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    A list of the best TV Internet packages

    Satellite TV is a part of almost every household now. It was the penetration of the Internet which made it reach a higher level offering packages that combine both. Many cable junkies find it challenging to cut the cord of the cable and depend on the Internet completely. However, with evolving technology, you rest assured about the high-speed Internet and quality entertainment offered by Satellite TV via these five TV Internet packages available in the market. Choose any of the top five options based on your interest:

    Charter Spectrum Double Play Select
    We recommend this plan for people who want to keep their HD channels intact in their package and enjoy great Internet speed. Costing $89.98/month for 12 months, this particular TV Internet package includes 125+ HD channels and even offers download speeds going up to 100 Mbps. The modem is inclusive in the package and you also get access to thousands of on-demand channels.

    Premier XF Triple Play by Xfinity
    If you are up for making a two-year agreement and can afford to shell out $159.99 per month on entertainment, then this is the ideal TV Internet package for you. This plan includes more than 260 digital channels and also offers stalwarts like Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO. The download speed goes up to 250 Mbps and has millions of WiFi hotspots available for your perusal.

    Starter XF Triple Play by Xfinity
    The premier package by Xfinity is priced at roughly $160 which is steep for some consumers to pay. If affordability is a big factor for you, then you can even go for the slightly lesser priced plan which comes at $99 for the first two months. This plan is inclusive of over 140 digital channels and even includes ESPN, TBS, and HGTV. It offers you a download speed of up to 150 Mbps and also free access to various WiFi hotspots across the globe.

    Optimum Premier TV+Optimum 400 by Optimum
    This bundle does not only offer TV with Internet but also combines a great deal for the phone. The plan starts at $129.99/month (basic for 2 years) and offers over 340 digital channels. The biggest highlight of this plan is the download speed which is around 400 Mbps. If this is not enough to convince you then they also throw in a 1-year subscription of Netflix in the plan making it worthy of the value.

    Gold Triple Play by COX
    The Gold Triple Play by COX is priced at $129.99/month for 12 months and comes with a 2-year agreement. Additionally, this plan offers you over 250 channels and also includes various on-demand titles. The 300 Mbps download speeds advance up your entertainment and the unlimited local calling is also a great addition to the bundle.

    All the aforementioned TV Internet packages help you save up on additional costs of the cable while paying money for the Internet too. The combined deals are great and you definitely can opt for the one that has maximum offerings of your choice.




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    Top domain name generators to kickstart your business

    A domain name is nothing but the name of your website or blog that is to be hosted on the Internet. When you do a domain name search and want to own a domain for your own website or blog, and every time you type the domain names of your choice, they are taken.

    One of the very first thoughts that come to anybody’s mind before kickstarting their digital business is their website. In a world where everybody is into the Internet space, it is quite possible that your idea is already taken. Imagine, you wish to register a domain name, and quickly run a domain name search, but it is already taken. This is when you may use the following options to consider and even get an entire list of cheap domain names:

    Lean Domain Search
    The top-rated option, it also lets you register a domain name of your choice and has a repository of domain names that you can choose from.

    Bust a name
    If you are looking for some serious quality, then pick a domain name from Bust a Name. Its filtering options really give you the chance to select the best ones.

    Shopify Business Name Generator
    Now a major component of Facebook e-commerce, the Shopify Business Name Generator is filled with cheap domain names which you can register for definitely.

    Nameboy is the perfect option for picking SEO-centric names. There are plenty of keywords that you can pick from and zero in on the main name.

    Name Stall
    NameStall comes with various filters like parts of speech, popular keywords, industry categories as well as the basic words in English. You can pick the best choices generated from here and then go on to register your domain officially.

    Domain Puzzler
    Domain Puzzler starts off extremely easy and is very user friendly. All you need to do is insert your ideal keywords, go on to search for ideas, and finally choose the name that you like the most.

    Name Mesh
    It is another perfect domain name generator when it comes to being an accomplice to SEO Marketing, Name Mesh is definitely an option you can consider to get the right name for your digital presence.

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    A guide to choosing the best cheap cable TV services

    Getting your dose of entertainment does not always have to be expensive. A number of cable services offer their services at an affordable rate and include a number of popular channels as well.

