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    Here is why you should use GPS fleet tracking solutions

    If you run a business that offers services for customers by going to their homes, then you are in dire need of a software that lets you manage the dates and time of each employee to achieve effectiveness. While you can maintain a spate planner for them, a software will help increase the productivity to a large extent. There is a lot of software available in the market that will help you do all these things in a jiffy but using the one that has a GPS fleet tracking solution installed in it will be most beneficial.

    A GPS fleet tracking solution helps you track the vehicle at the exact location as there is a vehicle tracking device, you can then divert them to another destination or maybe accommodate the emergency job that needs to be accomplished on the way for there. Each employee takes the real-time place and time which will help you increase the productivity of the work and gain the most out of the software. Here are some of the reasons why you should have software that has built-in GPS vehicle tracking system:

    • You can easily keep track of all your employees and the time that they spend doing each chore that is not work-related. Anybody who takes a detour or more time can be called upon to speed up the process, and this will help your company in the long run.
    • Any false complaints made in this duration will help you resolve the issues within no time as you have a log of everything that your employees do and you can even track them with the help of the GPS tracking service in real time.
    • When you are pitching for the annual maintenance contracts, and you have great software in place, you can easily brag about it to the prospective employees and make them see that they will gain the most out of the brilliance of their software management system.
    • Any non-working hours incurred by the employee can be calculated, and you can generate invoices that will help you pay out the employees and take money from the consumers without having to sit down with a calculator and manually doing things on your own.
    • If the driver knows that he is being watched at all times, the chances are that he will accomplish the task at a better speed and keep other things at bay. The overall efficiency of the employees increases with this software.
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    All you need to know about managed hybrid cloud hosting

    Managed hybrid cloud hosting is a process wherein various organizations end up accessing as well as sharing resources. These hosts comprise hardware as well as software tools and also have various databases. It works through the medium of various different servers across remote locations.

    When it comes to a managed hybrid cloud hosting, the involved entities end up buying the servers either as a complete virtual server or in different slices. However, before one considers the costs, the involved consumer and provider need to analyze the security along with the consistency of availability. They are mainly used by big corporations and monthly contracts are issued instead of the usual hourly basis set up. This particular system is not only known as Managed hybrid cloud hosting but also commonly referred to as managed cloud hosting as well as managed cloud computing.

    The biggest advantage of this particular service is that it is not only highly dependable but also comes for the cost of a public network and ensures the security of a private service. Some more advantages of this service are as follows:

    Consistent availability
    The managed hybrid cloud hosting is created keeping in mind high availability and follows the structure of a private cloud. It also uses the principle of effective redundancy through the various servers that are hosted as well as has Storage Area Network and Storage Protection in-built for better functioning.

    There is no failure because of automated balancing of resources
    Since the infrastructure is constantly available, the cloud servers always provide the information even if the servers stop working. Failover and resource balancing is effectively managed.

    Ensures ace network security
    With managed hybrid cloud hosting, you get the advantage of top-class security for your servers through Virtual local area networks (VLAN) as well as protected firewalls and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). You can be sure of an extremely protected environment.

    Offers a hybrid of virtual as well as secure servers
    With hybrid servers, you can get a combination of every high-quality server that is used. You can use the best of virtual as well as physical servers too.

    Using these servers will not only save you a lot of time but also help you run your business better, without any glitches.

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    Top reasons why you should choose Time Warner Internet

    Time Warner Internet was making quite a mark for itself in the field, and that is why it caught eyes of the company named Spectrum. They recently took over the brand and now the Time Warner Internet is operational under the brand Spectrum. While there are many options available in the country when it comes to choosing the Internet connection for your home and office, Time Warner poses as an excellent option for all because of a variety of reasons. Some of these have been mentioned and explained as under:

    Take over
    Firstly, the take over of the company has led to a lot of benefits for the consumers who were already present in the market along with the ones who are looking for a good option in the industry. While Time Warner was doing good enough regarding their services but the coverage and consumer services have increased over a period giving it more leverage than the others in the market.

