Here’s How to Get a Relief from Back Nerve Pain

Back nerve pain is excruciating and inflicts intense suffering. Living with the pain is challenging since it interferes with daily activities. Professional help is required in order to deal with it.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of nerve pain. Any trauma can trigger this pain. For instance, inaccurate lifting techniques, or a fall or sleeping in a wrong posture or a medical condition such as diabetes or damaged nerves. But whatever the cause, the consequences are painful.

Back nerve pain can take a number of weeks or even months to be cured.

Three common classifications of back pain are as follows:

  • Axial pain: Sharp or dull, constant or fluctuating, it is commonly known as mechanical pain. For example, muscle strain causes axial pain.
  • Referred pain: Dull and varying in intensity, it tends to shift. For example, degenerative disc disease may cause referred pain which affects hips and posterior thighs.
  • Radicular pain: Deep and searing, it follows the path of the nerve. It radiates to the arms or legs and can be accompanied by weakness or numbness. For example, sciatica pain.

Back nerve pain can get better with medical treatment. The doctors generally prescribe medications such as muscle relaxants or NSAIDS. Still, surveys reveal that often, nerve pain persists, and it might be useful to explore complementary or alternative approaches to reduce the pain.

Tips on relieving the back nerve pain

  • Walk and exercise regularly
    Walking and regular exercise can help prevent aggravation of pain since these trigger the body’s natural painkillers known as endorphins. Endorphins stimulate the blood flow to the nerves and also help the expansion of blood vessels in the legs and feet, nourishing damaged nerves back to health. Walking daily is good, gradually increasing the pace and distance.
  • Stretching
    It is important to try different stretches in order to promote relaxation of the muscles. The muscles, on getting injured, contract involuntarily, causing excruciating lower back pain and a vicious pain cycle. Stretching helps to elongate the muscle fibers thus helping them get back to their relaxed state. In addition, employing deep breathing techniques during stretching fills the chest and abdomen with air and energizes muscles.
  • Control diabetes
    If you have diabetes, then it is important to regulate the blood sugar levels. This is the best possible treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

Curing back nerve pain will require extensive care from a health expert who specializes in spinal treatments as well as from professional therapists who offer alternative pain management techniques.

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