Top signs bipolar disorder you should look out for

Manic depressive disorder, commonly known as bipolar disorder, is particularly a type of mood disorder. People who experience this problem suffer from depression and mania at different intervals. This disorder needs immediate attention, psychiatric diagnosis, and a proper bipolar disorder treatment.

There are five different types of disorders under this specific category. Here are some of the major signs that one should look out for as symptoms of this disorder:

  • Loss of interest: Suffering from depressions and developing a desire of isolating oneself from social gatherings or even smaller activities that includes crowd, is one of the early signs of bipolar disorder. As a sufferer, you’ll lose interest in things that you used to like doing earlier. Your body will not feel ready or energetic about going out and attending social activities. However, to overcome the anxiety and loss of energy and as a great bipolar disorder treatment, you must try to participate in things happening around you.
  • Racing thoughts: This problem occurs while you are in the manic phase of your bipolar disorder. Racing thoughts create several ideas and emotions. Thoughts run through your mind in a jumbled way, which would further make it hard for you to process. This results in a situation where you will have problems in speaking fluently, in regular patterns and even in continuing the conversation.
  • Exaggerated ego: This is yet another problem you will face during the manic phase. This is a problem where your ego is inflated, and it differs from the feeling of self-loathing, which occurs during a depression. You might want to showcase yourself in front of people and also compare with them to make them feel inferior. This calls for a serious bipolar disorder treatment.
  • Suicidal behavior: Having suicidal behavior or thoughts is the most dangerous and serious sign of this mental condition. You will feel this problem in the depression phase, and this might result in actual suicidal actions. However, with the right bipolar disorder treatment, this might fade away, although it may continue to show few effects.
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