Top Business Satellite Internet Providers of 2018

If you have a business set up in a rural area, you would know the struggle of getting a stable Internet connection. Wired options such as DSL, cable, and fiber cannot be relied on in remote places. At such times, your best bet is a satellite Internet service provider. While the satellite Internet is slower and relatively more expensive than a normal Internet connection, when it is your only option, there is not much that you can do. On the plus side, satellite technology is racing ahead and soon you can expect highly efficient ISP service and speed. Let us look at the best business satellite Internet providers you can count on this year.

  • Viasat

Viasat provides the fastest satellite Internet across the nation with speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps. However, Viasat’s Internet speeds also depend on where you are located; in some places, speeds can dip to as low as 12Mbps.

The Viasat plans pricing system stays constant for the first three months, after which it increases. Here is the basic and approximate layout of the plans offered by Viasat.

  • 40 GB: $50-$70/month
  • 60 GB: $70-$100/month
  • 100 GB: $100-$150/month
  • 150 GB: $150-$200/month

Data caps
Okay, this is the good news! Viasat does not have any data caps so you can actually go ahead and use all the Internet you want.

Additional information
With installation costing around $300, Viasat does not offer any options to lease. Finally, do remember that Viasat has an early termination fee; you pay USD 15 per month for each month that remains on your contract.

  • HughesNet

The second of the two main business satellite Internet providers, HughesNet is relatively
slower with maximum download speeds reaching 25 Mbps for all its satellite Internet plans.

Reasonable rates and fixed Internet speeds make plans offered by HughesNet easy to understand and extremely transparent. Here are the ones available at the moment.

  • 10 GB: around $49.99 per month
  • 20 GB: around $59.99 per month
  • 30 GB: around $79.99 per month
  • 50 GB: around $99.99 per month

Data caps
HughesNet allows you to go over your allotted data but reduces your speed to almost 1 to 3 Mbps. For an additional charge, you can get back to the standard download speed of 25 Mbps.

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