Healthy eating options at Pizza Hut

In today’s era, people are becoming very health conscious. Most of them are adapting to healthy food habits, both at home and at restaurants. To cater to the needs of healthy consumers, food chain restaurants are including healthy options on their menu. Since vegan diet does not include any eggs or dairy products, more and more people are adapting to the vegan lifestyle for a healthier life.

As a vegan, you have lots of options to eat at home, but when you step out to dine, your option suddenly becomes limited. Most of the Indian, Mexican and Thai restaurants have a wide range of food options for vegans and vegetarians. However, if you feel like eating something cheesy like a pizza, then you may have to stop and think because not all pizza places have vegan options available. For a vegetarian or a vegan or looking for a gluten free menu, you can find multiple varieties of toppings to pamper you at the Pizza Hut.

Vegan Menu at Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut has a separate menu for vegans where you can customize your pizza and have a hearty meal without cheese. Their menu consists of vegan sauces, crusts, and toppings as well. Vegan crusts on their menu include thin n crispy crust and the dessert crust. The sauces that go on the vegan crust include the all-natural old world pizza sauce, all-natural pizza sauce, and the all-natural sweet pizza sauce. The wide varieties of toppings are black olives, banana peppers, green peppers, green olives, mushroom, multigrain crust, red onion, tomatoes, thin n crispy dough, sliced jalapenos, mushrooms and the p’zone dough.

Gluten-free pizza at Pizza Hut
People from Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) can also order gluten-free pizzas at this chain restaurant. Gluten is a protein that binds breads and prevents it from crumbling. The Pizza Hut gluten free pizza is made from Udi’s signature crust but is made delicious with a set of tasty ingredients. The toppings and the ingredients used in the gluten-free pizzas are kept separately in a gluten-free kit. The people who make gluten-free pizzas wear gloves and bake the pizza on a parchment paper. They also use a pizza cutter that is designated to be used for gluten-free pizzas only. In addition, this menu is quite appealing to the people who suffer from the celiac disease. This is an inherited auto-immune disease and it damages the small intestine if your diet includes gluten.

So you do not have to stick to homemade food anymore if you are a vegan or in case you are on a gluten-free diet. Join your friends and family and enjoy your meal with various options available.

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