    Clear mandates
    The company operates on a policy that is crystal clear in every sense of the word. If you are one of those who want to use the web without any contracts or hidden fee structures that may end up shaking your monthly budget, then this is your best bet. There is a wide range of speed available for you to choose from ranging from 19 to 300 Mbps.

    Ease of sharing
    Other companies may offer you to use more than one device in the same Internet plan, but we all know how that works out. The ultimate speed reduces, by and large, giving you a lot of hassles if you are planning to watch your favorite series online. But Time Warner Internet services do not work on the same concept. It has a bandwidth that will be equally distributed amid all the members and high-speed Internet that lets you watch all the shows in HD. The unlimited speed has offers that are irresistible and go easy on your pocket as well.

    Bundle services
    With the take over, you can now merge the services into one bill for the ease of payment and you can also avail offers that would have been impossible up till now. If you have the TV, the Internet, and the phone belonging to the same parent company, then you have the leverage of using the same to your advantage.

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    Tips for using Internet security services for small businesses

    Small business setups may be a safer bet for you, but they run a higher risk of Internet phishing and other cybercrimes. If you want to keep the information related to your business safe from getting hacked, then you must invest in an Internet security service for a small business. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use as a business owner to ensure that your business is safe from hackers, competition in the market and others who can benefit from your information:

    • The Internet security services for small businesses have an initial induction for employees that can help them in avoiding any issues. They suggest the use of strong passwords that cannot be cracked quickly and are impersonal. The employees must log out of systems when they are not using them.
    • Using the latest security software, web browser, and operating system are your best bet against virus, malware and other threats that are lurking around small business setups. With a simple mistake of not upgrading your system when required, you can end up losing all the vital information in a jiffy.
    • The Internet security providers install firewall security on the present Internet connection that you have. Keeping the firewall enabled at all times while using the Internet can keep Internet-related threats at bay.
    • A double check system can help you increase the security of the data present. If you have a system that connects to the mobile device informing about any logins at odd hours, it can help alert and lock the login within no time. It may cost you a little more than usual to get an Internet security service that can do so, but it will be a lifesaver for your growing business.
    • A backup of all the data that is stored online not only helps in keeping an offline track record but also helps in a situation where a virus might end up corrupting the data online. The backup files can help you resume the work without any hassles.
    • Using a VPN service can also help your business. The plans for VPN services may vary as per the usage that you are looking forward to, but they have a security par excellence that lets you operate on a public network and still get the security that compares to a firewall protected system. It will also help you with P2P sharing.
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    Features provided by the best VoIP business phone services

    VoIP or the voice over Internet protocol can be a boon for business setups of all sizes. No matter how much the strength of the employees is, it is a one-time investment that helps you in achieving a lot of productivity and save money in the process. The simple idea of connecting to another person with the help of the Internet or any other related data service has made it big in the market. The business setups that require you to pitch your ideas to people sitting in various parts of the country can cost you a lot. But with the best VoIP business phone services, you can quickly do as you please at a low cost and low maintenance setup.

    The list of 2017’s best VoIP services providers has been made from the following features that you must look out for:

    Auto attendant
    If you are looking for a professional set up that lets you decide on a generalized greeting for anyone who logs in to the system and tries to connect to the company, then the VoIP with an auto attendant is your best bet. An IVR system helps in getting you through to the specific employee who holds expertise in giving you solutions as required.

    Voicemail transcription
    If you have the clock call service then a voicemail transcription will help you in the long run. The mentioned feature helps in transcribing the voicemail message and send it to you as an email on the pre-entered official ID. It will help you to access the conversation in case of an emergency.

    Virtual extensions
    Some of the best VoIP business phone services allow unlimited extensions for every employee in each department. It helps in dividing the responsibility so that no client call goes unattended at any point in time. If you have limited employees, you can choose the number of extensions that you need and divide the work accordingly.

