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    Six amazing benefits of feeding canned foods to cats

    Food for Feline has become a controversial topic with juxtaposing opinions supporting both Canned edibles and dry kibbles alike. Most veterinarians, however, have started recommending a diet that consists solely of best-canned food for cats instead of dry kibble. Here are some reasons that indicate why Canned food is a better choice than dry kibble that we tend to feed our cats with:

    • Carbohydrate rich is not cat fit
      Wild varieties of cat sustain by consuming 8-10 small meals composed of high protein and low carbohydrate constituents. This is because cats cannot sustain a carbohydrate-heavy diet. The metabolism in cats is adapted to utilize protein and fat for energy. The dry kibble available in the market is a direct opposition to the food wild cats eat as it is carbohydrate-rich. The carbohydrate content of the food helps it to remain in pellet form but contributes immensely to its obesity. Whereas, some of the best-canned food for cats have the adequate amount of carbohydrates need.
    • Dry food can dehydrate your cat
      The water content in the dry kibble is too low for cats. On the other hand, best-canned food for cats is suitable for all kinds of cats. However, it might take some time for your pet cat to get used to it in the beginning. For cats who have been fed on dry kibble for quite some time in their lives may shy away from seeing canned food. They may not perceive it as food in the first place. Cats can resist consuming water until they are up to 3% dehydrated. Consuming only dry kibbles provides the animal with only half the moisture as compared to a cat eating only canned food. Such chronic dehydration may lead to problems like kidney disease, bladder disease (crystals, stones, FUS, FLUTD, cystitis). You will have to introduce the Wet Canned food subtly and gradually over a period.
    • Dry food can lead to unhealthy cats
      Research findings have claimed that cats lack the metabolic pathway for processing carbohydrates. The cats can digest and utilize a few carbs. However, the excess of carbs gets turned into body fat. This can be a cause of rising rate of feline diabetes. Thus, the dry kibble can be responsible for various medical conditions in cats as opposed to a healthier diet option which is offered by some of the best-canned food for cats.
    • Adding water to dry cat food is not prudent
      Adding a serving of water and milk to cat food is not a prudent option when it comes to balancing the hydration levels of your cat food. There are bacteria on the surface of the dry food, adding moisture can result in massive bacterial growth eventually resulting in a very upset tummy for the animal unlike some of the best-canned food for cats that are wet and safe to be consumed by cats.
    • To avert obesity in pet cats
      A strong meat stench or the fat flavor attracts the cat into eating the feed. Various pet food manufacturers make efforts transform starch-based dry foods attractive for cats. They sometimes coat the kibbles with fat or with “animal digest,” a powder made of chemically or enzymatically digested animal by-products. This leaves us with cats who overeat, not because of hunger, but because of the taste of the food offered and it becomes difficult for them to stop. However, if cats consume wet canned food, there are lesser chances of obesity.
    • Cutting out chances of allergies
      Pet Food manufacturers use processes that involve the use of high heat. This high temperature used to make dry kibbles can damage the proteins in the food. The unnatural forms if these highly processed foods may trigger immune responses that can lead to food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. This is one of the main reasons why pet parents need to opt for best-canned food for cats over dry options available.
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    Top 10 wet cat food brands to choose from

    Are you a proud owner of a cute kitten? Then there are certain things that you cannot miss while taking care of it in the best possible way. The kitten requires the right nutritional food in the right amount to ensure proper health of it. Also, you need to be sure about the water intake of your cat as well.

    There are many health benefits of feeding your cat with best-canned foods that are wet in content. While you provide wet food, you can be sure the cat also gets water content from the food along with the nutrition. So, it not only provides nutrition but water as well. If you are looking forward to buy the best-canned food for cats, here is a classified list of some of the wet cat food brands that might be handy:

