Top 4 options for construction cost estimating software

If you are in the construction business, you know that it requires heavy investment and needs you to incur large costs. All of this demands accurate estimates that need to be presented to clients, and having construction cost estimating software at hand helps you in such situations. Here are some good options to consider when looking for a construction cost estimating software:

  • Building Calculator
    This fabulous app lets you budget and make minute calculations for house building for everything ranging from the foundation plate to the number of bricks required and even the flooring. The best part is that the estimation tool is free of cost, and you can also use it offline. If you are a tradesperson who frequently needs to make estimates, Building Calculator is a must-have tool. Even if you have a contractor, this tool lets you keep a tab on them.
  • Buildertrend
    This is one of the top-rated construction cost estimating software options to consider. Buildertrend lets you multitask as it allows you to make estimates and plan finances, schedule and manage construction projects, and manage your customers and service all on one easy platform. It is a cloud-based platform, so you can easily access your data on a smartphone or computer. This software is also linked with QuickBooks for additional functions, and it has good customer reviews, along with a 24/7 help section and customized branding.
  • Esticom
    If you are searching for the best construction cost estimating software, look no further than Esticom. A cloud-based software, it helps in the end-to-end management of construction projects, right from cost estimation to labor and database of materials. Esticom mainly helps tradesmen in the fields of plumbing, electrical, fire safety, security and HVAC, and structured cabling. Users can create professional proposal documents with their data and export them to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF. Esticom offers customer support through an online help desk, documentation, and by phone, and its subscription requires monthly payments.
  • McCormick Electrical Estimating Software
    McCormick Electrical Estimating Software is suited for making estimations for residential, commercial, and industrial constructions and integrates well with QuickBooks, AutoDesk, and Excel, among other business applications, for added support and features. This software lets users create their own pricing database and charge their own prices. The company offers customer support over phone and email, along with video tutorials explaining the features and usability of their services.
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