Merle Norman cosmetics – Makeup 101

Getting a complete makeover done is a dream for every woman. Getting a complete makeover using Merle Norman cosmetics is an even bigger deal! A makeover experience with Merle Norman cosmetics adds a new dimension and a glow to one’s sin. However, it makes sense when one knows the nitty-gritty about every product, learns its application, knows about the effect it has on one’s skin and attempts to use it themselves. Using a product without information on how to use it or how well it suits the person’s skin will just end up in the product sitting in one’s drawer for ages. Listed below are a few make-up 101 tips and tricks using a few products from the stable of Merle Norman cosmetics.

• Merle Norman Matte Lipstick: Matte shades have grown very popular over the years due to the non-shiny, subtle appearance that comes after their application. Use Merle Norman’s age-defying Matte Lipstick and Lip color range to complete transform your lips, give them a fuller look and also help diminish the appearance of fine lines while providing full color coverage. One can apply it directly to lips or with a lip brush.

• Merle Norman Anti-Aging Complex Eye Cream: Experts espouse using a separate moisturizer for the eyes, and it is extremely essential to do so. The skin surrounding the eyes is ten times thinner, lacks oil glad and it is sensitive. So, it is vital to use cosmetic specifically formed for the eye area. The importance and difference one will experience by using Merle Norman’s luxurious hydrating anti-aging complex eye cream is astounding! Firstly, the anti-aging properties lessen the fine lines around the eye area. Secondly, what makes this product unique is the presence of glycoprotein, a marine ingredient found in the Antarctic sea. It offers moisturization for even the driest of skin textures, works on reducing wrinkles, and softens the skin. The key method is to use this product along with other anti-aging cosmetics that include triple peptide complex. It is clinically tested and experienced to deal with aging signs. The results are tremendous, with each peptide crafted to address different skin types, delivering smoothed, firm skin.

• Merle Norman Matte Oil-Free Foundation: Perfect for all skin types, Merle Norman’s amazing dual powder-and-foundation-in-one offers versatile coverage whether applied dry or wet. Its ultra-fine silky texture absorbs oil, leaving a flawless finish on one’s face. One can use the fingertips, a sponge or a brush to apply this foundation lightly on the skin.

• Merle Norman Blush Rouge: Merle Norman’s Blush Rouge gives a rosy glow to your cheeks. The correct way to apply this wonderful blush is to pinch your cheeks to see what color you naturally flush and apply the product towards the front of the cheek, using your pupil as the starting point.

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