in the nascent stage of developments in Smart OS, Samsung took the lead and was ahead of competitors with their interface. However, soon LG caught up and has now surpassed them. Samsung has made several changes by updating the Smart Hub platform in 2015, which works on the Tizen OS. They also updated voice control features later and have now brought in Bixby virtual assistant to their Q and N line of products. The virtual assistant is integrated with the SmartThings platform and can connect to lights, door locks, outlets, and other devices that are compatible.

    Smart TV interface
    The user interface is very good and the app allows you to make selections based on the categories you select. The search function is very helpful and almost all popular video and music app selections are available on it. The web browser is comparable to Chrome and the directional pad on the remote control helps to navigate effortlessly.

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    3 Popular HD Flat Screen TVs to Choose From

    Buying a new TV is always a task. With several new technologies always on the horizon and multiple different features and operating systems popping up now and then, it may become difficult to pick the right one for you. Keeping in mind things like budget, size of your room, and other factors, such as the kind of specifications you require, you should take an informed decision and make a purchase carefully. Following are three popular HD Flat screen TVs you can consider buying.

    LG E7 OLED (OLED65E7P)
    If you are in the market for a great cinematic experience, then this is probably your best bet. The LG HD flat screen TV exceeds expectations on all fronts with their knockout HDR formats, which include HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Another great feature is the inbuilt sound, which is very clear and great for watching dramas and action movies. There is also no need for a soundbar. Another great feature is their picture-on-glass build, which envelops the display with glass instead of a traditional black bezel. The smart OS is pretty easy to navigate. The remote is intuitive and very easy to use as well.

    TCL Roku TV 55P607
    This is another great choice for an HD Flat Screen TV. The most attractive features of this set are the color saturation technology and wide color spectrum. The picture that is produced is a sharp, crisp image. The TV is for price-conscious buyers who do are looking for great features that fit within their budget. While TVs from other brands also come with Roku inbuilt, this set by TCL works best with Roku. Their remote features voice control, and if you want to watch without anyone else listening, there is also a headphone jack. The 4K HDR support includes Dolby Vision and HDR10.

    Sony Bravia OLED XBR-65A1E
    This latest offering from Sony offers stunning picture quality and great viewing angles. Sony’s own video processing technology provides an even better picture quality. The brightness and color saturation on the screen is great as well. The audio makes use of Sony’s Acoustic Surface tech, which makes sound very realistic and life-like. It is as if the actors are delivering their lines in your own living room! Its smart OS is also incredible and makes use of Android TV while also supporting PlayStation Vue and Google Chromecast. This set really packs a punch and is great for family viewing.

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