    • Halo Spot’s Stew
      If your cat loves meat-based canned food, this makes a good choice. It is free of preservatives and comes with low carbohydrate content. That means it does not include grain content.
    • Nature’s Variety Instinct
      The second in the list of best-canned food for cats in the wet category is the Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Cat Food. As the name suggests, it does not include grains and includes a rich content of protein. The ingredients are major meat, along with fruits and vegetables.
    • Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken In Chicken Consomme
      This is made out of wholesome ingredients that include seafood as well as sliced meat. It gives your kitten natural flavors of the ingredients. It also contains sunflower oil as an additional ingredient.
    • Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food
      This is comparatively a costly option, but still one of the best-canned food for cats. The food is heavy in meat with essential nutrients and water content to make your cat healthy and active.
    • Soulistic Can Cat Food Formula
      This will make a preferable choice if you are looking forward to feeding the cat with high-quality protein in natural flavors. It provides complete nutrition for your cat, and that’s why a large percentage of cat owners rate it as the best-canned food for cats.
    • I and love and you- All Natural Canned Cat Food
      Cat-owners often recommend this product because of its nutritional value. It contains absolutely no grains, and your cat will like it for sure. It’s available in different flavors like meat, salmon, turkey, etc.
    • Solid Gold Holistic Meat & Gravy Canned
      The major ingredients in this product are water, canola oil, tuna, tapioca, tricalcium phosphate, etc. It’s available in different varieties like sardine & tuna shreds, shrimp & tuna shreds, etc.
    • Wild Calling Wet Cat Food
      The brand is famous for producing best-canned food for cats since many years. The major highlight of the product is that it is made of meat fortified with vital nutrients. It is also supplemented with the liver of the chicken and other required nutrients for your cat.
    • Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Duck Goose Cat Food
      This company has produced feline foods with healthy ingredients that are raw. It includes poultry, fruits, vegetables, and comes in a natural flavor. It’s specifically made based on the cat’s natural diet. You can be ensured of proper nutrition if you are providing your cat with this wet food.
    • Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food
      Last in the list of best-canned food for cats is the ZIwipeak Canned Cat Food. It is recommended if you are looking for a product suited for weight-management in your cat. The main ingredient in this product is rabbit or lamb. It came free of any additional preservatives and produced from natural raw materials.
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    6 canned foods recommended for cats

    Cats require a combination of wet canned foods and dry foods to maintain good health and nutrition. Over the years, most veterinarians have concluded that a combination of both is what is best for your cat. You can stick with one diet or simply rotate between a few. This way, you can ensure that your cat has the variety and has all meals adequately. Cats normally end up disliking the same food they had over few months. So you will need to explore the different varieties to find the best-canned food for cats. There are several best-canned foods for cats with grains like brown rice or ingredients with pumpkin or potatoes. These contain high amounts of carbohydrates, and so it is best if you give them in small amounts.

    Cats like wet soft food and so find the best one for your feline at home. Here are six canned foods that your cat would probably love. Each of them has a different set of ingredients and are prepared in unique styles.

    • Natural Balance canned cat foods
      This is one of the most popular and best-canned foods for cats. It is an all-natural product that has almost no preservatives. You can find ingredients like chicken broth, chicken, salmon, brown rice, carrots, and fish meal. The food has a pleasant aroma and consistency that most cats seem to love.
    • Nature’s logic duck & salmon canned cat food
      This is a brand that has no corn, rice, soy, wheat, or any other synthesized minerals, vitamins or nutrients in it. With primary ingredients like duck, salmon, poultry liver, heart and dried egg, this natural cat food is most advisable for your cat. It even has vegetables and fruits like blueberry, broccoli, carrot, spinach, and cranberry.
    • Weruva paw licking chicken canned cat food
      The brand Weruva has been selling their version of juicy best-canned food for cats for years now. It is a very popular type among cats who prefer this to solids. You can get it with different recipes with fish and other seafood formulas. The varieties with chicken, sunflower seed oil, and tapioca starch are most popular.
    • Halo’s spots stew for cats
      This is one other recipe which does not contain any by-products or chemicals. The ingredients you will find here are chicken, chicken broth, celery, carrots, zucchini, pasta, and turkey.
    • Wellness chicken canned cat food
      This brand gives the best of the food quality which what every cat owner looks for. This one is a bit pricey, but you can be sure that you are giving the best-canned foods for cats to your pet. The main ingredients are chicken, chicken liver, broth, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
    • Newman’s own chicken and brown rice
      Created by Paul Newman, this recipe is made only with Bell & Evans chicken. The chicken is fed an all-natural vegetable diet that is devoid of any antibiotics. The grains used in this can are also grown without any synthetic fertilizer or pesticide. The ingredients here are organic chicken, ocean whitefish, flax seeds, brown rice, oats, dried kelp and plenty of water. This is another best-canned food for cats that you will find is worth splurging on for your cat.

