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    Key features of the 2019 Toyota Highlander

    Despite the launch of its 2020 variant, the 2019 Toyota Highlander remains one of the most popular midsize three-row SUVs in the market. Complete with a sturdy exterior, high-end interior, and the masterful Toyota craftsmanship that is present throughout, the SUV is among the first choices for everything from family adventures to running an errand. If you’re planning to buy the 2019 Toyota Highlander, then here are some important features and specifications that you should know about:

    Performance features

    The 2019 Toyota Highlander is a classic blend of spacious comfort and stylized innovation that most buyers look for in an SUV. With 44.2 inches of legroom in the front row and 38.4 inches of legroom in the second row, the interior is comfortable, luxurious, and makes riding in style a reality. All trim variants of the Highlander are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, except the base model LE, which is equipped with a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder engine. It features tie-down hooks and cargo lights to help you easily load and unload stuff. The SUV is also packed with many useful features such as high-beam headlights and radar cruise control to ensure the safety of passengers.

    Safety features

    Talking about safety, the 2019 Toyota Highlander is loaded with standard and innovative safety features. All trim variants of the 2019 Highlander are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P), which includes pedestrian detection, autonomous emergency braking, and lane-departure warning signal with automatic steering correction. Buyers also have the option to upgrade the SUV to include the Toyota Safety Connect, which has features such as roadside assistance, or the Star Safety System, which includes multiple state-of-the-art safety features.

    Technological features

    Along with several basic technological features that are standard across SUVs today, the 2019 Highlander gives you the option to include more as per your preference. The interior comes with three-zone climate control to maintain the perfect temperature inside. The SUV is also equipped with Toyota Entune™, which provides infotainment through an eight-inch touch-screen display to make the drive a lot more fun.

    Trim variants

    Some of the trim levels that the 2019 Toyota Highlander offers are:

    LE: This one is available in a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive. It can be upgraded to an all-wheel drive with a 3.5-liter V6 engine. It has an integrated back camera, USB ports, Toyota Safety Sense™, and other standard features. s

    LE Plus: In addition to the basic features, the LE Plus comes with three-zone automatic climate control, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, SofTex®-trimmed seats, a height-adjustable liftgate, and many more features.

    XLE: It comes with features such as the Smart Key system, Entune™ multimedia system with an integrated suite of applications, and more. The 3.5-liter V6 engine remains standard across all variants except the LE.

    SE: This variant features alloy wheels that measure 19 inches. Available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive formats, it comprises LED headlights and many other features.

    Limited: This comes with features such as a blind-spot monitor (BSM), rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA), and heated and ventilated front seats, among others.

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    Top 3 features to consider when buying luxury cars

    While luxury cars are all about style, there is much more to them than just leather upholstery and wood trim. Luxury cars are synonymous with top-notch performance, safety, comfort, and the latest technology. The best luxury cars are replete with high-grade features and manufactured using the best spare parts and materials. Some of the basic features in the best luxury cars include automatic climate-control systems, power amenities, and audio systems with Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, they usually offer an all-wheel drive, spacious cargo, and extra legroom and headroom.

    However, while shopping for one, ensure that you consider its performance apart from comfort and style. To help you identify the best luxury cars in the market, here are three important performance features you should consider.

    • Fuel economy and engines
      The best luxury cars usually have a large gas tank and require premium gasoline. This can be expensive; therefore, ensure that the car gives you good mileage and is fuel-efficient.

    Go for luxury cars that have the latest technologies such as cylinder deactivation. This shuts off certain engine cylinders under low power demands, giving you better mileage while driving on the highway. Another feature is the automatic engine shutoff, where the engine powers down while idling at a traffic light. The engine restarts as soon as the driver releases the brake pedal, thereby saving more fuel.

    The automatic transmission is another feature that you should look for while buying a luxury car. The best luxury cars usually offer between six- and nine-speed transmissions. Note that the more the number of gears, the better the fuel economy. Many luxury car transmissions allow the option to switch between manual and automatic shifting. They typically have paddles mounted on the steering wheel, making the car more performance-oriented.

    • Drive Wheels
      Mainstream cars such as hatchbacks and sedans use front-wheel drive (FWD), whereas luxury cars typically come with rear- or all-wheel drive. FWD typically provides better traction in slippery conditions than rear-wheel drive. Conversely, rear-wheel drive is better at steering on dry roads. All-wheel drive (AWD) offers significantly better traction irrespective of the weather and type of road. However, AWD does not shorten stopping distances, adding to the car’s cost and weight. So, you can either choose luxury cars that let you switch between FWD and RWD or go for AWD and have a smooth ride irrespective of road conditions.
    • Advanced Safety Features
      The best luxury cars are replete with the newest and most advanced safety features. Automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning are the two most valued safety systems that are fast becoming a norm even in mainstream cars. Forward-collision warning technology alerts the driver of an impending collision with a car or objects directly in its path. A car equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB) senses a potential collision and will start braking automatically if you don’t react in time.

