A guide to choosing the best cheap cable TV services

Getting your dose of entertainment does not always have to be expensive. A number of cable services offer their services at an affordable rate and include a number of popular channels as well.

Opting for cheap cable TV services does not mean that the consumers need to compromise on the features they are getting. With due diligence, one can choose the best and cheapest cable TV services. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for you without burning a hole in your pocket.

Number of channels
When looking at cable TV service plans, opt for the one that has all the channels you need and hardly any that you don’t watch. If the service provider offers you the option of ordering channels on an à la carte basis, then you may want to go with that. However, remember that more channels will cost you more money, so only buy the channels you need.

When looking at the costs, do not just include the price per channel but also the additional costs. There are costs of installation and for hardware like DVR that needs to be included. While assessing a particular brand or plan, consider the total to be inclusive of all the costs.

Features and equipment
When shopping around for cheap cable TV services, find out about any extra equipment that you may have to get. For example, some brands offer their services over the Internet. So if you do not have an Internet connection, you may want to get that and even include the costs for the same in your budget. The other thing is to compare the features of the DVR that each of these budget cable TV service providers offer. These differ in price based on features like the storage capacity, recording capacity etc.

When it comes to the cheapest TV service, DISH is a winner. In the category of no contract cable TV services, the best plan you can get from is Sling TV. In the category of cheap and best sports channels category, DIRECTV is hands down the best option you could get.

When shopping around for a cheap cable TV service, ensure that you find out about the costs and if they change after the first year. Assess your television watching needs also to zero in on the best plan.

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