Mistakes to avoid when following a Paleo diet

A Paleo diet focuses on consuming natural foods while avoiding grains, vegetable oils, dairy products, sugars, and refined foods. It is more about the intake of protein and healthy fats while not restricting the person from consuming high-carb foods. If you are also going to start following the Paleo diet for beginners, then there are certain mistakes you should not make. While a Paleo diet is not very strict on what you like to eat, you should follow it stringently, if you want to achieve your weight loss goals.

Shunning away fats: Many beginners who go on a Paleo diet often make the mistake of avoiding fats. They cannot come out of their mindset of consuming low-fat diets to reduce weight. However, you should go for healthy fats. Fats are critical components of a Paleo diet, and these provide the required energy for work and exercise. Shunning away fats can make you feel less energetic and constantly hungry. This may give you negative results while trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

Over consumption of proteins: This is another mistake to avoid while following a Paleo diet. As a beginner, you tend to prefer protein-giving foods to fat-giving foods. This makes you consume more of protein foods. However, you must avoid it and take a balanced diet with all the components your body requires. You should also include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet that are an essential part of a Paleo diet.

Choosing grilled or steamed foods: Sometimes, you unknowingly make the mistake of cutting away the natural fat sources from your diet. If you are going for specific food cooking methods like grilling or steaming that do not involve fats, then natural fat sources may be removed from many food items. Instead, consume a rich diet without being scared of fats. After all, a healthy amount of fat is required in a Paleo diet.

Reducing food portions: According to the Paleo diet, it is necessary that you get the right amount of fats, proteins, and other nutritional components from what you eat. If you reduce the portion size simply to avoid fats, then you are committing another mistake. It is unhealthy to create a tiny portion that may not give you the required nutrition. You may invite other health troubles.

Being too harsh on you: Following a Paleo diet for beginners can be a bit difficult for a few. Initially, you may crave for some processed or packaged foods. However, do not make the mistake of being too harsh on yourself, even if you are following a specific diet plan. You can follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating Paleo food against non-Paleo food. This helps you stick to the diet plan in the right manner.

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