    There are plenty of formulas available each with different sets of ingredients. Each pet does have its preferences which will change over time. You will always have plenty of options to go through. The best thing to do is to rotate different canned foods and keep your pet healthy. This list has the best-canned food for cats that you can find. They are certified and is a healthy option to go with.

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    A guide to buy the perfect dry cat food

    Picking the best cat food in the market can be challenging. Your pet cat has specific nutritional needs, and you need to make sure her needs are met so that your pet does not fall sick. Food market has some brands that make nutritious cat food. But you need to know which food is better for your cat before you buy it. Before you understand which brand offers best dry cat food, you need to address the following things:

    • Age of the cat
      When you pick the cat food, make sure the nutrition in the food is appropriate to the age of your pet. Some food is designed for kittens and some other food for the adults and seniors. So make sure you read the labels before you put the tin in your cart. Cat’s life is categorized into three stages: kitten, adult, and senior.
    • Kittens
      Your kittens need high protein and high-fat diet to develop teeth, strong bones and muscles.
    • Adults
      Try low calorie best dry cat food indoor cat meals so that they do not put on weight. If your cat is overweight, it is at the risk of getting diabetes, heart problem and arthritis.
    • Senior cats
      By this stage the cats become sedentary. Hence they need best cat food indoor cats can digest easily and does not burden their kidneys.
    • Body condition of the cat
      The nutritional requirements of pet cats differs depending on their size of the body. Overweight cats need different nutrition when compared to underweight cats.
    • Health conditions
      You also need to keep your cat’s health condition in mind while picking best dry cat food. If your pet suffers from any of the health conditions like allergies, diabetes, breathing difficulties, then you need to buy food that is sensitive to your pet’s conditions.
    • Budget
      Usually, you get best quality cat food at a higher price. So the more you spend, the better quality you get. However, you need to find what best you can offer to your pet in your budget without compromising on the nutrition. If budget is your constraint, then you can get your pet cat accustomed to homemade or discounted best indoor cat food.

    What to look for in the best dry cat food?

    A healthy diet will keep your pet cat away from diseases. So make sure the following ingredients are on the top of the list when you read the labels- Protein from fish, poultry or meat like lamb, beef, chicken, tuna, or turkey, amino acid taurine, fatty acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and water.

    The best dry cat food should have preservatives to keep the food fresh and should have wheat, corn, rice as fillers along with coloring, flavors, and binders. The foods should meet the standards set by the AAFCO.

    What to avoid?

    You best dry cat food should not have the following ingredients:

    • By-products
    • Added Sugars
    • Chemical preservatives proved to be dangerous like BHT, BHA, propyl gallate and ethoxyquin
    • Cornmeal
    • Carbohydrate fillers added more than the required quantity

    Keep rotating your cat food because your pet may get bored with the same meal every day. Different foods come with a different range of vitamins and minerals. So when you rotate food choices, you are balancing the diet. Also, cats are very curious by nature. They tend to eat the common household food which can make them severely sick. So here are the things that should be kept away from your cat:

    • Canned tuna
    • Garlic
    • Onions
    • Milk
    • Alcohol
    • Chocolate
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Cola drinks
    • Raw eggs
    • Grapes
    • Raisins
    • Candy and gums
    • Yeast dough

    In case your pet accidentally eats any of the above-said household food items, you need contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and get help immediately.

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    How to choose the right food for your cat

    Deciding on the best indoor cat food for your kitty is essential, as food is the primary source to keep pet cats healthy. One thing that all cat owners need to understand is that cats are carnivores. They should not be given vegetarian or vegan diets as their nutritional need can be fulfilled entirely only through the intake of animal proteins. The right kind of best cat food for indoor cats will prevent all health problems and ensure that your cat maintains a healthy weight and activity level for her breed.

