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    5 factors that affect jet charter prices

    If you have the resources, you can find solace from the hassles of a commercial flight by opting for jet charters. In chartered flights, you will have the entire plane to yourself, which is a refreshing change from sitting in the cramped space allotted to you in commercial flights. However, chartered jets aren’t quite pocket friendly, renting the entire airplane will cost you between $1200 and $8,500 per flight hour. Jet charter prices depend on several factors, and a slight change in either of these factors can affect the price of the chartered jet.

    If you are planning on chartering a flight, you need to be aware of the factors that affect the jet charter prices:

    • The type of aircraft you choose
      In fact, the major factor that determines jet charter prices is the type of aircraft you choose to travel in. Naturally, larger airplanes cost more, but this doesn’t mean that you can have more people traveling in a smaller aircraft to avoid the cost of a bigger chartered jet. The airlines might have restrictions on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage allowed in the particular airplane.
    • Your destination affects the jet charter prices
      Jet charter prices vary according to the distance traveled. If you are traveling to a far-away place, the jet charter prices might be higher than traveling to a closer destination. The private jet charter company will consider your itinerary and the estimated flight time.
    • Fuel prices
      Jet chartered prices are affected by the changes in fuel prices. Fuel costs fluctuate frequently, and this can dramatically alter jet charter prices. Besides, if you choose a larger airplane, it will inevitably require more fuel than its smaller counterpart. So, the fuel consumption of the airplane and its cost determine the jet charter prices.
    • The “all-in” charges
      The quote that you receive for the chartered jet consists is the “all-in” quote. This implies that in addition to containing the hourly rates of the airplane, it also consists of the different expenses of the in-flight service, i.e., the crew’s fees, handling fees, airport landing fees, catering and transportation charges, ground, overnight and daily minimum fees, and, finally, the taxes. The charges levied by different airlines for these services vary, so the jet charter prices are subject to change as well.
    • Unanticipated fees
      The price of your chartered jet can change according to Mother Nature’s wishes. For instance, if you are traveling during the winter, the airplane might require de-icing before departure, and you will have to bear that cost. However, regular fliers usually lock in the airplane at the initial cost by using their membership cards.

    The factors mentioned above are the ones that affect jet charter prices the most. Make sure that you keep them in mind before your next charter booking.

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    5 effective techniques for reducing jet charter prices

    People or companies often charter jets to avoid the inconvenience of traveling in scheduled flights. Although the jet charter prices are higher than the regular flights, companies find it beneficial to rent the entire airplane than to spend on every employee’s airfare. Usually, it costs between $1,200 and $8,500 per flight if you opt for a jet chartered, and these rates vary according to the type of flight you have chosen and the distance you will be traveling. However, there are certain ways that can allow you to make your trip via jet charters more cost efficient. The following tips will ensure that your jet charter prices are slashed by at least a few hundred dollars.

    • Travel in a group
      The easiest way of cutting on jet charter prices is by traveling in a group. Since the cost of the jet charter remains the same irrespective of whether you are traveling alone or in a group, splitting the cost of the airplane with your travel buddies will ensure that you won’t be bearing the brunt of the entire trip.
    • Compare prices and book online
      You can avail reduced jet charter prices if you compare the prices of these jets and book it online. Various websites function as a marketplace where you can compare the prices of these private jets and choose the one that fits the bill. This process is quite pragmatic and yields favorable results since it is quite transparent.
    • Opt for a smaller aircraft
      Another effective way of availing budget-friendly jet charter prices is by downsizing the size of the aircraft you will be traveling in. Everyone loves to arrive in style, but doing so will burn a hole through your wallet. Instead, you can be realistic and opt for a smaller aircraft that suffices your demands and splurge when you reach your destination.
    • Book one way
      You can avail of reduced jet charter prices if you book a one-way jet charter. Since private jet charters often travel to meet their clients, they have empty leg seats for a part of the journey. In such cases, the jet charters are available at reduced prices. However, booking a one-way jet charter is feasible only when your trip is flexible, otherwise, the availability of empty flights can affect your schedule.
    • Invest in a membership program
      If you are a frequent flier, you can opt for the membership programs made available by private jet companies. All you have to do is pay a monthly or annual fee that the program demands; this will allow you to fly as often as you want without any additional charges being levied on you. This is a practical way of reducing jet charter prices if you travel regularly.
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    Websites for private jet charter deals

    Flying in a private jet can be the most productive type of transit you are looking for. Once in a private jet, you can choose what you do with your time; you can relax, discuss plans with your co-workers, enjoy a meal of your choice or simply listen to music and enjoy your infinite leg space. Although flying in a private jet is a dream for most of us, given the expensive nature of the fleet. There are a few ways you can get your hands on the private jet at a massively subsidized rate; this can be through empty leg flights or private jet charter deals.