    Other integrated forms
    You can get access to different ways of communicating with the client like fax, text messages or live chat services when the employees are connected to the office software. They are helpful for people who want a virtual form of communication over a personalized call by the company.

    The 2017’s best VoIP services providers are as follows:

    • Nextiva
    • Vonage®
    • Jive

    Users have selected these by the requirements that they felt were present in these systems.

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    All you need to know about desktop video conferencing systems

    Gone are the days when you had to travel across the world if you wanted to have a business association with people in other countries. The Internet has made life so easy and economical for business owners as now connecting with business associates across borders is quite easy. Video conferencing is one of the most preferred ways to communicate with people. While there are different kinds of video conferencing units available, the one that is making the most rage is a desktop video conferencing system.

    Typically, an office has a dedicated room for such conferences wherein all the hardware is installed solely to ensure that the meeting goes well. But with the help of a desktop video conferencing system, you don’t need different devices or a separate room for video conferencing with people. All the required hardware and software is installed in the same order that enables you to have a conference without any hassles.

    One of the best things about these systems is the fact that they are much more economical than setting up a whole new room that is dedicated to organizing video conferences. Earlier, it was necessary to cancel out the office noise and have high-quality speakers installed to make sure that both sides could connect and hold a meeting, but with a superior quality of desktop video conferencing system, you can do so in a small setup. It is a boon for start-ups who wish to expand in other countries but cannot afford to spend a lot of money in connecting with the potential investors in the process.

    The desktop video conferencing systems have a lot of features that are essential for a good quality call with the counterparts that are across borders. These features are more than just sound quality microphones and screens of HD quality.

    Some of these features are: touchscreen controls to make changes in the presentation as and when you discuss things, multi-site and multi-conference options for simultaneously deal cracking or pitching in people on the same call from different countries and collaboration tools. All of these features come in handy when you are putting in a lot of effort to get a business running. It also helps in making the company more personal and practical, as you would not have to spend a lot of money to conduct international video conferences.

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    Hybrid cloud solutions for businesses and its threats

    With more and more businesses moving their processes to the cloud, the debate of having it all on the cloud or dividing between the cloud and private networks is getting hotter. Businesses with a lot of sensitive data are the ones that are struggling to decide what will work for the best because they love the convenience of the cloud but they love their data more. There is no doubting the fact that the hybrid cloud security solution has created new types of threats to privacy and while most companies try to play it cool, they are struggling below the surface with decisions.

    A hybrid cloud security solution for a business is the one where companies keep some of their data and applications on the public cloud and some very important content on a private server/cloud at their own premises. This gives them the much-needed convenience of the cloud while providing them with the security they need. But even this system is not completely safe because there is a connection between the cloud and the private servers and everything from data to instructions is moving both ways. Following is a list of different threats that are faced by a business that has chosen to use a hybrid cloud.

    No amount of encryption can protect a data that is moving. While most hybrid cloud solutions provide top class encryption and try to ensure hybrid cloud security which can be further improved through the use of VPN and antiviruses, every transmission is somewhat open to eavesdropping and hacking.

    Coordination between the two clouds or a cloud and a server needs an extra amount of coordination between the two systems. If the two platforms do not agree with each other than it will hinder the data flow which will, in turn, hinder the performance and efficiency of a business. A noncompliant hybrid cloud security solution is more of a problem than a solution.

    Data redundancy
    Data redundancy is a waste of storage for normal people, but when it comes to businesses, they have to have multiple copies of their data to be used in case of an outage, system crash or complete data loss. Data loss is one of the biggest threats faced by businesses and failing to create multiple copies of their data is probably one of the biggest mistake a business can make with their hybrid cloud solution.

    Security is one of the biggest issues with cloud and increases further when it comes to the integration of private and public clouds or public clouds and private networks. Companies that go for a hybrid cloud security solution have to have proper hybrid cloud security access rules or they will lose more than they stand to gain with a cloud.