    Other modern safety advances that the best luxury cars have are lane-departure warning systems that sound an alert if you change lanes without signaling, telematics systems that alert emergency services if an airbag deploys. They also have lane-keeping assist to center the vehicle in the lane if it starts to drift, and blind-spot warning systems that indicate vehicles in the blind spots of your car.

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    Things to Look for When Buying a Used Truck

    A pickup truck is costly, given that it comes in the segment of high-power vehicles. It has a good engine, a sturdy body, and one of the best tires in the industry. Therefore, it costs much more than a car. Buying a new one may be out of the question for many, but you may consider buying a used truck for sale after checking its condition and ensuring that it will fulfill your needs. Start your search for a used truck by looking for it online and offline. Take a call on the truck you would like to buy and clearly ascertain the amount of money you are ready to spend.

    Following are a few things you need to do when you are buying a used truck.

    Ask for a date
    Talk to the previous owner and request them to give you an hour with the truck. Also, always test and examine the truck in the daylight so that you may be able to check every inch of the truck and find out the hidden defects.

    Check the maintenance history
    All the good truck owners keep a detailed history of repairs and maintenance. You may ask them to share such details. In it, you will find everything that the pickup truck has been through in its life including scheduled maintenances, tire changes, and major repairs if any.

    Check the bed and the towing hitch
    For any pickup truck, its bed and towing hitch are crucial. Therefore, you need to check these two thoroughly. If you do not pay attention to this part, you will end up with a pickup truck that is fancy but has bad towing capabilities and a low strength in its bed. The bed needs to be checked for signs of repainting and if the hitch looks worked out and torn, you should reconsider your decision.

    Check the frame
    The frame or chassis of the body is an important component in determining if you should buy a truck. If it looks bent or worn out, it might have been involved in an accident or may have been involved in a lot of off-roading.

    Check the engine
    Give some time to check the engine power. A pickup truck needs a strong engine that may pull the load efficiently. So, once you are done checking the exteriors, put in efforts to check under the hood and then buy the best-used truck for sale.

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    Tips on Buying a Repo Car on Sale

    Buying repossessed (repo) cars can save you a fortune but you should try to find out if you are getting a good deal. Many lenders are allowed to repossess cars if their owners have failed to make their payments. However, it is in the lenders best interest that the car owner makes payments as they depend on the interests on those loans for their profits. As such they will work for months with the car owners to make sure they can still make payments. There is often a ten-day grace period given to owners after defaulting so they can try to pay the installments. Once the owner is served with the repossession papers, he becomes negligent. He might dismantle the engine, rip out upholstery, or may neglect the upkeep of the car.

    So, if you are planning to purchase a repo car on sale, you must follow the below-mentioned tricks.

    Purchase from the lender directly
    In case of a repo car sale, you must try to purchase the car directly from the lender. The bank or credit union will allow you to inspect the repo file, which lists all the cars that have been repossessed. The bank usually wants to recover its losses so they might even provide financing for the car, which you are going to purchase. However, the bank does not bother itself with repairs and maintenance, so be sure to inspect the car well. When making a bid, ensure that you look at the NADA guide. If you do not know much about cars, get a mechanic friend with you who can take a better look at the car.

    Repo reseller service
    You can also purchase from a repo reseller service. They usually take many repossessed cars from the bank as inventory and help move them. The reseller will have to incur some expenses before the car is moved to his lot. However, he would not be inclined to tack on heavy margins as it is a volume game and he needs to move as much inventory as he can. The reseller will also ensure that the car is in good condition. Try to make a bid a little over the minimum and avoid paying inspection fees or any other unnecessary charges.

    Used a car dealer service
    Try to buy a car from a used car dealer service to avoid auctions. They make some improvements to the car such as better tires and mats, among others. It is important to research and then buy the car. These car dealers sometimes also give a 30-day warranty.

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    Your Personal List of 2017 New Luxury Cars

    For car enthusiasts, having a luxury car is surely a dream. With companies like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Genesis, and Lexus rolling out new models every other day, you would surely be confused by the choices available. Let us take a look at the list of 2017 new luxury cars that you can choose from.

    BMW 2 Series
    Get yourself the ultimate sporty beast with this 2017 new luxury car. Its biggest highlight is its horsepower, ensuring that you spring from 0 to 60 MPH within 4.2 seconds flat. Pick the sliding rooftop option or go for the convertible, there is plenty that BMS offers you with this series.

    2017 Audi A4
    Add sporty to new-age technology and you have yourself the ultimate amalgamation in the form of the 2017 Audi A4. This sedan comes with two different engines, ensuring that you do not consume too much fuel. The chic interior design makes it one of the top 2017 new luxury cars and one of the best in the A series of Audi.

    2017 Genesis G90
    Genesis is a brand made for the niche. If you want something unique and you want to make a style statement, then Genesis is the company you should opt for. The reason why Genesis G90 is one of the top options on our list is its amazing horsepower, value for money, and an extremely powerful engine.

