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    A brief history of the Nike Cortez

    Nike Cortez is one of the classic shoe designs, a true sneaker jewel that was born in 1972. The concept was designed by Olympic coach Bill Bowerman and it became the official track shoe for that season. Suitable for long distance and rough terrain running, the Cortez gained a lot of popularity during the Olympics.

    Originally made of nylon, the Nike Cortez has undergone a number of design changes. New materials like leather and suede were tested to see if the modifications do justice to the original concept. One of the main features of the Nike Cortez is its sole, made of thick and durable rubber that is built to last. The heel and sole design also help reduce stress on the Achilles tendon.

    Nike Cortez has had a rich history. The shoes were featured in the academy award winning film “Forrest Gump,” worn by Tom Hanks. Nike’s exposure in mainstream cinema even managed to help the shoes gain popularity among sports and fitness enthusiasts.

    The “Cortez” was originally launched as a tribute to a Spanish conquistador and the brand style was commercialized in 1971 that broke all sales records, with over $800,000 in revenue within the first year itself. A year later, the original owners and distributors of the “Cortez” shoes came up to Nike as the official brand and Nike Cortez is one of the best official styles owned by the brand.

    Comfort was Bil Bowerman’s main goal when the Nike Cortez shoes were created. Comfort is also the main reason why the “Cortez” was featured as one of the frontrunners of Nike in the coming years. For athletes who competed in running events, the Nike Cortez was a great lightweight option that supported long and flexible strides.

    Earlier, the Cortez was made purely out of nylon. Bill Bowerman and Phil Night had to incorporate design changes to use new materials evolving with time and trends. Leather and suede were the popular variants introduced later on.

    The Nike Cortez QS from Baseball Pack and Basic QS 1972 definitely got everyone’s attention when they were released. The Cortez QS was chosen as the official style for the baseball season’s kickoff this year while the Basic QS was designed with reference to the Compton City in Los Angeles.

    Nike has released the classic blue, white, and red Cortez, available on the official website to celebrate the iconic running shoe and its rich history in mainstream cinema and sporting events. You can browse through almost 55 different variants of Nike Cortez designed for men, women, teens, kids, and even infants. Other styles, like the Nike Air Max 2018, can also be purchased on the official website.

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    4 reasons why you must buy the Nike Air Max 90

    The Nike Air Max trainers have been around for more than four decades now, and they still hold a strong position in the shoe fashion industry. They are still as popular as they used to be in the early 70s. A major reason for the sustained popularity is the constant evolution of designs which have kept up well with the changing trends in the design world. The Nike Sportswear team has also worked well in incorporating the new upcoming designs of the Nike Air Max 90, a clear example of which is the Nike Air Max 2018. This Nike shoe is a pure mix of the new design and authentic Air Max style. If you aren’t convinced already, here are some reasons why you must definitely own a pair of the new Nike Air Max 90:

    The shoe is breathablethis makes a huge difference to most of the people that are looking to buy a new shoe. When you do not sweat or do not feel a tightness in your foot (wearing the ideal size for your foot), the shoe is considered to be breathable. The Nike Air Max 90 stands out as it is a multi-layered shoe and still extremely breathable.

    Along with being breathable, the shoe gives you a paramount level of comfort. This is one of the key factors for the popularity of the shoe, along with the exceptional designs, of course. According to a review, many customers have said that they feel like they are walking on air.

    Exceptional grip
    The Air Max shoes are known mainly because of their superior grip and a heavy sole that adds bounce to the shoe. The waffle pattern on the outer sole is the one that adds extra traction to the shoe. This also prevents the wearer from slipping on a watery or oily surface. The grip is not heavy as most people believe that a strong grip means that it would add some weight to the shoe. However, this is not the case in the Nike Air Max 90.

    Stand-out designs
    The shoe has evolved over the years, in terms of the model, design, and colors. There have been multiple collaborations of the Nike Air Max 90 that hold the potential to catch the eye of most people looking for Nike shoes. The new Nike Air Max 2018 is slightly simple as it is only available in gradient colors or solids. However, over the years, the Nike Air Max 90 has had many different and unique design patterns.

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    5 popular and trending variants of the Nike Cortez

    Nike is a brand name known to everyone when it comes to athletic and fitness goods. Shifting fashion trends today indicate a comeback of the classic Nike Cortez sneakers, that were popular in the 70s. The low profile style works particularly well with different styles of women’s clothing. Popular variants of the Nike Cortez are available for men, women, kids, and even toddlers.

    Nike Classic Cortez
    Nothing beats the classic white, red, and blue Nike Cortez that was originally designed by Bill Bowerman. The shoe was first introduced in 1972 and has been a classic crowd favorite for over four decades. The addition of synthetic leather to the original design provides for more support and durability. You can buy the classic men’s Nike Cortez for around $80 from the official Nike store.

    Nike Cortez Basic Nylon
    The nylon suede overlay over the original Nike Cortez design provides a very lightweight feel while wearing the shoes that does not compromise on the style quotient. The nylon Cortez also features a high heel and modified design lines, for a price of around $70, in two color variants.

