Most trusted toothpaste brands in the US

Toothpaste is among the very few things in life that a person uses as long as he lives. It can be regarded as a part of one’s existence, and it can contribute to keeping off a host of common teeth and gum problems.

Toothpaste brands have risen in substantial numbers over the last few years. As you go to any store, you will see loads of toothpaste brands, which can make the process of selection both difficult and tricky. Nowadays, many dentists’ offices offer a toothpaste sample before you can decide to buy the brand. Also, many leading toothpaste brands sell samples to help you choose the best one.

Here is a list of the top toothpaste brands you can consider for your family-

  • Colgate: If there is a toothpaste brand, which has become an aspect of most families, then it is definitely Colgate. It is popular across the planet and is still recommended by dentists across the globe. Colgate can whiten your teeth, strengthen the gum and enamel, and freshen your breath.
  • Arm & Hammer: A brand, known for producing toothpaste infused with natural ingredients, Arm & Hammer contains baking soda, which can whiten the teeth and make them stronger.
  • Pepsodent: This is yet another toothpaste sample available in all the major countries, which can spare your teeth from plaque buildup, strengthen the enamel and gums, and whiten the teeth.
  • Aim: If you are looking for a gel-based toothpaste, which can control the formation of tartar, then you can choose Aim. It also helps in prevention of cavities.
  • Crest: Suitable for a wide assortment of purpose, Crest is an excellent toothpaste brand which can protect your teeth from the formation of tartar. It has a flavor specially suitable for children.
  • Sensodyne: Widely favored by people with sensitivity, Sensodyne is used all around the world. It is specially formulated to ease the pain associated with sensitivity of teeth. It is also a whitening toothpaste, which can protect the enamel for both kids as well as adults.
  • Close-Up: Known for producing a broad range of mouthwash products, Close-Up can prevent cavities, lighten the teeth shade, and keep the breath fresh for longer hours.
  • Tom’s of Maine: Consisting of natural and biocompatible ingredients, Tom’s of Maine is flavored with fruits and herbs, which create a delightful taste and fragrance. It is excellent for people who have dry mouth problem as well as those who have sensitivity issues.
  • Jason: The last option in the list is a toothpaste infused with tons of natural ingredients, which make it highly effective for protecting sensitive teeth. Natural ingredients such as blue-green algae, cinnamon, clove, and perilla seed extract are used as active ingredients in Jason.

Besides considering the toothpaste brands, do try out the particular toothpaste sample you wish to buy. It is also important to follow the right brushing and flossing techniques to get rid of harmful buildups in the teeth, which are common problem caused by the accumulation of food particles.

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