    2017 Mercedes Benz S class
    How can you not include Mercedes in a list of 2017 new luxury cars – right from an engine power of 270 KW to stunning twin turbocharging, this particular model ensures that your fuel consumption stays minimum. The steering power is also fantastic and there is no reason to not consider this particular model. Moreover, this model has had good customer reviews as well.

    Porsche 718 Cayman
    The Porsche 718 takes 4.6 seconds to take you from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption is quite efficient too, as it stays roughly at 8 liters per 100 kilometers. The emissions combined range between 184 and 167 grams/kilometers. It also comes with 257 KW/350 PS (both units for power) and also has an RPM maximum power of 6,400 r/minute. You can pick a range of exterior colors, which are available in four different Standard colors. There is also an option of eight different Metallic colors. Additionally, you can also pick any of the four special colors.

    Keep this handpicked list handy to make the right choice of new luxury cars from 2017.

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    A Closer Look at the Jasper Engines

    Jasper Engines was incepted in 1942 and has delivered quality products ever since. Today, it stands as the largest remanufacturer of diesel as well as gas engines, rear axle assemblies, electric motors, and many more products. It boasts more than two thousand associations, along with 44 distributor and branch locations, which promise to deliver their consumers only the best. Following are some more details about the categories of products offered by Jasper Engines.

    Gas engines
    Once you give your automobile the power of a Jasper Engine, then it is sure to offer you an enhanced performance. The type of gas engines offered by Jasper belongs to Crate Engines, Authentic Custom Engines, and Stock Replacement Engines. You can also get quality installation kits. A Jasper Reman Engine is sure to offer you quality products.

    Apart from offering you full lines of transfers as well as long stretched national warranties, Jasper transmissions are quite light on the pocket as well. Pick from their range of stock replacement transmissions, authentic custom transmissions, and featured transmissions. Alternatively, simply browse through the best performing transmissions to choose the one that suits your car the most.

    Manufacturing a full line of Rear Axle Assemblies as well as differentials, which comprise of Spicer, GM, Ford, Dana, and Chrysler, this category offers a large number of chassis applications for immediate exchange for your cars. You can choose differentials depending upon the four-wheeler category or two-wheeler category and install the parts accordingly in your automobile.

    Diesel engines
    Jasper Engines outdoes itself when it comes to remanufacturing diesel engines. It includes products such as Cummins, Caterpillar, GM, Detroit, Isuzu, International, and Perkins. They offer immediate custom remanufacturing as well as instant exchange. You can check out the categories – Highway, Automotive, and Industrial engines. After noting the price, you can find the one that fits your requirements the most.

    Marine products
    Jasper Engines is also a specialist in manufacturing marine products. Right from marine engines and lower units to stern drives and Yamaha Outboard Motors, you can depend on Jasper Engines to provide you with the best reliable products.

    Another great thing about this brand is that it employs various veterans too, which makes it an organization that provides the best of products with the help of the most experienced professionals.

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    Top 5 Options for the Best Full-size Luxury Sedans

    While SUVs and crossovers are ruling the market right now, full-size luxury sedans leave a class behind from wherever they pass. With most of the big companies competing for the best spot, here is a list of the best full-size luxury sedans available for you:

    1. Mercedes Benz S Class
      Nothing spells luxury like Mercedes. The S class comes with multibeam LED headlamps which ensure that the light adjusts to wherever you are driving. The interior is stylized for people who like to relax while they carry their work with them. Additionally, the panoramic sliding roof, sun protection package, and the air balance package are a few other reasons to make this stunning automobile your own. So, if you’re looking for the best full-size luxury sedan, this one is the right pick for you.
    2. Audi S6
      Starting at $71,900, the horsepower for this beast lies between 5,800-6,400. The acceleration speed can go from 0-60 miles/hour in only 4.4 seconds. This is the best full-size luxury sedan for people who love speed and luxury in a nutshell. With a turbocharged engine, the best of technology, state-of-the-art LED taillights, and headlights, your driving experience would never be the same again!
    3. Lexus LS
      It is impossible for a Lexus to not feature on a list of luxury cars. Lexus has given us amazing full-size luxury sedans ever since it came in the market. The LS and LS  Hybrid, both would cost you something around $75,000 and $79,000 respectively. But it is completely worth the price because of its amazing braking and handling performance along with a great cornering performance as well.
    4. Jaguar XJR575
      The base MSRP for this model starts with $122,400 and the interior styling is amazing. The alloy wheels along with the different variants for the car finish make this particular car a great option. Moreover, the driving dynamics are further supported by an electronic active differential, ensuring power delivery and making the wheel spin process really smooth.
    5. BMW 7 Series
      Pick the BMW Series Sedan experience for an amazing driving companion. BMW’s speed and efficiency are unmatchable and comes backed with German power. Made with 740 Li and metallic finish, you may also build your own BMW 7 series with your own customizations. The lightweight construction of this vehicle and BMW’s brilliant dynamics make this model a must-buy for people who love the best full-size luxury sedans.