Some good-to-know facts about assisted living facilities

You must have heard about assisted living and you may also be familiar with the practice. However, if you think you are not well acquainted with the concept, continue reading to learn more about assisted living and all that it provides.

As not all assisted living facilities are equal, they provide differing levels of care. By either contracting with some health agencies or employing personal care staff, these facilities offer less expensive services that skilled nursing homes usually offer. Depending on the facility’s licensing, some facilities provide lighter care while others with a high degree of licensing offer a high-level care to people confined to bed.

Assisted living facility is not a nursing home
Both provide care; however, there is a difference between assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities assist seniors to do what they can do for themselves while providing the required help. Generally, assisted living facilities are residential facilities, ranging from apartment complexes, renovated schools to converted homes. Unless one is willing to pay a higher cost, seniors usually share rooms.

Specially trained staff
The staff at assisted living facilities are specially trained for providing required care to people. Especially, the staff at memory care communities are trained for catering to people with dementia or impaired cognition. They can easily recognize signs of pain that people with advanced dementia fail to communicate clearly. Additionally, they also know what triggers anxiety in such people and the ways to curb them.

Pets are allowed
Knowing the role that pets play in keeping their owners happy and improving their health, most of the assisted living facilities allow pets. However, different facilities have different pet policies; so you need to check with the facility that you intend to rely on.
Assisted living facilities are happy places
Unlike nursing homes and hospitals, assisted living communities are happy places. They have a vibrant atmosphere wherein a variety of personalities can fit in. They keep organizing activities that keep the residents busy and in good spirits. Exercise programs, puzzles, and music therapy to trivia games at these facilities help seniors reduce stress.

Reasonable pricing
Choosing an assisted living for an elderly person is a less expensive option than a nursing home. Assisted living communities usually provide 24-hour help and other services, including meals, medication assistance, and housekeeping at affordable prices.

Cozy home-like atmosphere
Residents get to maintain their independence and receive desired help while living in a home-like atmosphere of an assisted living community. With a living area, multiple rooms, and all the comforts of a home, such as a private bathroom, television and more, it makes residents feel at home.

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