Common inhaler brands for asthma relief

The asthma inhaler market has many options for their users. Different companies produce and market inhalers with generic names of the medicine and their own brand names across a variety of colors. It is better that one knows the details like the generic name of the medicine in the inhaler and the color, also especially if one is meeting a doctor who doesn’t possess one’s medical records.

Inhalers are the mainstay of asthma patients. These are used for daily use for controlling the disease; they are used as a preventer as well as a rescuer in acute severe exacerbation of asthma symptoms. Depending on their use, they are put in different medicine categories as well as classified into different groups.

These are inhalers that are used on daily basis, generally twice a day, to keep the condition under control. Keeping the symptoms under control usually reduces the acute episodes. These inhalers contain nasally-administered corticosteroids. Steroids reduce the inflammation of the bronchi and keep the air passage clear to reduce breathing difficulties. It takes about two weeks for these to be fully effective. Beclometasone, Asmabec, Qvar, Beclazone, Pulvinal Beclometasone, Clenil Modulite, and so on are the brands that use this medicine.

  • Budesonide: Brands that use this steroid are Easyhaler, Novolizer Budesonide, Pulmicort, Budesonide and so on.
  • Non-steroids like sodium cromoglicateor nedocromil: Intal and Tilade are some of the brands that use these medicines. These are not as effective as the steroids nor do they have the same side effects. Ciclesonide Alvesco is another brand that uses this drug.
  • Fluticasone: Brand such as Flixotide use this. This is a yellow-colored or orange-colored inhaler.
  • Mometasone: Asmanex Twisthaler is one of the brands that uses this.

Relievers are another group of inhalers and have a rapid, short duration of action and are used to get relief from sudden exacerbation of symptoms. There are two types in this. One is of very short duration while the other has about 24 hours of duration.

The long duration ones are a combination of a steroid and a Beta agonist. These are bronchodilators which keep the bronchi dilated. Brands like Fostair contain a combination of a beta agonist and a steroid, formoterol and beclometasone. Seretide have salmeterol and fluticasone. This is a purple-colored inhaler. Symbicort is another brand which contains beta agonist formoterol and steroid budesonide. Steroids on long term usage depletes calcium from bones. Consult a physician before using any of these inhalers. Any acute side reaction should be informed to the physician who is treating the patient.

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