    Opting for cheap cable TV services does not mean that the consumers need to compromise on the features they are getting. With due diligence, one can choose the best and cheapest cable TV services. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for you without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Number of channels
    When looking at cable TV service plans, opt for the one that has all the channels you need and hardly any that you don’t watch. If the service provider offers you the option of ordering channels on an à la carte basis, then you may want to go with that. However, remember that more channels will cost you more money, so only buy the channels you need.

    When looking at the costs, do not just include the price per channel but also the additional costs. There are costs of installation and for hardware like DVR that needs to be included. While assessing a particular brand or plan, consider the total to be inclusive of all the costs.

    Features and equipment
    When shopping around for cheap cable TV services, find out about any extra equipment that you may have to get. For example, some brands offer their services over the Internet. So if you do not have an Internet connection, you may want to get that and even include the costs for the same in your budget. The other thing is to compare the features of the DVR that each of these budget cable TV service providers offer. These differ in price based on features like the storage capacity, recording capacity etc.

    When it comes to the cheapest TV service, DISH is a winner. In the category of no contract cable TV services, the best plan you can get from is Sling TV. In the category of cheap and best sports channels category, DIRECTV is hands down the best option you could get.

    When shopping around for a cheap cable TV service, ensure that you find out about the costs and if they change after the first year. Assess your television watching needs also to zero in on the best plan.

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    The best web hosting solution providers for small businesses

    There are plenty of web hosting solutions for small businesses which help you use the best of web hosting services in extremely affordable ways. When it comes to finding affordable web solutions for bootstrapped startups or small businesses, these are the best services you can make use of:

    InMotion Hosting
    Providing website as well as domain services, use the tools which are hosted for various business types. You can opt for VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and pick the packages that suit you the most.

    Limitless Hosting
    With services like shared hosting as well as VPS hosting, Limitless Hosting is one of the best web hosting solution provider for your small business. With them taking care of it, you can concentrate on bigger areas of the business.

    Namecheap comes at a cost of nearly $10 a year and it is their cheapest package which you can use. Its affordability makes it one of the best web hosting solutions for small businesses. Use their free backups, VPS sharing as well as cloud sharing to make the most of your plan.

    Coming at a cost of roughly $4 a month, Hostwinds is 8 years old and is quite a newly set up company as compared to the other options in our list. However, it is also one of the most technologically advanced companies and provides great solutions for small business.

    Bluehost is one of the most popular names on our list. However, the prices can get slightly expensive for a small business. But if it is an e-commerce site and you have a business which requires more than just presence on the web, then they are the best option.

    Coming at a price which is as low as $2, the HostSlayer has gained a lot of popularity because it comes with 24/7 customer support making it one of the most preferred options for web hosting.

    Boasting of more than 1 million consumers today, iPage is definitely the way to go when looking for the best web hosting solutions for small businesses. Even for nonprofit organizations, it has quite affordable rates and their hosting is extremely user-friendly. Check out their packages to pick the perfect one for yourself.

    As a business founded in 2003, Siteground has grown to be one of the best web solution providers for small businesses all across the globe. Their affordable plans and efficiency for shared web hosting are definitely the most reliable of all!

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    Top 7 website hosting services you can try

    If you are a digital marketing firm or any kind of other business that requires a website, then you need to invest in a really good website hosting service. After you are done making a domain, website hosting can be time-consuming and difficult for some people. These are the top 7 options for the best web hosting services that you can consider:

    InMotion Hosting
    InMotion Hosting offers packages for different domains. Shared hosting starts at around $3.50 while you can opt for WordPress Hosting which starts at $7 per month. Apart from offering SSH Access as well as SSD infrastructure, they also have a great system for free backups.

    When you are considering web hosting, HostGator gets a 9.5/10 from our side. The shared hosting is much cheaper and it costs around $2.75. WordPress Hosting comes at a cost of $5.95 per month and the plans seem like they are almost tailormade.

    1and1 Hosting
    1and1 is one of the most affordable and the best web hosting services that you can opt for. You can also check out their cloud hosting for $4.95 per month as well as VPS hosting for $19.95 per month.