    Nike Classic Cortez Nylon
    One of the premium Nike Cortez shoes designed for women, the Classic Cortez Nylon is a stellar standout. The shoe is available in a coral stardust and white for just under $70 on the official website. You can also design your very own Classic Cortez using the sneaker design tool featured. You can choose from available colors and materials to personalize your very own pair of Nike Cortez. The personalized variant will be slightly expensive.

    Nike Classic Cortez SE Premium
    The Cortez SE Premium is one of the popular old-school running shoes with a modified design featured on the official Nike store. You can buy or customize the SE Premium if you are not interested in buying the classic black or the reflect silver or cool grey variants of the Classic Cortez. The SE Premium women’s shoe can be purchased for a discounted price of approximately $63.

    Nike Cortez Basic SL
    The Basic SL is one of the highest rated shoes in the Cortez collection designed mainly for teenagers. Popular variants of the SL can be bought for around $60 from the official website. The Basic SL has a synthetic leather and foam sole cushion for durability and long-lasting comfort.

    The Nike Cortez Stop Sign line that was recently launched is inspired by the trends of the Nike Air Max 2018. The classic midsole and silhouette styles have been retained in the Stop Sign collection. These amazing additions to the Nike collection are also available online for you to buy.

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    4 popular designs from the Nike Air Max 90 family

    It has been 31 whole years since the release of the first ever Nike Air Max trainers, and the shoe has come a long way. With the addition of new models to the Air Max family almost every other year since its inception, the family has grown significantly. A new model of the Nike Air Max was also launched in 2018. This article focuses on the Nike Air Max 90 and how it has evolved over the years. This addition to Nike sportswear was designed by Tinker Hatfield and changed the retro phase of the Nike shoes. It has been a point of debate that the Air Max 90 is the best pair of sneakers made by Nike. Let us look at some of the best designs for the Air Max 90s.

    Bacon DQM
    This edition of the Nike Air Max 90 does not require an introduction as it has been a part of the “best of” lists on numerous occasions. This shoe is the result of a partnership between Nike and Dave’s Quality Meats. It is one of the greatest and the most successful collaborations for the Nike Air Max 90 and definitely deserves to be a part of this list.

    The 2007’s Armed Forces Pack is where this Air Max finds its origins. The Warhawk is by far one of the best releases in the Nike Air Max 90’s family. It is also one of the shoes that has the craziest and the extremely stylish design among the Air Max 90s. The shoe design takes its inspiration from the P-40 Warhawk fighter plane that was used in the World War II. It features the Warhawk’s iconic colors and the jagged teeth of the fighter plane.

    Moon Landing
    It is very rare that an out-of-the-blue design makes it to the Nike Air Max family and becomes a legend. However, this is the story of the “Moon Landing” edition of Nike Air Max. The idea of the design was in accordance with Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon, and it was released on the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. The layout of the Moon Landing is taken from the Air Max 90 Lunar. The shoe was enhanced to have 3D lunar graphics as well as the patriotic colors on the heel badge.

    Reverse Infrared
    There won’t be many guaranteed remittance (GR) shoes in the list for all-time greats, even if it is the Nike Air Max or any other prominent model of shoes. This version was released in the 2010s and was a hit after it came to the chain retailers. The shoe takes the original infrared mix and the includes the familiar hues in a color-blocking pattern. There have been many other renditions of this model since then.

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    Popular women’s performance shoes from Skechers

    Skechers started as a utilitarian footwear brand that has expanded unbelievably. It now offers many styles of comfortable yet fashionable athletic, and casual shoes.

    One of the best rated athletic footwear houses, Skechers, specializes in performance shoes. While most women’s Skechers are popular for being uniquely styled, and ultra-comfortable, Skechers offers several varieties of shoes that also improve performance. Check out some of the popular performance shoes that Skechers has to offer.

    Skechers GO run 5
    This amazing women’s Skechers is available in nine playful colors and is a hot favorite among runners due to its featherlight weight, cushiony interiors, and sturdy soles. The best part about the shoe is its unique breathable quality, and supportive uppers. The shoe is fit for runners with high or medium arches as it provides great arch support on off road, light gravel bath, and rough terrains.

    Skechers GO Run Ride 5
    One of the best parts about these women’s Skechers is the range of colors they come in. You get to pick from 20 attractive colors, and prints. The shoe is especially popular among fitness enthusiasts for its comfortable construction, light weight, stable arch support, and sturdy traction. Despite being super comfortable, this shoe may not be the best fit for people with wide toes. People who wish to buy wide fit shoes can browse through several women’s Skechers.

    Skechers GOmeb Speed 3
    This shoe is a great option for people who need to enhance their speed, and performance or track sessions. The shoe is quite versatile and can be used by people with all kinds of foot sizes, and types. Many experts found the shoe to be roomy enough for a snug fit. What’s more, when it comes to color, and design the shoe comes in 17 happy combinations to choose from. The shoe also has a strong grip and a sturdy mid-sole that helps runners an enhanced push off.

