Specifications of the Best Refrigerators in 2018

Looking for a worthy refrigerator for your household needs? Finding a refrigerator that suits your exact needs can be tough. Most people generally look for the best refrigerators online. Some of the best places to buy best refrigerators online are Best Buy and BrandsMart USA.

Now that you know where to buy them, here is a list of the best refrigerators available in the market today.

Whirlpool WRF535SMBM
This is considered one of the best refrigerators because of its style and features. One of the most affordable fridges, this one h has a full width of around 25 cubic feet. Designed with a French door, it can easily hold food for a family of 6 members. This refrigerator is also preferred since it has got approval from Energy Star and its unique designing ensures that it remains a part of your kitchen for a long duration. If you are thinking of buying the same through an online medium in the country, the same can be purchased for $1700 from Home Depot.

Samsung RF28HMEDB
Known for its innovative center drawer, silver trim, and LEDs, this is the perfect modern-day refrigerator. It is also popular for the flex temperature setting, which keeps your favored food at the desired temperature settings. This refrigerator is available for a price of $2110 at Home Depot which is a leading web portal which deals with home shopping products. This product can be ordered from home and the same will be delivered in a time span of 3 to 5 days, based on your location in the country.

It is not as if you are looking for best refrigerators than you should be searching for costly refrigerators. Budget buyers also can think about purchasing some of the best refrigerators and Ge GTS 18 GTH is one of these. This refrigerator is available for $540 from ABT as also from Home Depot.

This refrigerator at 17.5 cubic feet is capable of holding food items for a family of four. A great budget pick, the refrigerator will suffice in case you are looking for a second refrigerator for your home.

Maytag MFF 2258FE
This is a slim version of another such refrigerator which Whirlpool makes. The refrigerator is available for a price of $1620 on Home Depot and can be ordered online from your home location in the country.

Things to consider while purchasing a  refrigerator
Whichever part of the world you might be living in, certain aspects and points when kept in mind will help you choose the best bet when it comes to home products as refrigerators.

If you have an average family to cater to, you can consider buying a 30-inch refrigerator but the width can ideally go up to 36 inches. Though if the size of your kitchen is average, the size factor needs utmost consideration and the refrigerator should be purchased only after considering these factors.

Price and type of refrigerator
Price is one of the factors that should be a key consideration when you consider buying a refrigerator. The price for a 30-inch refrigerator can be as low as $600 which can go up to $2500 for a 36-inch stainless steel French Door refrigerator. Ideally, a refrigerator costs around $1500 if you are not considering the same to be equipped with all high-end features, the presence of which will eventually add on to the cost.

Moreover, you can save a fortune on the cost of the refrigerator by opting for comparing the price from different web portals on which it is available. Web portals like Best Buy and Amazon are immensely popular in the country and you should make a fair comparison of features on these web portals before your finalize your option. Purchasing the refrigerator during any offseason sale also results in lowering of the cost to some extent and you can consider purchasing the same after worthy consideration.

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