The chronicles of Apple watches

Almost the entire world is aware of the Apple Inc.’s tendency to come up with path-breaking technology that has everyone dying to get their hands on. The iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, etc. have raised the bar of technology so high that they got other companies in a predicament.

If the iPhone was the touchstone with which the other phone companies measured their product’s success, then the Apple Watches were designed to give the watch companies and the phone companies a run for their money. The fact that you can actually “wear” technology was hailed as getting a step closer to that world of technology which was only thought of and not acted on. Let’s do some digging in the past and unearth the history of the Apple Watches that has caught the fancy of almost the entire world’s population.

The Apple Inc. brought on board Kevin Lynch, the mastermind behind making the Apple Watches a favorite of the makers and the targeted audience. The intention of creating Apple Watches was clearly outlined when Lynch said that he wished to create wearable technology for people which showed similar levels of engagement which their phones provided them with, but wanted to make it closer to human contact. That is how the concept of Apple Watches evolved. Apple Watches are wireless and connected to the iPhone which enables it to perform varied functions.

The first wearable Apple Watch was an iPhone that was attached to a Velcro strap, a very nicely designed Velcro strap like Lynch put it. The main purpose of executing their idea of a range of smartwatches was to enhance people’s experience of using an iPhone by using a watch. The Apple Watch functions by connecting to the phone via a Bluetooth and can access any Watch compatible apps on the phone.

The rumors of Apple Inc. coming up with a smartwatch started doing rounds in the market from the year 2011 and finally was put to rest when Tim Cook, the then COO and now CEO of Apple Inc. unveiled the new product with a video describing the new features of the most-awaited Apple product: Apple Watches and termed it as the next chapter in Apple’s story. The original range of Apple Watches was available in four variations Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermes, and Apple Watch Edition.

The Apple watch 2, that was introduced in the year 2016, has 4 variants Apple Watch, Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition, each incorporated with fitness tracking capabilities and integrated with the iOS!

So, since you are familiar with the history of the Apple Watches, you now know what makes it so appealing.

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