    Let us look at some websites with the best private jet charter deals:

    • JetSuite: JetSuite has one of the best deal on private jets last year on the 4th of July when they offered the whole plane only for $4. Yes, the entire plane was available to be booked only for $4. There was a lucky draw for the contest, and one lucky winner was to avail the prize, you also had to figure out your way back as this was a one-way trip by the company. There aren’t many private jet charter deals by this company, but there are many empty leg flights for as little as $550.
    • JetSmarter: JetSmarter is a website that allows you to browse through various amazing empty leg private jet charter deals and choose the best one for you. They provide a list of empty-leg flights up for grabs, and you must grab them before someone else picks it. Along with the empty legs, they also allow you to book custom private charters. They have a membership which gives you access to various discounts on the prices of the flight.
    • Bluestarjets: This site, refers to itself as the uber of the private jet charter. All you need to do is enter a few details of your freight. You can get great private jet charter deals here, as they have a database of about 5000 planes. You must enter your location, drop location and the location from which you wish to be picked up. You will be presented with a set of flights that are available, and you can choose the one that suits you best.
    • SkyJet: The jets on this website start at as low as $2,800 per hours, this is for light jets. The best feature of this flight is that there are no long-term commitments or membership involved, you can book as you fly and also avail deals on empty leg flights.
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    Tips to book empty-leg flights

    Flying in a private jet is a thing that finds its place on the bucket list for most people living ordinary lives. But just as much as we want to fly in private planes, the private charter companies also want to avoid having to make empty trips for their planes. The companies have private jet charter deals that make this wish possible for most of us; empty-leg flights are another way for us to get a transit in a private charter. An empty-leg is the return leg the flight must make after dropping a client or a flight back to the port or service station.

    Let us look at ways to find amazing deals and empty leg flights:

    • Plan around a big conference: If you are planning to go to a certain location and you hear of a big conference happening in that area, you must plan your travel around these dates. You might get your hands on many empty-leg flights and not only that you might also get the best private jet charter deals during this period. The conferences invite many influential people, who travel through private charters, thereby making it easier for you to get the empty-leg deals.
    • Connect to big hubs: When you are flying in an empty-leg of a private jet, you must be willing to make some compromises. You can book an empty flight to a major airport around your final destination. This will not only get you closer to your location but also get you your much-awaited private jet ride. This is one of the most effective ways to use the concept of empty-leg flights.
    • Know how it works: If you are planning to book on an empty-leg of a charter flight, you must know how it works. This is not like most private jet charter deals, in fact, it is not explicitly a deal. The charter company wants to avoid the expenses of an empty-leg, and you want to take advantage of it. But you must know the purpose of the empty-leg as well as other details about the company. Do a thorough research before getting on the plane.
    • Right broker: If you are booking an empty leg online, there is a chance that you might be misguided by one of the websites. Study the broker, the website and the company that is providing the freight. Make sure you have all the necessary information and aren’t misguided into fake private jet charter deals.
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    5 hacks to land cheap flight deals with Kayak

    Embarking on a journey is one of the most incredible moments in one’s life. When you plan a trip, there are a lot of aspects that go into making the trip a successful one. You might have selected the travel destination, booked the right hotel rooms, in short, every part of the trip has been planned meticulously. However, the glitch would appear in the form of air fares. The air fares keep changing frequently.

    To tackle your air fare woes, Kayak flights allows to sweep through hundreds of travel sites, and only the best deals would pop up on your screen. However, if you are a novice, then you need to be tutored on how to land cheap deals with Kayak flights. So, follow these below-mentioned guidelines, and hop on the cheapest flight deal that Kayak offers you.

    If you are considering booking your flight tickets with Kayak flights, then make sure you use the ‘Explore’ feature. This tool comes in handy since it would show you the prospective travel destinations you can visit with your budget. You select the departure city, your budget, and the month, you would see the possible travel destinations popping up on the map.

    You can create price alerts on Kayak flight deals. You would be able to keep a track of changes in the price of the flight to a particular spot. You can customize these alerts for your favorite location, airlines, and even travel dates.

    Use the price forecast. Kayak is qualified to make price predictions of flights based on their previous flight prices. So, you would get a fair idea about when would be the right time to book the flight from your favorite airline. This would help save a lot of money.

    If your travel dates are flexible, then the three-day flex search is a lifesaver for you. When you are looking for cheap kayak flights, before you hit the search button, click on ‘show flexible dates’. This would allow you to take a look at the different prices plotted on the grid. You can choose the cheapest date to fly to your destination with the help of this feature.