    Another option which you can consider is Bluehost. Free SSD, as well as free SSL, come as a bundle with this portal. It also offers 24/7 support and is definitely the best choice if you are a WordPress user.

    When it comes to our list of the best web hosting services, iPage is one of the most affordable options on our list. It has the option of shared hosting, WordPress hosting as well as VPS hosting. You can also pick out dedicated servers which cost around $119.9.

    SiteGround has the usual WordPress, Cloud, as well as Shared Hosting too. You can check out their service for re-selling which costs around $3.50 per month. As an additional service, you also have daily backups which are free as well as automatic.

    The VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and WordPress Hosting are their most popular services and are quite affordable as well. One of the best things about it is that it also has a free shared website for nonprofit organizations.

    All of the aforementioned portals make the list of the best web hosting services. You can pick the most suitable packages for website hosting and then be sure that your website is in safe hands.

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    6 best DIRECTV plans to choose from

    When it comes to customer satisfaction, DIRECTV has aced the field. Its been running for over 18 years and is one of the best options to choose when it comes to daily entertainment. It has a tie-up with all the major networks of the country and offers great packages to the consumers. Here are the 6 best DIRECTV packages and their prices that should be a part of your monthly budget depending on your choice:

    Coming with 155+ channels, this is definitely one of the most coveted DIRECTV packages and prices out in the market. It comes at a cost of $35 per month exclusive of taxes when you take the plan for 12 months. You may also require AutoPay. After which you need to pay around $78 per month from 13-24 months.

    With the Entertainment Package, you can pick around 160+ channels. The cost of this plan is about $40 per month. But, between the 13-24th month, the cost becomes $90. These prices are exclusive of taxes and has the best of channels in the repository lined up for you.

    With over 185 channels, this plan costs around $45 per month exclusive of taxes. From thereon, it comes at a rate of $105 per month 13-24th month. You can also choose to go for Regional Sports Fee which comes at a cost of $7.50 per month.

    Known to be the third most expensive plan offered by Xtra, it has over 235 channels and comes at a cost of $55 per month. After which it comes at a cost of $117 per month for the duration of 13-24th month. The regional sports fee costs around $7.50 per month.

    The Ultimate Package actually comes with 250 channels and the regional sports fee costs around $7.50 per month. Although this is applied in selected markets and costs $128 per month thereafter.

    This plan is the most coveted on DIRECTV. It costs around $110 per month and offers 330+ channels. This cost is exclusive of taxes and select areas offer regional sports in $7.50 per month.

    The prices keep changing so it is always better to speak to a customer care executive based in your area. Even though they remain roughly the same, there can be a slight difference.

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    Track cell phone locations and search identities by phone numbers

    Ever looked at a phone number and wondered whether the caller ID is falling short of just one feature by not displaying the name? Not all of us are aware but there are plenty of things that we can search by a phone number. When you think of cellphone tracking, you can not only find the location of the phone but when it comes to the phone number, you can actually figure out the address and name of the person that the number belongs to.

    When you are looking to track cell phone locations, there are plenty of ways to do that!

    With IMEI and GPS trackers, tracking a cell phone has become much easier. You can easily opt for cell phone GPS tracking by using GPS apps and you do not even need to be connected to the Internet constantly.

    There are also plenty of ways for tracking cell phone numbers wherein you can actually check out the various web services which have these numbers listed. This is when the feature of reverse lookup comes into the picture. These would give you a rough idea of the location of the phone number by using the cell phone tracking features. Try out a service like Truecaller, which will give you an insight into the rough demographics of the phone owner. There are plenty of answers to the question of ‘How to track a cell phone number?’

    With different apps in the market, everything is available at a simple click. However, you need to ensure that you are using the right kind of service and software which is legal. There are various portals that offer premium versions for you to choose cell phone tracking. While tracking telephone numbers is a thing, even cell phone tracking can be done with the use of the IMEI feature. Our major authorities use these functions for looking up criminals as well as to help them solve their cases. Also, remember to have the IMEI number so that if you ever end up losing your phone, and you are able to easily opt for tracking cell phone. Even the call tracking software are used widely in criminal cases and they can help you figure out the location of your caller so that you do not fall for any scam. Find the right service for you and make full use of these features.