What does an ENT specialist do

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, otolaryngology is one of the oldest forms of health studies in the United States. Which automatically infers how important is the job of an ENT specialist or an otolaryngologist.

An ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) specialist or an otolaryngologist is a medical professional who is qualified to treat problems related to ear, nose, and throat. Apart from ENT infections, some otolaryngologists also have an expertise of dealing with problems concerned with the head and neck. This is chiefly because several of these medical issues are interlinked to each other, which makes otolaryngology a wide-ranging discipline of medical sciences.

When you consult an ENT specialist, make sure that he/she has a legit certification from the American Board of Otolaryngology with relevant skill sets and valuable experience. Your ENT specialist can also limit their expertise to a subspecialty like rhinology (nose), laryngology (throat), head and neck, allergy (immunotherapy), pediatric otolaryngologist, neurotology/otology (ear and nerves), or reconstructive surgeries.

If you are inquisitive about an ENT specialist’s job, then here’s a detailed account about what kind of treatments they deal with.
Ear An ENT specialist deals with ear ailments like tinnitus, hearing loss, ear infections, ear pain and discomfort, and facial and nerve disorders. They will prescribe you with medication or treat your problems with hearing aids or surgery.

Nose One of the most common problems that the otolaryngologists have to deal with are disorders related to nose. ENT specialists deal with nose issues like sinusitis, deviated septum, breathing and smelling disorders, and allergies and headaches due to sinus. ENT specialists use prescription drugs, immunotherapy, or surgeries to correct bothersome illnesses. Doctors may also have to perform reconstructive or cosmetic surgeries to resolve problems like deviated septum.

Throat If you are dealing with throat related health woes, it is time to see an ENT specialist. Most common throat problems are chronic sore esophagus, swallowing disorders, voice disorders, tonsillitis, larynx disease, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Head and neck The head and neck constitute one of the most crucial nerves that are directly linked to the ear, nose, and throat. These nerves carry out some major functions which are related to sight, smell, and hearing. Otolaryngologists deal with issues like that are both benign or malignant in nature. They also help resolve problems such as facial deformities, trauma, birth defects, nerve damage, diseases, and infections.

If you are struggling with any discomfort related to ear, nose, throat, neck, or head, you should consult an ENT immediately to clear any uncertainties. You can ask your general physician for an ENT specialist referral or look them up online.

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