    The Travel Hacker Section has a list of popular destinations, arranged as per the themes, and you would find yourself looking at custom-made cheat sheets for each destination. This would help you understand how the flight and hotel prices fluctuate throughout the year, and you would know which is the best time to visit the travel destination.

    Armed with tricks to land the best flight deal, start packing!

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    Can’t find the right flight? Kayak to the rescue!

    Amidst the hustle-bustle of your daily life, you would wish to escape for a fun getaway whenever you can. After you choose your travel destination, the next step involves checking Air fares, hotel prices, the best tourist spots, and determining the mode of transportation at your holiday destination. If either of these agendas isn’t properly outlined, your trip might not be as pleasant as you thought.

    To put an end to all your woes, Kayak brings a variety of services to your doorstep, or let’s say to your computer screen. Kayak flights take care of your Air fares, whereas you can look at the different hotels and their charges with the help of Kayak. There are many sites that are similar to Kayak, but there are different aspects that make Kayak a reasonable choice for you. If you have decided to opt for Kayak flights for your next trip, you ought to know that Kayak helps you land the best flight deals ever. Here’s a list of characteristics that would prompt you to consider booking Kayak flights for your next trip.

    Kayak searches a plethora of travel sites at once and would tap into important information that would help you plan your trip with ease. So, you don’t have to check other travel sites and while away your precious time that could be used in planning the trip.

    Kayak flights allow you to set price alerts. These price alerts would keep you updated about the best deals on Kayak flights. Whenever there’s sudden change in the price, you would be notified instantly by the price alert feature. This feature is also applicable to hotel deals as well.

    When you decide to book your flight through Kayak, Kayak allows you to check the prices of the other Airlines as well. This feature might present you with an opportunity to land the best deal since you would be aware of the pricings of different Airlines.

    Booking your airlines ticket with Kayak flights would allow you to take a peek at what your prospective Airlines would be providing you with. If you wish to know which provisions you would be receiving, like free WiFi, or more leg room, then Kayak allows you to take a look at it.

    While booking via Kayak flights, you can use the +/- 3-day flex search option to check how much cash would you save, while planning the trip.

    If you are a signed-in user, you can find the month’s best fares. By accessing the flex month while inputting dates in the flight search, you would be presented with a 30-day calendar view of available fares.

    So, next time you wish to book a flight, think Kayak!

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    Knowing air travel do’s for differently-abled travelers

    Air travel is the easiest and most comfortable type of long-distance travel for differently abled travelers. While there are challenges if you have some type of disability, the travel on an airplane can get smoother if you simply check some essential aspects that an airline may manage for you. Following are some of these necessary checks before you book your flight with an airline:

    Comfortable seating accommodations: It is your right to get good accommodation from an airline. Make sure that your selected airline provides free comfortable accommodations at its points of origin and destination. For example, if you are boarding flights United Airlines run, ensure that they entertain your requests regarding the required assistance for accessing the aircraft or carrying a specialized device for seating if required.

    Notifications to the airline: Any pre-flight notifications may not be required in cases of disability. However, there are conditions when such notifications to the airline will have to be provided. For instance, if you want a person with a disability to be attached to the airline’s oxygen system during the course of flying, then you will need to call the airline to give a pre-flight notification. It is best to read all the related policies and requirements of an airline regarding notifications.

    Attendant’s travel needs: While major airlines like United Airlines take care of your attendant’s travel requirements, it is best for you to ensure that they give him/her an adjoining seat. If you have such disability that allows you to complete your travel alone, then enquire about the airline’s policy on it and the need for a medical certificate. In some cases, an airline may not find it safe and deny travel to the person with a disability. You must be sure that it does not happen to you.

    Assistance at airports: While all major airlines, such as United Airlines, offer various types of wheelchairs at the airport, aisle, and onboard, it is safe to check the type of assistance you will receive during airport navigation, boarding, and on the flight. The airline must have the right equipment for boarding people with disabilities.

    They should also have qualified employees to assist people with disabilities when they need to go through security checks and screenings or have to visit the utilities. The airlines should additionally have gate agents to deliver all flight-related information to individuals with disabilities, apart from having assistive devices at the airport.

    Onboard assistance: Whether you want to travel with an assistant or on your own, you must check whether the airline takes care of your comfort and safety on board. Find out whether they will allocate a disability-friendly seat and give the required safety briefing individually to you.

    For differently abled individuals, it is critical to check about all support services provided by an airline before they fly with it so as to ensure that their air travel is comfortable.