    Skechers GO trail Ultra 4
    This shoe with cushioned foot bed and the maximalist sole is most appropriate for everyday runs, races, interval training, fartlek, etc. The shoe comes in 8 great colors that look extremely attractive and inspiring. Another great quality about the shoe is that it comes at a relatively cheaper price despite the smart mid-sole and responsive upper.

    Skechers GO run 400
    This variety of women’s Skechers is a winner when it comes to colors. These come in 46 splendid combinations to suit every mood. The shoe has perforated vents that offer great comfort, and ventilation. If you are looking for a budget-friendly performance shoe, GO run 400 can be your best bet.

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    The best Asics running shoes

    Our sedentary lifestyle takes a huge toll on our bodies, and pretty soon you can see a paunch slightly jutting out of your favorite shirt, or you might find your pretty skinny jeans cutting into your thighs. These are signs that indicate the fact that we are neglecting our body. So, what do you do next? It’s never too late to make amends to your routine. You can either join a gym or take up some sport to keep your body from flailing. However, there are people who do not enjoy working out in confined places and aren’t motivated to follow the routine every day. So, there’s still hope for such people. Pick up your running shoes and start jogging in the morning. Nothing brightens your day than being in the midst of nature and exercising at the same time.

    Now that you have decided to go running, the next question is, which running shoes should you opt for? There are plenty of different running shoes in the market and this might add to your confusion. So, let’s make it easier for you. If you are looking for durability and style plus a dose of comfort, Asics running shoes are what would fit the bill perfectly. Asics running shoes should be your first preference if you wish to blend comfort with style. Here’s a list of the best Asics running shoes that would suffice all your needs to the T.

    Asics Dynaflyte- Asics Dynaflyte is the latest in the Asics running shoes collection. Stylish and practical, these shoes are the ones that has shocked the testers as well, with its perfect grip and ability to chain gait swiftly. It is equipped with the new Impact Guidance System and has excellent moisture management which means bye-bye sweaty feet.

    Asics GT 2000 4- Is over-pronation a problem? There’s no need to fret. The Asics GT 2000 4 is designed for the daily runner and takes care of over-pronation with great ease. You needn’t worry whether your gait would be affected or the shoes would be fit you snugly enough to provide balance, because this Asics running shoes has a heel clutching system for support.

    Asics Gel Kinsei 6- If you are a daily runner and prefer comfort over everything else, then the Asics Gel Kinsei 6 is what you should opt for. The first thing that you need to take care while buying shoes is that, your feet should be able to breathe. This Asics running shoes are very breathable and the uppers are chafe-free.

    Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9- Here’s a unique flashy Asics running shoes for the ones who love quirky designs. The gel cushioning system in heel and forefoot absorbs shock, so you aren’t going to experience any discomfort while running.

    So, get your Asics running shoes and jog your way to a healthy you.

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    The chronicles of Asics, the perfect running shoes

    Almost everything on the face of the Earth has some sort of history attached to it. Human history and evolution, everything has been chronicled. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find the history of your favorite fashion brand and how it evolved from the founder’s brainchild to the popular clothing brand it has become. People like finding facts about the things that hold their interests: for example, if you love jewelry, you would read into the evolution of your favorite jewelry brand. If clothes and jewelry can be chronicled, so can your favorite Asics running shoes.

    Asics running shoes has been a favorite of regular runners and hardcore athletes. The comfort quotient, blended with style and strength, has been the major trademark of Asics right from its inception. If you love your Asics running shoes and aren’t aware about how it came into being, keep reading.

    Asics is the brainchild of an entrepreneur who had the foresight to think of how a healthy body would impact the morale of his generation and the others to come. Kihachiro Onitsuka had founded the Onitsuka Co.Ltd in the year 1949 with the sole intention of reprising the Japanese youth’s morale that had suffered a setback during the war-torn period. He was of the opinion that a healthy body and healthy mind can work wonders in re-instilling a sense of confidence in the forlorn Japanese youth. The company broke into the mainstream with their unique concept of attaching suction cups to the sole of the shoes which would provide an unfaltering grip.

    Then came the 1960s and the famous and now vintage Onitsuka Tiger shoes came into being. It was labelled the perfect running shoes after becoming a favorite of the Boston Marathon winners. Asics running shoes came into existence in the year 1977 out of the collaboration of Onitsuka with two other companies, a sport manufacturing company and a knitwear manufacturer. Asics running shoes became highly popular when the Olympic winners were spotted wearing it and the shock absorbing foam insoles and gel pad cushioning were an instant hit with runners. The gel cushioning is what became Asics became known for. Your current Gel Lyte running shoes have acquired these gel cushioned shoes from their ancestors.

    The Gel Lyte running shoes have undergone major modifications from its initial days and has kept itself updated with the changing times and needs. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that currently, Asics running shoes is considered to be the contemporary street and athletic shoe brand with an interesting history to fall back on.