    All domesticated cats need the following nutrients to stay healthy, and you should consider all these elements while choosing the best dry cat food or wet cat food:

    • Proteins:
      They are essential to promote lean muscle growth. The best cat food indoor cats should have almost 95% protein from known animal source.
    • Fats:
      Look preferably at fatty acids in the form of omega-3 and omega-6 as they help keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy and shining.
    • Fibre:
      It is essential to support their digestive health by preventing gas and other gastrointestinal issues.
    • Vitamins and minerals:
      Your cat will also need sufficient amount of vitamins A, E, K and B. Folic and pantothenic acids and minerals are also essential in her food. Additional minerals that cats need include calcium, phosphorous, and iodine.
    • Taurine:
      It is an essential amino acid that cats compulsorily need in their daily nutrition.

    Cats have shorter large intestines and cannot digest too much of carbohydrates. So the food you choose should not have a high percentage of carbs like fruits, vegetables, and grains. High quality and best dry food for cats like Hill’s Science Diet provides adequate carbohydrates in easily digestible form.

    Look for the complete description of the ingredients to know you are feeding your cat enough. Also, ensure that the food you feed your cat falls under the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) regulations and has been approved by the same.

    When you commit yourself to nurturing a cat for life, you also need to understand the various dietary needs that keep on changing as the cat reaches the different stages of its life.

    Kittens and nursing cats will need more calories and nutrient intensive foods. At the kitten stage, your cat will need more fat and protein to build stronger bones. Pregnant and nursing cats will also require higher levels of fats, essential vitamins and minerals to help support the growing kittens. As your cat grows older, it will need less fat intensive food to prevent obesity.

    Also, remember that variety is the spice of life even for cats. You can feed your cat one form of food in the morning and another at night. Before you go to work, you can fill your cat’s bowl with the best dry cat food, and at night you can give your cat the best indoor cat food of the wet variety.

    Cats get easily bored with the same kind of food, and it is important that you keep choosing various best cat food indoor cats.

    Daily supply of plenty of fresh, clean water is an absolute necessity for all cats. Make sure to keep your cat’s water bowl filled through an automatic refilling tower when you’re not home. If you feel that your cat is getting dehydrated, you can switch over from the best dry cat food to the best indoor cat food in wet form.

    Avoid giving your cat scraps from the table and keep your cat away from chocolate, caffeinated drinks, raisins, grapes, and onions. As cats grow out of their kitten stage, their digestive system becomes less tolerant of lactose, and thus, even the best dry cat food indoor cat containing lactose or milk derivatives should be avoided for adult cats.

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    Popular websites to buy puppy food

    Every dog has a unique nutritional requirement at different stages of his life. The ‘puppy’ stage of a dog’s life is crucial, and it’s important that its feed boosts its strength and health that it requires for having a strong foundation. Nowadays, different brands and types of puppy foods are available online and offline in many stores. For all the pet parents looking for food resources for their puppies, here is a list of websites from where a pet parent can shop for one of the Best Puppy Food:

    • Chewy.com
      Chewy.com claims to have changed the way an American shopper fills his bags when it comes to pet food. They offer a vast selection of premium pet products and promise a fast lighting delivery. If you place an order before 4 pm EST, they will ship your order the very same day. Their website also has a helpline where a customer can consult a knowledgeable pet expert 24 hours, seven days a week. They leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their customers are fully satisfied. They offer a hassle-free 365-day return policy where you can let Chewy know if you are not satisfied with the product and they will take care of the rest.
    • PetSmart.com
      PetSmart Inc. is a retail chain involved in the sale of specialty pet supplies and services. The variety of Puppy food they host is good enough to confuse the choices even of an avid buyer. The website encourages bulk orders by offering lucrative discounts and offers. The customer support they offer is also commendable.
    • Petsupermarket.com
      A chain of specialty pet care supplies retail stores in the States, Petsupermarket.com was formerly known as Pet Circus. They opened in 1973 and since then have developed a strong online as well as offline presence. Their store offers a vivid variety of best puppy foods to its customers. Along with best puppy foods, they also host a variety of good quality feeders and bowls, health and nutrition products, chewing solutions, dishes and bowls, supplements and vitamins.
    • Petco.com
      With a motto directed towards healthier pets and happier pet parents, the people at Petco.com aim to make the world a better place. Petco.com has served the country for more than 50 years and is home to a wide variety of best puppy foods that are available in their stores. Best Brands of Puppy foods are all available on their web portal and stores. You can filter the foods by price, brands, average rating, lines, primary flavor, special needs, and breed. Such filters help pet parents make more informed and intelligent choices for their pet puppies.
    • Marshallspetzone.com
      When it comes to choosing the best puppy food for your pet, Marshallspetzone.com is a great choice. The people at Marshall’s recommend recognizing the needs of a dog when it is just a ‘puppy.’ They know that at this phase, the puppy must receive higher meat-based protein, lower carbohydrates and a good amount of vitamins and minerals. They thus host a variety of puppy food which is free of artificial flavoring and coloring. Choose from the choicest selection of food that is beneficial for the health of your little pup at Marshallspetzone.com.
    • Petsbarn.com
      Petsbarn.com is famous pet store that came into being in the year 1947 and claims to offer quality pet foods at factory direct prices. They manufacture the food at their manufacturing unit in Texas. This homegrown puppy food brand claims to offer a vast variety of best puppy food for your pet no matter the age, breed, weight, and activity level of your pet puppy. They formulate special variants for the specific needs of your puppy.
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    A guide to choose the right food for your puppy

