Tips to Buy the Best Mattress for a Comfortable Sleep

When it comes to choosing mattresses, it can be quite a daunting task. The wrong mattress could leave you with a sore back and neck, as the shape of a particular person’s body is quite dependent on what the person uses to recline on. If the mattress is substandard, things can get quite discomforting.

Moreover, if a child is reclining on the mattress, then it is imperative to choose the correct mattress type to avoid future posture and bodily problems. It is always good to know the most important factors for mattress selection. Once you know what to look for, you can easily buy the best mattress for yourself. So here are some of the most important things you must consider when buying the the best mattress.

The core of the mattress

When you buy the best mattresses, remember that the core of the mattress is responsible for the most important thing about the mattress itself – the support. They can be the of the following types.


If you desire a bit of bounce in your mattress, then an innerspring mattress is the best choice. The gauge of the metal springs can be from 12, which is the most sturdy, to 18, which is the thinnest and provides the greatest bounce.

However, the weight of the person reclining is also an important factor for innerspring mattresses. If your weight is on the heavier side, then you should go for a mattress with a thicker gauge to offer you the most comfort.

Also, bear in mind that the puffy look of a mattress in the store will only last a few months and the compression will increase with time. So, to buy best mattresses, this is a vital consideration.

Memory foam

Polyurethane core mattresses are among the top choices for those wanting to buy best mattresses and are also called memory foam mattresses. They tend to be much firmer than an innerspring mattress. The thickness and density of the foam layer are the most important factors here. Air-filled mattresses tend to be slightly customizable because they can come with a remote. This remote lets the user decide the amount of air that is inside the mattress. They sometimes come with two chambers, adjacent to each other.


Buying the best mattresses can be a tricky process when it comes to latex. Latex mattresses are quite similar to memory foam mattresses. The main difference is that they are slightly more bouncy and buoyant. They can be made with two types of latex, Dunlop latex, and Talalay latex. Dunlop latex is heavier than the latter. However, both types can last up to over twenty years.

Sleeping position considerations

The type of mattress you use should conform with your sleeping position preferences. Buy the best mattresses keeping the following sleeping positions in mind.

On the side

If you tend to sleep on the side, the mattress must be able to disperse the pressure appropriately. Firmer mattresses will provide lesser relief. Innerspring mattresses can probably offer more pressure relief than latex or foam variants. However, this depends on the company producing the mattress as well. So, you should this before buying to get the feel of it.

On the stomach

If you like to sleep on your stomach, a memory foam mattress which can contour according to the shape of the body is the most comfortable. Innerspring mattresses can also do a good job in this case. However, the best support will be given by the mattress with a firm top.

On the back

Lastly, if a person sleeps on their back, then the best option is getting something in the middle. Firm mattresses will provide support, but the softness will also allow for a healthy spinal alignment.

Your choice of mattress will go a long way in deciding how nice sleep you get. Therefore, when you go out to buy the best mattresses, keep these tips in mind and make a good selection for you and your family.

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