Popular Brands to Consider When Buying New Laptops

Technology is growing so fast. New inventions are being rolled out almost every day. You also hear that all types of new laptops are being launched. Every laptop features a new set of advanced technology and they are always competitive with their rivals.

The need for a laptop varies for each person. If you’re looking for a new laptop and are confused as to which one to choose, the following lists some of the best flagship brands to choose your net new laptop. To be unbiased, this list is a mix of professional, student, and gaming laptops from different brands. This list, however, does not cover the specs but only the models.

Apple – MacBook

Apple has always left us spellbound with its beautiful designs and futuristic devices. MacBooks are a line of laptops which can be used by professionals and students alike. They come in three variants. MacBook Air boasts a slimmer build and structure that is easy to carry. MacBook Pro is a more powerful laptop with fantastic performance. MacBook Retina or The MacBook is thinner than Air and it features retina display which showcases high-end resolution. They have new laptops available in all the three models.

Microsoft – Surface

The world was waiting for Microsoft to release the Surface range of new laptops, the company’s premium flagship. With a fantastic build and design, Surface laptops offer a combination of looks and power with high-end configuration under the hood. They are versatile and the laptop is flexible enough to be used as you deem fit for the situation. Surface Pro and Surface Book are the two models with latest versions available. The only difference between the two is the graphics processor which is available in Surface Book. This helps in gaming and software that use a GPU. Both the models come with a pen which is very handy.

Dell – Latitude, XPS, and Alienware

Dell has been around for a very long time. The plethora of laptops they have leaves one dazzled. They have new laptops in all budgets. The Latitude series of laptops are the primary choice for a lot of corporate officials. They are versatile and flexible for multiple corporate uses with new models out. XPS laptops are high-end performers for graphics and gaming. Gamers and graphic designers prefer this laptop for their use. The XPS 15 is the latest model. Alienware products are the premium gaming laptops. The sole purpose of their invention is games and nothing else. These laptops are a favorite among hardcore gamers. These are some of the high-end models by Dell.

HP – Spectre and Zbook

HP and Dell have been competitors for a long time. They have released two new laptops which are amazing. The Spectre X360 is a new laptop which received praises from many critics for its build quality and design. The specs and configuration are as good as the looks. It is very flexible and definitely a choice for professionals and students. Moreover, the Zbook is an invention, targeting the creative lot. If you are a creative person, then Zbook is one among the best choices that you have when selecting new laptops.

Lenovo – Yoga and ThinkPad

Lenovo is a fierce competitor of HP and Dell. With their professional line of laptops, ThinkPad, Lenovo is among the primary choices among many professionals. They also boast of the latest addition, Yoga. Yoga is for creative people and these laptops are loaded with high-end specs and flexibility. It rivals with laptops such as HP Spectre, Dell XPS, and Microsoft Surface.

The above-mentioned brands and laptops display diversity. However, there are laptops that are made specifically only for gamers. These laptops are also very expensive laptops as they are loaded with latest and high-end technology to meet the needs of constant performance. If you are looking for gaming laptops then Gigabyte, Razer, and Asus have new laptops on the market. They have top-notch models with performance levels at the best.

With all these options available, make sure to buy new laptops based on your needs and requirements. Check out the sales available for all these variants and be sure to buy the best model. Ensure to check the specifications and price that would suit your needs best.

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