    If you have a puppy, then you must be certainly concerned if your pet is getting enough nutrition or not. There are so many pet food brands on the market that it is easy to get confused with what to buy and which brand is offering the best puppy food. Nutrition is important for the healthy growth of your puppy. Lack of nutrition can lead to several health conditions for your little pet.

    What nutrition is good for your puppy?
    Whether it is human or animals, a well-balanced diet is needed to maintain good health. To maintain the development and growth of a puppy is a lot of hard work. If you don’t pay attention, your puppy may be deprived of essential nutrients. Puppies are very sensitive to the dietary deficiencies. Hence, it is very important that the puppies get healthy food during their initial years. So let’s find out the best puppy food that will let your pet grow healthy.

    What should be the minimum nutrient content of puppy food?
    Best puppy food is a properly balanced meal which is a combination of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fat minerals and water. Any brand that says that they make best puppy food must give 445 calories per serving. As per the chart provided by the American Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO), the best puppy food must have the following:

    Nutrient Percentage

    Protein 22%

    Arginine 0.62%

    Histidine 0.22%

    Isoleucine 0.45%

    Lysine 0.77%

    Leucine 0.72%

    Methionine + Cystine 0.53%

    Phenylalanine +Tyrosine 0.89%

    Threonine 0.58%

    Tryptophan 0.20%

    Valine 0.48%

    Fat 8%

    Calcium 1%

    Phosphorous 0.8%

    Sodium 0.3%

    Chloride 0.45%

    Some of the best puppy food brands that are known for their balanced nutrient contents are Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage, Taste of the Wild, Holistic Select, Wellness and Blue Buffalo.

    Best puppy food must be rich in minerals, amino acids, fat, and protein. Apart from this, you also need to make sure your puppies get enough Omega 3 acids for healthy skin and proper development of eyes and brain. If your puppies are large breed, then you need to make sure they do not get any developmental diseases related to orthopedics. Usually, large puppies are prone to hip dysplasia which is a condition related to abnormal growth rate when they are deprived of essential nutrients in their diet. The diet meant for large breed puppies needs to be balanced in calcium and phosphorous because overeating calcium and phosphorous can make large breed puppies prone to orthopedic diseases. Also, the best puppy food designed for large breed puppies needs to be low in calorie and fat content.

    Every nutrient in your puppy’s balanced food has a purpose and is essential for the healthy growth of your puppy. The nutrients keep the puppy away from serious health conditions related to heart, kidney, and other vital organs. The nutrients in the best puppy food help to build muscles, maintain the muscle tone and also repair the muscles. The nutrients also build healthy teeth and bones and make puppy active. When your puppy eats nutritious food, it gets the stamina to fight off infections. The protein in the diet helps the muscles to grow and function properly. Fats play an important role in providing energy and helping the brain to function normally. Fat also helps the skin and the hair to be healthy and shiny. The carbohydrates provide enough energy for the puppy to be active throughout the day. The minerals in the food are essential for the muscle contraction and the conduction of the nerve. The vitamins along with the minerals develop the puppy’s immune system and maintain the metabolism. Also, they together repair the damaged cells and help in regenerating and maintaining the normal function of the cells.